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  • Villa Clara is a province of enormous cultural and historical flow
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We invite you to enjoy the Vintage Tours Santa Clara Cuba. This city is the capital of the province of Villa Clara, located in the central region of the country. Has a total geographical area of ​​513.7 km². Its population amounts to 239 091 inhabitants, of which 92.3% is urban. It is an important industrial, commercial, services and communications center. Located in a vital junction of roads and railways. It also has an international airport. Founded on July 15, 1689 and reached city status in 1867. It was taken militarily by Commander Ernesto “Che” Guevara in December 1958. During the final stage of the revolution fight led by Fidel Castro against Fulgencio Batista and Zaldívar.

  • Category: Vintage tours.
  • Modality: Landing tours.
  • Duration: 12 hrs.
  • Departure time: 07.00 hrs.
  • Guide: Yes.
  • Children are welcome: Yes.
  • Spoken: English.
  • Transport: In Old American Car or Private Taxi.

Program Vintage Tours Santa Clara in American Classic Cars.

In the Revolution Square is the sculptural ensemble built by the sculptor José Delarra. Dedicated to Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (Che). At its base there is a Mausoleum, where the remains of renowned hero have rested since 1997. The Villa of San Juan de los Remedios, is located in the province of Villa Clara. It is recognized as the eighth oldest city in Cuba. Possessing a rich historical and cultural trajectory. On March 7, 1980, its urban historic center was declared a National Monument.

Our proposal is to join us to explore the extraordinary beauty and enjoy the history of the cities of Santa Clara and San Juan de los Remedios. Its magical sites will make your imagination fly. For this we put at your disposal our authentic American cars of the 50s. These are excellent original, classic and convertible vehicles in perfect condition; that will undoubtedly make you travel through time.

In the city of Santa Clara.

  • Finca Fiesta Campesina.
  • Leoncio Vidal Central Park.
  • La Caridad Theater.
  • Boulevard of Santa Clara.
  • The Plaza de la Revolución.
  • Monument – Mausoleum to Ernesto Che Guevara.
  • Museum to the Armored Train.

In the city of Remedios.

  • Remedios Central Park.
  • Church of San Juan de los Remedios.
  • Church of the Buen Viaje.
  • Alejandro García Caturla Music Museum.
  • Parrandas Museum.

Included services.

  • Pick up at the hotel or Private houses and departure to the city of Santa Clara in American Classic Cars.
  • Panoramic tour of the route to Santa Clara in classic cars and transfers to and from the hotel.
  • Stop in transit at the “Parador Fiesta Campesina” on the National highway.
  • Visit to the city of Santa Clara: Che Guevara Square, Armored Train Museum and Leoncio Vidal Park.
  • Optional time available for lunch at a local restaurant in the city of Santa Clara (not included in the price).
  • Free time to visit other places of interest in the city.
  • Departure to the City of San Juan de los Remedios.
  • Visit to the city of Remedios and its main tourist attractions.
  • Back to the accommodations cuba.

We use these cars.

  • Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 (Sedan 4 doors).
  • Chevrolet Bel Air 1956 (Sedan 4 doors) or similar (Classics).

Tips for this excursion in Cuba.

  • Recommended light clothing, sunglasses, hat and camera.
  • The client can go up and down the route each time he decides.
  • Your driver will also offer accompanying guide service throughout the trip.