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Cycling Tour Cuba as a form of tourism in Cuba has become popular. Although the roads are not fully paved, it is an interesting experience. That’s why we invite you to book the in Bike to Resbaloso river. The destination of the excursion is the Resbaloso river that belongs to the town of Viñales.

If you consider yourself a cyclist, you know that whenever you get on your bike a great experience awaits you that day. In Cuba, in Viñales, “By bike to El Resbaloso” it is usual that it can happen as well. It may wake up with clouds and some humidity and then a lot of sun. Or a fog makes you think that it will rain with thunder and lightning, but there will only be a warm day. Or on the contrary, it may wake up radiant sun and end up wet with rain.

Characteristics of the Cycling Tour Cuba to resbaloso river.

  • Duration time: 3/5 hours.
  • Guide Service: Yes.
  • Maximum Participants: 20 people.
  • Minimum Participants: 2 people.
  • Accepts Children: Yes, children are welcome.
  • Km to travel: 36 km approximately.
  • Departure time: 8:30 a.m.
  • Includes Lunch: Yes, with a national drink included.
  • Includes Transportation: Yes, the bike.
  • Collective or Private Transportation: At the customer’s request.
  • Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German.
  • Typology: Bicycle, Historical, Extreme Sports.

Things to do in Cycling Tour Cuba in bike to Resbaloso river.

  • Pick up by the guide at your lodging, private house or hotel.
  • Departure to the Resbaloso River northeast of Viñales.
  • Visit to the Palenque of the Cimarrones and the Cueva del Indio.
  • Down to the slippery river.
  • Bath time in the river.
  • Enjoy the city Republic of Chile.
  • Return to Viñales.

Resbaloso River to Viñales, Cuba.

Recognized as a destination of exuberant and beautiful nature, Viñales offers its green essence nourished by abundant water. Among its most beautiful rivers there is the Resbaloso, with fresh water pools to swim and cool off from pedaling. This river leaves the town in a northeasterly direction, along a paved road. The little paving will not be a problem, but an opportunity to exercise and demonstrate your dexterity by bike.

Palenque of the Cimarrones, Viñales, Cuba.

Palenque of the Cimarrones is a museum. To enjoy it you will have to cross the San Miguel cave. What will you see in the place? A typical construction of rebellious slaves. The palenque is delimited area in which their activities were developed. A slave hideout from several centuries ago that now presents a show of that culture. In addition, on Saturdays and Sundays, there is a discotheque, preferred among the residents of Viñales.

Cycling Tour Cuba and Indian Cave, Viñales, Cuba.

The cave is north of Viñales, 5 km away and is only accessible by canoes or motor boats. Although it is a natural formation has electric light so you can see inside and only one kilometer is navigated. Inside, a whole set of elements will give free rein to your imagination: stalactites, stalagmites, strange figures and cave paintings. The river of its interior is called San Vicente. They say the neighbors of the place that was discovered in 1920 by Juan Díaz, a peasant from around there.

The Republic of Chile.

It is a modest city recognized among all of Viñales for its agroecological development. The peasants of the place are characterized by using techniques that are not harmful to the environment and the use of water from springs. They harvest fruits, coffee, tobacco and vegetables and develop livestock for meat and milk in a traditional way. It is located about 6 km and a half from the Resbaloso River.

Tips for Cycling Tour Cuba “By bike to El Resbaloso river”.

For this excursion in bicycle tour we recommend the use of cyclist uniform. Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and pedaling blocks. Sunscreen, glasses, water and light foods or candies to guarantee energy during the journey. Bring extra sandals for the bath in the river. Do not carry too much weight in your backpack. Remember your camera and be predisposed to get wet in case it rains. You are an adventurer on two wheels.

Conditions of reservation for Cycling Tour Cuba.

  • Easy Booking Cuba will adjust the prices according to the number of clients.
  • Promotional discounts will apply for groups of 4, 6 and 10 people.
  • We will check the departure with you in the 48 hours prior to your reservation.
  • We will send you the voucher and invoice of the chosen tour. Please print the voucher if you have the possibility to show it to your guide.
  • In order to avoid losses does not require showing your identification to the guide. In other words, your passport or tourist visa can be left on room. Instead, we recommend that you bring a copy of these documents with you.
  • 30% of the tour will be paid in Euros, with a credit card or bank transfer. While the rest (70%) will pay in Cuba in USD.
  • We clarify that, banking costs, commissions for use of credit card or transfer, Easy Booking Cuba does not assume them. That 30% that pays us is net.