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  • Excursion of Extreme Cycling in Cuba
  • Excursion of Extreme Cycling in Cuba

We provide the cycling in cuba tour focused on people with adventurous spirits with the courage to explore Cuba by bicycle. Extreme bicycle trips are offered in 2 different options.

  • Category: Overnight.
  • Modality: Landing tours.
  • Duration: 3 days /2 nights.
  • Departure time: 07.00 hrs.
  • Guide: Yes.
  • Children are welcome: No.
  • Spoken: English.

Program details

1 – With a support car:

This is the recommended option to do so. You will go by bicycle accompanied all the time by a tour guide and a car. The job of this car is to transport the luggage and help you when necessary. If someone gets tired or if it is hot to ride a bicycle or in case of accidents, you can get into the car and put the bicycles in the car trailer. These options are more expensive, but also safer.

2 – Only in Bicycle:

This is only for young and strong people. You will carry the basics in a backpack such as water, sunscreen and some basic clothing. You will only go with the tour guide who knows the way and you will have some tools to fix the bicycles if necessary. Going alone means that you do not need a support car to help you in case you need it.
Before deciding to enroll in this tour, you should ask yourself if you are physically ready. Is necessary to manage more than 5 hours pedaling while maintaining at least a minimum speed of 20 kms / hrs on a flat road. If the answers are no, then the only option that you can do this is with the support car to use it when you need it. The different destinations can be:

  • Biking Tour from Havana to Viñales.
  • Biking Tour from Havana to Trinidad (passing through Guamá, Cienfuegos, Trinidad).
  • Cicling Tour from Havana to Trinidad (passing through Guamá, Santa Clara, Trinidad).

Other details for the tour in Cuba.

  • Degree of difficulty: Difficult.
  • Distance traveled by bicycle: 100/120 kms Daily approximately.
  • Approximate duration of the excursion: (total): 3 days – 2 nights.
  • The price includes: Specialized guide service, Bicycle, accommodation in B & B, breakfast, dinner, transportation of luggage from Havana to Destination.
  • Minimum people required for the tour: 2 pax.
  • Maximum people accepted for the tour: 8 pax.
  • Note: Some of the places that are visited during the tour require an extra charge.

Tips for cycling in cuba tour.

  • Recommended light clothing, swimsuit, sunglasses, water, light meals with sweets and proteins.
  • Caps or hats, hard tennis or hiking boots and sandals for bathing in the river.
  • In addition to layers or other protectors for the seasons of rain, sun protection and camera.
  • It is recommended to bring a bottle of water.
  • This tour operates with a minimum of 2 passengers.
  • We recommend starting the tour at seven in the morning (07:00 hrs) but you can decide the departure time of your excursion. We adjust to your plans at any time of the day. The recommended maximum time of excursion by bicycle is 5 hours per day.
  • You need to present identification (passport or tourist letter) for the excursion.
  • Our bicycles are in excellent technical condition.

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