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  • Jeep Safari to the Big Rock santiago de cuba
  • Jeep Safari to the Big Rock santiago de cuba
  • the big rock cuba

Among the cuba guided tours you can book Jeep Seafari The Big Rock. Located 20 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba. The “La Gran Piedra”(or Big Rock) is a wonder of nature, a romantic legacy and a botanical splendor to discover. Exploring this area in a 4×4 jeep with a local that is expert and is also a guide / driver is a unique adventure. The Big Rock is a volcanic giant that measures 51x25x30 meters (LxHxW) and is 1200 meters above sea level.

It is located in the eastern part of the Sierra Maestra and has a refreshing microclimate where bird of paradise. Dahlias and magnolias bloom in the botanical garden. To reach the summit, you have to climb 452 steps. Often between a thick fog surrounding the dense and varied vegetation of ferns and orchids. When you reach the top, you will be breathless to see the wonderful views from the top.

Haitian and French influence in Santiago de Cuba.

In the 19th century, a French coffee farmer, who was fleeing the Haitian Revolution, built his mansion on this site. They named it his favorite slave, (Isabela), who became the mistress of the place. The old house is now a museum, where the coffee culture and the way of life of the French immigrants in that region are remembered.

It is also possible to make a Jeep safari and stay at the Gran Piedra Hotel after the rest of the group returns to Santiago de Cuba. Your luggage will be guarded, and you can book a transfer back the next day. It is an ideal option for hikers and nature lovers.

  • Destinations: Santiago de Cuba City.
  • Classification:
    »Walking Tour.
    »Jeep Collectives or Private with CubaCar Share Company.
  • Duration: 8 hours.
  • Character: Shared excursion.
  • Departure Time: 8:30 am.

Included in the price for Seafari to The Big Rock.

  • Jeep transportation from and to Accommodation Cuba.
  • Program according to the description.
  • Professional and multilingual guide.
  • Lunch.

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