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What Things to do in Travel in Cuba

Analyze all the options we offer on this website for Travel in Cuba. Nominating Cuba some words or terms jump very quickly to the mind of any traveler. Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Che Guevara or Coral Barrier occupy the main spaces of our mind. Very few would think that Cuban cities can become a true treasure of art and architecture. Above all, those colonial and historical cities, mostly heritage of Humanity. You must travel by rental car to better organize your time.

You will always remember its popular music and the old private houses colored in its facades. Painted with all the nuances as if Cuba were a beautiful rainbow. Walk among the cobblestone streets with old stones or bricks. In antiquity they served as ballast to the merchant ships. Trinidad is perhaps the best living example of conservation full of history, folklore and adventure. It is definitely a city to visit and discover. UNESCO declared it in the 1988 World Heritage of Humanity.

what to do and see in Cuba. trinidad church.
What to do And see in Cuba. Trinidad Church.

Among the most outstanding destinations you will surely find Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Baracoa, Holguín and Camaguey. Holguin is the city of the Parks. Santiago de Cuba is the cradle of the Revolution. Camagüey for having the largest number of Churches in Cuba.

Travel in Cuba means seeing its Beaches.

Cuba is the largest archipelago in the Caribbean with more than 1000 islands. Is known by many as the key to the Caribbean. It is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. It has around 300 natural beaches and one of the largest coral reefs in the world. Hotels everywhere, of all categories and dimensions, to book your stay. The Spanish Meliá Hotels and Iberostar chains stand out for the amount of structures on the island. There are many other international brands present on the big island.

It will be very easy to find the beach of your interest. Cuba is full of several lodging complexes with large and luxurious hotels. You will have the opportunity to create your own postcard with paradisiacal images. I assure you that there are virgin beaches in Cuba that are not imaginary because of their beauty. It will be difficult to decide between Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco, Guardalavaca, Ancón.

Ancón Beach in Trinidad.

What to see and to do in cuba. ancon beach, trinidad.
What to see and to do in cuba. Ancon Beach, Trinidad.

Playa Ancón is located in the city of Trinidad. Is a place for lovers and lovers of tranquility. It has about 20 km of beach from La Boca to Marlyn marina. It stands out for its clear, warm waters and with a white sand bed. Its vegetation remains unaltered. Coconut palms, mangroves, caleta grape among many others. Very close to the shore of the beach, just 1 km you can submerge in the coral reef.

Will also find more suitable beaches for diving such as Playa Girón, Cayo Levisa or Cayo Saetía. There are countless international diving centers, including María la Gorda in the western end of Cuba.

Historical Place in Cuba.

Walking through its cities you will know its history and its epic battles in search of its freedom and sovereignty. It does not matter what part you are or the color of your political party. You will be surprised of this eroico country.

In Cuba the year 1868 is recognized as the beginning of the wars of independence. The definitive victory arrive January 1, 1959 with the entry into Havana of the Barbudos. Two wars of Independence and more than 59 years of Revolution on the side of the usual enemy, the USA.

Cuba. Cayo saetùia Holguin.
What to see and to do in Cuba. Cayo saetía Holguin.

We are in one part an unjust and authoritarian economic blockade of the United States. On the other side we see a fierce and immovable pride in defense of an ideology. Both towns are tired of this diatribe that has lasted for years waiting with an innocent look the signal of its politicians. All Cubans dream of normal relations of mutual respect and a commercial exchange that can help Cuba out of underdevelopment.

There are some places of historical interest that you should definitely visit. The Comandancia de la Plata in the Turquino Peak is an emblem. It was the place where the headquarters of the Rebel Army commanded by Fidel Castro resided. Located in the Sierra Maestra. The largest mountain chain in Cuba and with access from Granma and Santiago de Cuba.

Travel in Cuba means visit its places of Historical Interest.

From the other side of the island, Havana is the strength of the cabin. In the Colony it was the largest fortress in Latin America as protection against corsairs and pirates. In 1959 Che General Headquarters in Havana.

Isla de la Juventud, the city where you have the Model Prison, where Fidel and his companions were imprisoned. Santa Clara is the city of the monument to Ché, welcomes the remains of all his fallen comrades in Bolivia and the Congo. Santiago de Cuba, you can not miss a visit to the Moncada Barracks, later converted into a School. In Havana you have the Museum of the Revolution, the Plaza de Igual Nombre and the monument to your National Hero José Martí.

The Landscapes of Cuba.

Cuba has very beautiful tropical landscapes adorned by a very native flora and fauna. Starting from Viñales you will find the Tabaco fields, from where the best Tobacco of the World comes out. Numerous caves product of a relief of caverns. Plains of crops and agricultural crops as in Mayabeque and Artemisa where most of the national agriculture is concentrated. You pass through Cienfuegos and killings and you must admire its ports and bays destined for commerce. Arrive in Trinidad and you get amazed by its beaches, vegetation, the ruins of the Valley of the Sugar Mills.

cuba. Excursion to guanayara, national park.
What to see and to do in Cuba. Excursion to Guanayara, National Park.

They say that Trinidad was one of the most prosperous cities in Latin America, and that it had several export products. It was the area where more sugar mills were in the colony. You can not go through its mountains in Topes de Collantes without a camera. More to the center you pass by the cattle area of ​​Camagüey and diving of Santa Lucia. You arrive in the Cuban East, where the rivers are longer and more abundant. The turquino peak with almost 2000 meters of height is the highest elevation in the country. The east of Cuba also belongs to a seismic zone but of small intensity. No human losses have ever been reported.

Sierra Maestra.

It is the place in Cuba where it rains most, on its southern slope. Also has the place where it rains least on its northern slope. It presents all the characteristics of a tropical climate. Every year from October to November they receive the biggest hurricanes. Do not be scared, Cuba is used to dealing with them. The main concern of the Cuban state is its people. If you are in Cuba on that date you will not be in danger.

Discover Cuba and its art.

cuba. great theater of havana
What to see and to do in Cuba. Great Theater of Havana.

Havana has been historically a place coveted by the best artists in the world. This predilection, combined with the intelligence of Cubans, has left as a legacy a cultural heritage that is modernized and renewed over the years. Cuba has famous artists worldwide in almost all manifestations of Art. Many of them with great value prizes. Cubans have music running through their blood and cinema enters their eyes. The week of Latin American cinema in December gathers filmmakers from all over the continent.

The best composers and performers from the United States and Europe come to Havana for the Jazz Plaza Festival. Everyone wants to observe the “Candongas”. Outdoor markets such as popular art museums. Havana is recognized as the Cultural Capital of Cuba. With big theaters, cinemas and museums they remember or lodge works of the most illustrious and illuminated Cuban and world artists.

Travel in Cuba means participate in Cuban popular festivals.

What to see and to do in Cuba. Dance in Camaguey.
What to see and to do in Cuba. Dance in Camaguey.

Observe the pictures of the Cuban painters are full of colors.They convey the joy of this town. Every month of the year he organizes popular festivities everywhere. Carnivals, cultural weeks, Cucalambé festival, Romerías de Mayo, Parrandas de Remedio, Caribbean Festival.

Ballet Company of Camagüey, the second in Cuba and recognized throughout the world. Located in a majestic building of 1850. Do not miss his shows. In the Life of Cubans music plays an important role. It is the energy that makes the body move. Cubans must feel the rhythm to work, live and even eat. It looks like the muse of artists.

The Cuban people are always in celebration. There is always an adjustment to meet friends and drink beer or rum. Cuba is an open-air theater. The Carnivals are the maximum expression of popular festivals. From Pinar del Río to Guantanamo, each city has its date of celebration. Cuba is host to several cultural events every year. You can request your participation to Easy Booking Cuba agency. We will process your accreditation and travel schedule.

In Cuba you have many things to see and to invest time.

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