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What to do in Cuba, Ciénaga de Zapata

You want know What to do in Cuba, Ciénaga de Zapata?. Organize the holiday with Easy Booking Cuba. Distinguished by muddy soils and a diversity of endemic species of flora and fauna. There is the largest crocodile farm in America and the most extensive corridor of birds in the Caribbean. Ciénaga is renowned for its natural and magical reefs. Is the place of preference to practice diving. Has four International Diving Centers and more than 11 certified points in the region. Ciénaga is located south of Matanzas on a muddy, boot-shaped terrain. Beaches, lakes and natural attributes constitute the attraction of this tourist destination.

Another attraction of this region is the Birdwatching and hiking. Is estimated that there are more than 200 species. There are very well preserved endemic species due to their rarity. Fermina, Gallinuela de Santo Tomás and Cabrerito de la Ciénaga. Generally customers spend on average from 1 to 3 days. Temperatures with a moderate tropical climate with range between 16 °C and 30 °C. We recommend you travel in a rental car to enjoy your free time better.

World Heritage Site.

trip to ciénaga de zapata. crocodile farm.
Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata. Crocodile Farm.

UNESCO declared Montemar Park as a Biosphere Reserve in 2000, due to the diversity and fragility of ecosystems. In addition, and awarded the title Ramsar Site in 2001, constituting the first internationally recognized wetland in Cuba. Ciénaga is declared as a World Heritage Site in 2000 to. It constitutes a natural paradise for lovers of ecological tourism.

Origins of Ciénaga Zapata.

The Ciénaga, spotted by Christopher Columbus in 1894. But, is until 1508 that Sebastián de Ocampo explored the area in his expedition to Cuba. Due to their unfavorable characteristics for agriculture, gold deposits and the development of sugar were not taken into consideration. Giving refuge place for corsairs and pirates.

Touristic interest in Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata.

Ciénaga de Zapata is a tourist attraction of Matanzas. Only 105 km from the paradisiacal beaches of Varadero. You can enjoy excellent diving, bird watching and hiking areas. In this tourist destination the modalities of nature, sun and beach converge, there are also more than 80 flooded caverns. It is possible to dive in 4 of them and the deepest with 70 m is the Fish Cave.

It constitutes the most extensive and best preserved wetland in the Caribbean. Extensive forests and largest expanse of muddy waters of Cuba. It is considered the largest reservoir of fresh water in the country.

Caleta Buena.

trip to ciénaga de zapata. beach caleta buena.
Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata. Beach Caleta Buena.

You will find Caleta Buena of 8 km southwest of Playa Girón. Heavenly space to enjoy crystal clear waters. In this place there is a natural environment. The bathing areas are protected by reefs. They do not allow the entrance of the waves. Is ideal to ride water bicycles and to dive. There is a natural pool full of fish of various sizes and colors with which you can swim.

Distributed along all the reefs bordering the coast are the several beach heaters. In the back in a ranch of large portals exquisite delicacies are prepared for your delight. Among them a typical dish of the area is tip of crocodile.

Crocodile Farm.

On the road to Playa Larga is Boca de Guamá. Place where they created the Crocodile Farm. Project launched to protect the Cuban crocodile. Species in extinction due to its mixture with the American crocodile.

In addition you can see the old huts and charcoal ovens built by the inhabitants of the area. They are part of the history and the charcoal tradition of the region.

Villa Guamá.

You can visit the Crocodile Farm when you arrive in Boca Guamá. Several endemic and extinct specimens are protected. But the most extraordinary will be the boat ride through the Treasure Lake. You will feel in your face smell of the mangrove and the freshness of the natural air.

At your arrival a Taíno village awaits you, a stage where you can imagine this ancient culture through its 32 sculptures. In Villa Guamá, 6 islands were built and the lake was dredged to build the comfortable cabins on wooden piles. It also has a cafeteria, restaurant and an ecological pool, all floating on the lagoon. This place will make you fall in love, a silence only disturbed by the song of the birds. A wonderful view will make you feel in a serene paradise.

Cave of the Fishes.

This point of immersion is one of the favorites in the market, if you don´t want to dive into the open sea. Its depth oscillates 70 meters, it is located between the vicinity of Playa Larga and Playa Girón. It is an ideal observatory for the different species of tropical fish. On the shores of the coast on reefs, hammocks and a restaurant boat will give the special touch to the place.

Treasure Lake.

trip to ciénaga de zapata. treasure lagoon.
Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata. Treasure Lagoon.

With its semicircular shape and 16 square km of surface, this beautiful lake is the largest in Cuba. The exuberant vegetation, the colorful orchids and the mangroves themselves have made this place a majestic natural wonder unmatched. Ideal for fishing.

Playa Girón Municipal Museum.

It is nestled in Playa Girón, a National Monument. Material evidences of the actions carried out during the invasion of Playa Girón are displayed. Is where the first defeat of Yankee imperialism was obtained.

What to do in Cuba, other Sites of Interest in Ciénaga de Zapata.

You can also visit the Ciénaga sites such as: Commandery Museum of the FAR, Central Australia, Laguna de las Salinas. In addition, Bermejas Reserve is the ideal place for observing endemic birds, about 22 species.

Traditional Celebrations of Ciénaga de Zapata.

Among the most outstanding is the party for the Victory of Playa Girón. Which takes place between the 15th and the 18th of April, in honor of this historic event.

Common services.

The most common services for the inhabitants are in Playa Girón and Playa Larga, where the hotel network is located. The rest of the services are located in Jagüey Grande and in the city of Matanzas.

Names of the Streets.

trip to ciénaga de zapata. Playa Girón Hotel.
Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata. Playa Girón Hotel.

Due to the characteristics of the area and the distribution of the streets. They do not have a defined name, they are named for each town or proximity of a place of interest such as:

  • Playa Girón.
  • Long Beach.
  • Boca de Guamá.
  • Road to Jagüey Grande.

Information in Ciénaga de Zapata.


  • Name. Immigration.
  • Address: Middle Street between Oscar Mayo and Manzanera. City of Matanzas.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Saturday.

Banks in Ciénaga de Zapata, What to do in Cuba.

Credit and trade bank BANDEC.

  • Address: Ciénaga de Zapata.
  • Telephone: 45987147.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Friday.

CADECA Exchange House.

  • Address: Playa Larga.
  • Telephone: 45521492.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Friday.

Postal Services.

  • Name. Post Office.
  • Address: Playa Girón.
  • Telephone: 45984202.
  • Schedule. 9-18 from Monday to Saturday.

Diving center.

trip to ciénaga de zapata. beach playa larga.
Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata. Beach Playa Larga.
  • Name. Caleta Buena.
  • Address: Caleta Buena.
  • Telephone: 45987283.
  • Schedule. 9-18 from Monday to Saturday.

Excursions and What to do in Cuba Ciénaga de Zapata.

If you pretend to know the swamp and have a pleasant stay. You can find activities to do in our excursion link

Private houses and hotels in Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata.

To stay you can select from a variety of Hotels and Private Houses, BnB, Casas Particulares clicking on the corresponding link

Restaurants in Ciénaga de Zapata, What to do in Cuba.

Ciénaga de Zapata is one of the most extensive and least populated municipalities in the country. Most of the infrastructure is state. In most hotels there is a buffet service as in some gastronomic facilities. It also has several facilities in its surroundings with a varied cuisine.

Peasant Farm.

Exit to the National Highway to Australia Central. Ciénaga de Zapata. Cuba

This farm is an attraction in the Ciénaga, its traditional country style makes it very cozy. It has a marked variety of flora and fauna native to Cuba. Specializing in creole food will delight you with the natural flavor of its dishes. The freshness and variety of its food and the warmth of its workers always with a nice smile to give. At the end of your lunch, order a cup of Cuban coffee. It´s served with a piece of sweet cane and sweetened with honey.

Pío Cuá Restaurant.

trip to ciénaga de zapata. restaurante pio cuá.
Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata. Restaurante Pio Cuá.

Road to Playa Larga km 8.

The restaurant is located on a desolate stretch of road to Playa Larga. It is very well decorated. Several showcases have been adapted to occupy part of the space, ideal to receive groups.

Specialized in Caribbean food and seafood. The most requested dishes are grilled lobster and chicken varieties. The quality of the food is good and the service too. The prices are between 8.00 CUC and 20.00 CUC. Open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 pm.

Boca de Guamá Restaurant.

Boca Guamá. Ciénaga de Zapata

This cozy restaurant is located in the Guamá complex. Place with air-conditioned and authentic view to the lagoon. It has an extensive menu of national and international food. The decoration is very simple, allegorical to the place. With a marked emphasis of the crocodile farm and the Taino Guamá village. Service very fast and professional. The main dish of the house is tip of crocodile. This totally atypical dish can only be savored here fully.

Where to Shop in Ciénaga de Zapata, What to do in Cuba.

Inside the crocodile farm you can find several artex souvenir outlets. But if you look for more variety. The ideal option is the Laguna del Tesoro store, located on the banks of the pier. There you can find food, toiletries, souvenirs and basic beach elements.

Nightlife and fun, What to do in Cuba, Ciénaga de Zapata

trip to ciénaga de zapata. peasant party.
Trip to Ciénaga de Zapata. Peasant Party.

Due to the natural characteristics of the Zapata Swamp. Tourist areas and the population settlements are far from each other. Beach Girón is the largest city with a very quiet nightlife. In the hotels they offer an entertainment program as the best offer of fun you can find. During the day the best option is a visit to the Peasant Festival. If you want to play and have fun you will need to know this place.

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