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Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad

Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad, World Heritage Site. It is the best advice we can give to a person who wants to organize their vacations to Cuba. The city of Trinidad revolves around two fundamental structures. On the one hand the colonial houses converted into museums and the Catholic Church are around the great Plaza Mayor. Called the historic center of the city. Easy Booking Cuba offers you a mini guide to better organize your days in this beautiful destination. We recommend traveling by rental car to better manage your time. In our opinion, Trinidad is the most charming Cuban tourist destination of all.

World Heritage.

Trinidad de Cuba has one of the most beautiful and best preserved architectural complexes in America. Recognized as the Museum City of the Caribbean Sea. Its historic center was declared by UNESCO in 1988. Cultural Heritage of Humanity, along with its Valley of the Sugar Mills.

travel to trinidad. historical center of trinidad.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Historical Center of Trinidad.

Foundation of Trinidad.

Trinidad was founded on December or January, 1514 by Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar under the name of Villa de la Santísima Trinidad. Hernán Cortés recruited men for his expedition to Mexico from the house of Juan de Grijalva in Trinidad, and Sancti Spíritus, at the beginning of his 1518 expedition. This included Pedro de Alvarado and his five brothers. After ten days, Cortes sailed, the mayor Francisco Verdugo could not prevent Cortes from leaving, despite the orders of Diego Velázquez.

Travel Cuba Tours interest in Trinidad.

Trinidad, without any doubt we can assure that in our opinion this is the best tourist destination in Cuba. Well, it is the only city that has it all, it has all the variants of tourism that you can go to look for in Cuba. Travelers usually book 3 to 4 days, because they need time to get all their charms. From the waterfalls in the mountains, passing through its beautiful beach, historic city, coral reef, or Afro-Cuban culture, finally its people and the way of life of its people.

Geographic location.

Thanks to its geographical location and natural and typographical conditions, it is the most complete destination in Cuba. It is the only destination that has all the tourist variants that Cuba has. Treasure one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast of the country. In the peninsula there are diving spots, and in the vicinity you can enjoy a Safari or simply witness a beautiful sunset. Usually in Trinidad, customers spend an average of 3 to 5 days, if not more.

With a microclimate different from the rest of the island, the temperatures oscillate between 16 ° and 25 ° C with moderate subtropical climate. It has indescribable natural beauties such as the Great Protected Natural Park Topes de Collantes.

Undoubtedly the most beautiful and romantic trinidad is the Plaza Mayor. It is the center of the historic center and the facade of the city’s museums.

Municipal Historical Museum.

Entrance by Simón Bolívar No 423. Very close to Plaza Mayor it occupies the space of a large colonial house of the 18th century. Tells the story that once belonged to the Borrel Family from 1827-1830. Then it went on behalf of a German grower named Cantero, the name he carries today.

Mr.Cantero would be one of the richest settlers in the entire area. With several cane plantations acquired in a dubious manner after the poisoning of a merchant sailor who trafficked slaves. He married his wife who later died very young and Cantero inherited all the fortune. From its tower you can see the whole city. At 11 the tourist groups begin to arrive.

Church Holy Trinity.

Travel to trinidad. trinidad church.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Church.

Built in 1892 in the place of another old church. Located next to the Escalinatas, recreational place at night. Holy Week in Trinidad is famous for the veneration of the Trinitarians at Cristo de la Vera Cruz 1713. You can participate at Sunday Mass at 10:00 am or enter freely every day from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. The other days the mass is celebrated in the parish house in front of the Church. It is a beautiful temple all made of precious wood.

Romantic Museum of Trinidad.

On the right side of the church if you are looking towards the sea. It is currently called Brunet palace and they say that it would be a very rich Count. The lower floor was built in 1740 and the second one in 1808. Inside, when it is open you will find beautiful collections of porcelain and objects of the time. You can take a guided tour of the museum. Next you will find the shop the carroza, to buy souvenirs.

Museum of Trinitarian Architecture, Travel Cuba Tours.

Always around the Plaza Mayor with several beautiful furniture of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. It has two buildings, one built in 1738 and another in 1785, later joined in 1819.

Guamuhaya Museum of Archeology.

On the north-western side of the Plaza Mayor. There is very little of what was one of the most interesting museums in Trinidad. In its epoch of splendor it counted all the phases of the colonization and indigenous settlements.

Temple House of Santería Yemayá.

Located in Rubén Martines Villena, near the Plaza Mayor. You can see an altar of Santeria dedicated to Yemayá, the goddess of the Sea. In the colony the black slaves invented a double for each Catholic saint. Only then could they enjoy together with the whites of religious festivals. You will find that each Catholic saint has a similar one in the Afro-Cuban religion. There are many other house temples in the city of different African saints. You can talk amicably with the santeros and learn from this very mysterious and spiritual culture, bordering on the paranormal. It would be very interesting if you were worried about participating in a BEMBÉ. Drumming ceremony where the faithful worship their saints and offer sacrifices in exchange for favors.

National Museum of Fight Against Bandits.

Calle Echerri, corner Piro Guinart, 100 meters from the Plaza Mayor. An eighteenth-century building, when located the headquarters of the convent of San Francisco de Asis. Of the original construction only the old bell tower remains intact, all the rest has been modernized. Inside you can see weapons, uniforms, ammunition and objects that belonged to the Cuban military and counterrevolutionaries in the years 1960-1963. Trinidad was the main area of ​​operations of the fight against bandits that the Cuban people fought immediately after the revolutionary triumph.

Ruins of the Brunet Theater.

Located on Maceo Street No 461, they teach dancing and percussion lessons, more recently it has become the beer house.

Other Sites of Historical Interest in Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad.

travel to trinidad. Ruins of the brunet theater. beer house
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Ruins of the Brunet Theater. Beer House.

You can also visit in the city places like: House of the Martyrs of Trinidad, Tobacco Factory, Church of Santa Ana, Taller del Alfarero. Equally interesting are the cave of Ayala (disco at night), Punta de la Vigia, Loma de la Popa, where the first Church of Trinidad was built and now build a great hotel.

Traditional Festivities of Trinidad.

Among the most outstanding are the fiestas sanjuaneras, last weekend of June. The Week of Trinitarian Culture at the beginning of January, on several occasions coincides with the carnivals.

Common services.

The most common services for the inhabitants are around the Céspedes square. The Céspedes park is the modern trinidad center. The Bus Terminal is located very close to the Plaza Mayor square, going west.

Names of the Streets.

In Trinidad almost all the streets have two names. The modern and the old used by almost all its inhabitants. We relate them below the main streets of Trinidad:

  • Gutiérrez (Antonio Maceo).
  • Jesús María (José Martí).
  • Alameda (Jesus Menéndez).
  • Carmen (Frank País).
  • Santo Domingo (Camilo Cienfuegos).
  • Rosario (Francisco Javier Zerquera).
  • Desengaño (Simón Bolívar).
  • Boca (Piro Guinart).
  • Gloria (Gustavo Izquierdo).
  • San Proscopio (General Lino Pérez).
  • Guaurabo (Pablo Pisch Girón).

Information of interest in Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad.


  • Angel Guerra.
  • Address: José Martí No 273.
  • Phone: 41993748.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.


travel to trinidad. cespedes Park. Etecsa Point.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Cespedes Park. Etecsa Point.
  • Immigration.
  • Address: At the end of Carrer del Carmen, address to Casilda.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Saturday

Access to the Internet and Telephones, ETECSA.

  • Phone: 41994129.
  • Address: Lino Pérez, in front of Parque Céspedes.
  • Schedule. 8-19 from Monday to Saturday.


  • Gustavo Izquierdo.
  • Address: José Martí No 265.
  • Schedule. 8-20 from Monday to Friday, 8-18 Saturday.

Health Assistance for Tourists, Travel Cuba Tours.

  • Servimed Cubanacan International Clinic.
  • Address: Lino Pérez No 103.
  • Phone: 41996240.
  • Schedule. 24/24.
  • There is also a pharmacy with a price in CUC.

Banks in Travel to Trinidad, Cuba.

Banco de Crédito y Comercio BANDEC..

  • Address: José Martí No 264.
  • Phone: 41992405.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

CADECA Exchange House.

  • Address: José Martí No 164.
  • Phone: 41996263.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

Banco Financiero Internacional BFI.

travel to trinidad. excursion to guanayara.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Excursion to Guanayara.
  • Address: José Martí, corner Camilo Cienfuegos.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

Postal Services.

  • Name. Postal Service.
  • Address: Gutiérrez No 418.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

Excursions in Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad.

Trinidad has an infinity of natural and historical places to visit. You can find all the options in our link: excursion in Trinidad.

Private Houses and Hotels to stay, Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad .

With more than 1500 hostels or BnB, Trinidad is one of the cities with the most individual tourism in Cuba. Find your accommodation in our link: Casas Particulares y Hoteles.

travel to trinidad. guitarra mia restaurant.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Guitarra Mia Restaurant.

Restaurants in Trinidad.

Trinidad is a place with good taste and where its inhabitants have developed a great purchasing power. Thanks to Tourism they have been able to develop activities on their own and there are very good restaurants. They have nothing to envy in aesthetics and comfort to the best restaurants in Europe. In addition, they have a very special herd.

Guitarra Mia Restaurant.

Jesús Menendez Street (Alameda) # 19, Trinidad,Cuba.

Guitarra Mía” exhibits a decoration fused with ancient and contemporary styles; suveniles of dissimilar international cultures and a varied exhibition of guitars, a symbol of the place, each of them exalts the expression of important artists of Cuban and Trinitarian art. The bar boasts portraits of some of the main figures of the relevant musical project “Buena Vista Social Club“.

travel to trinidad. san josùe restaurant.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. San José Restaurant.

San José Restaurant, Trinidad, Cuba.

Maceo Nro. 382 e / Smith y Colón, Historical Center.

The San José Restaurant is a place with a pleasant and spacious atmosphere located in the heart of a Villa with more than 500 years of existence that preserves its constructions and customs very well, so together with the Valle de los Ingenios it was declared by the Unesco The humanity Patrimony. It offers an a la carte service of Cuban and international cuisine.

In the San José Restaurant you can enjoy a varied gastronomic service of very good Creole food, excellent pizzas cooked in the wood, where the specialty of the house is Termidor lobster made with fresh lobster with béchamel sauce, cheese, mushrooms and brandy. You will find different drinks, cocktails, wine list and natural juices in the Bar, in an atmosphere with air conditioning, with recorded music and live performances, reservation of rooms, dress code, buffet service and parking.

travel to trinidad. vista gourmet restaurant.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Vista Gourmet Restaurant.

Vista Gourmet Restaurant.

Callejon de los Gallos  No 2F e / Ernesto V. Munoz and Callejon de los Gallos.

Very good system, you order the main course and you have the right to a wide buffet of cold and hot appetizers and an equally large buffet of excellent desserts. The restaurant is spread over several levels with beautiful views of the rooftops of Trinidad and the sunset. Very romantic.

La Botija Restaurant, Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad.

Amargura No. 71-B Boca and San José Corner, Center.

La Botija Tavern is a private restaurant with Afro-Cuban ambience located very close to the Plaza Mayor of the City of Trinidad, declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site. It is a private business with a la carte service where a varied range of Cuban and international cuisine is offered.

travel to trinidad. la botija tavern restaurant.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. La Botija Tavern Restaurant.

In La Botija Tavern you can enjoy a nice breakfast, a snack, lunch, or dinner, depending on the schedule of your visit, with a varied cuisine where the spatiality of the house are La Botija skewers with charcoal, composed of skewers with pork, shrimp and vegetables. Other added services are the Bar with its wine list and delicious cocktails and drinks, recorded music and live performances, lounge reservation, buffet service, smoking area, take-away food and parking. With an approximate cost per person between $ 8.00 CUC to $ 14.00 CUC or its equivalent in National Currency, Euro and USD La Botija Tavern keeps its doors open 24 hours a day.

Restaurant Sol Ananda.

Real 45, Frente a la Plaza Mayor, Trinidad 62600, Cuba “>Real 45, Opposite Plaza Mayor, Trinidad 62600, Cuba.

This place is very particular and characteristic, the interiors are very well maintained. The staff is very friendly and the food fresh and excellent. They also have typical criollo dishes. Absolutely to try!. It’s not cheap, but it’s in line with the other places and in my opinion it’s worth it.

Where to Shop in Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad.

Universe Store. Located in José Martí, you can find the best foods and the most expensive trinidad. Then around you can also find tobacco houses and some national markets with few options. If you are one of those who cook alone, you can go to the agricultural market at the end of José Martí every Saturday morning.

Nightlife and fun in Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad.

Surely the musical culture of Trinidad is not as fine as that of Santiago de Cuba. Not as sensual as the one in Havana. But surely with a little time and patience you will enter the place adapted for you. There are options of leftovers and dissimilar themes equally. Locals where you dance, you drink and you know a little people.

Las Escalinatas.

travel to trinidad. Escalinatas night center.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Escalinatas Night Center.

Located in front of the Plaza Mayor, where live music groups sing and dance. At the end of the night you can also hear mechanical music.

House of the Young Creator.

50 meters from the staircase. Dedicated mainly to traditional Cuban music and trova. You also find live groups.

Floridita Bar.

In the modern part of the city, 50 meters from Parque Cespedes. They have wanted to make a copy or franchise for all Cuba of Floridita de la Havana. On hot summer days it is fine because there is air conditioning.

House of the Palenques.

travel to trinidad. Disco Club Ayala.
Travel Cuba Tours to Trinidad. Disco Club Ayala.

Between the Casa de la Trova and Las escalinatas. Specialized especially in Afro-Cuban shows and drum music.

Discoteca Ayala in Travel to Trinidad.

All a trinidad musical jewel. It is located inside a natural cave below the earth. On the banks of the Hotel the caves. It begins its functions at 11:00 pm until 3:00 am, with varied dance music. Not to lose you.

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