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This Cycle Tour Cuba in the central region offers our clients the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views and routes. At the same time they visit important Cuban cities such as Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara and Varadero. For more details see our itinerary.

The price of the Cycle Tour Cuba includes:

  • Bicycles (The size is determined according to a questionnaire).
  • Excursions in Cuba.
  • Guide.
  • Transportation.
  • Accommodations.
  • Breakfasts.
  • Foods.
  • Lunches when they are inside the excursions.

Note: The base price is for groups of 7 people or more. If you travel individually contact us to take a tour to suit you and as you wish.

Saturday, 1 day. Arrival of Clients at the airport.

Arrival of guests at José Martí airport. Transportation to the hotel or private houses in Havana. Check-in at the accommodation in Havana. Welcome with cocktail and presentation of the Guide, dinner and accommodation.

Sunday, 2 day. Tour in Classic Car in Old Havana.

  • 8:00 am, Breakfast at the hotel or Hostels in Havana.
    Walking tour of Old Havana at 9:30 a.m (2 hours).
  • 11:30 am Tour of Havana in classic American convertible cars of the 1950s (1 hour).
  • 1:00 pm Lunch in a restaurant in Old Havana.
  • 2:00 pm — 5: 00 pm Free time.
  • 5:00 pm — 6: 30pm Bicycle accessories.
  • 7:30 pm Dinner at the accommodation Cuba.

Monday, 3 days. Tour to Girón Beach and Cienfuegos.

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cubacar share

After an abundant breakfast we leave by collective transport with Cubacar Share before 8:30 a.m for the trip to Fiesta Campesina. Here passengers will disembark and begin an absolutely incredible journey through the National Reserve of the Biosphere of Ciénaga de Zapata. They will make a stop at the famous hatchery and farm of Cayman. Later lunch and a quick dip in the ocean in the Fish Cave. Then we continue to Girón Beach, the site of the Bay of Pigs invasion. You will enjoy a visit to the museum that celebrates this historic event. Tour from Girón Beach to the City of Cienfuegos and accommodation.

  • Farmers’ Party Distance To Fish Cave: 30 miles.
  • Distance Fish Cave to Giron Beach: 10 miles.
  • Girón Beach to Cienfuegos length: 60 miles.
  • Accommodation: Hotel or Private Houses.

Tuesday, 4 days. Cycle Tour from Cienfuegos to Trinidad.

After our breakfast at 7:30 am, we headed to Trinidad. An absolutely beautiful city founded by the Spaniards over 500 years ago and declared by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. Prepare to climb a bit in the early stages of our trip before connecting to the main road to Trinidad. This stage of the trip is surprisingly beautiful and features huge valleys, rivers and the Sierra Escambray mountain range.

Trinidad City, a World Heritage Site.

You will notice how you get closer and closer to the coast as we approach the city of Trinidad. Our stop for lunch on the road is Villa Guajimico. A complete jungle environment with a small bay for swimming and cooling off for the rest of the way. Arrival at accommodation in Trinidad and check in. You will have the rest of the afternoon to settle on the beach and prepare for a delicious dinner and a fun night.

  • Distance Cienfuegos A Guajimico: 34 miles.
  • Guajimico A Trinidad distance: 32 miles.
  • Accommodation: All inclusive hotel Brisas Trinidad Del Mar or private homes.

Wednesday, 5 day. Day for rest.

As an option: we can organize climbing at the topes of Collantes or excursions in mountains doing natural hiking.

This day of the cycle Tour cuba is resting in Trinidad. Passengers have the option of diving or swimming in the turquoise blue waters of Ancon Beach. Or just hang out on the beach with mojitos or coconut water. There is also a three-hour horse ride through the mountains of Trinidad led by our friend and expert rider Reinier. He will guide you to the mountains where you will visit a tobacco farm, beautiful natural freshwater lakes and waterfalls. For those with a more adventurous spirit, we also include a tour of the city of Trinidad. You will visit places of interest such as the Historic Center of the City, the Romantic Museum and La Canchánchara, the artisan market, Ruins of the Brunet Theater and Plaza Mayor.

Excursion to Topes de Collantes.

Then there is the option Topes de collantes. Located approximately 19 km from Trinidad, it is a serious and challenging ascent of 8 km with an average of 15 or 20% slope. It is truly unforgiving and speaking from experience, rivals everything that Europe has to offer. It will climb 3,000 feet in about 10 km. If you like to climb challenge yourself, this is an essential experience for you. As it rises to Topes, the jungle’s vegetation becomes denser and the temperature drops slightly. There is nothing but lush jungle bordering its steep slopes and cattle around it.

Arriving at the top you will enjoy an excellent viewpoint with a truly Olympic view of the valley of the mills. You will see Trinidad in the distance along a wide strip of the southern Caribbean coast. Once our work is done, we descend (carefully!). We return to the accommodation to rest and relax on the beach to do the afternoon tour in Trinidad.

  • Roundtrip distance to Topes: 33 miles.

Thursday, 6 days. Travel from Trinidad to Santa Clara.

After our rest day, we leave in the morning to Santa Clara. It is the adopted city of Ernesto “Che” Guevara. In it is the monument commemorating his contribution to the Cuban Revolution. Today’s stage presents many hills and descents. Cutting the mountains when we left the coast and headed to the heart of the island. Along the way you will find remote towns and cities apparently caught in a distortion of time. As they were many decades ago but with a strange and welcoming warmth of its inhabitants.

Sugar Valley in Trinidad.

We will also visit Manaca Iznaga, center of the valley of an old cane sugar plantation. They used African slaves brought by the Spanish Crown and has a 43-meter tower from which the owner of the plantation supervised his workforce. We will have lunch in the city of Guinia de Miranda, a picturesque town in the middle of our trip. After which we will continue to Santa Clara to rest and dine together at a local restaurant.

  • Distance Trinidad – Guinia De Miranda: 32 miles.
  • Guinia De Miranda to Santa Clara distance: 35 miles.
  • Accommodation in Santa Clara: Hotel Los Caneyes or Casa Particular.

Friday, 7 days. Route Santa Clara to Cayo Santa María.

After breakfast, we will board the transport vehicle that has so far served as support. We will visit the monument to Che Guevara. We will tour the outdoor areas with an impressive statue dedicated to Che. He will tour the interiors of the museum and the mausoleum that house his remains and those of 39 friendly guerrillas in Bolivia. After this experience, we will go to Cayo Santa María, an incredibly beautiful little key on the north coast of Cuba.

Saturday, 8 day. Transfer in Cuba from Cayo Santa María to Varadero.

After breakfast, we board our transport and return to Santa Clara. We continue traveling to Varadero arriving in the afternoon for a good swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of Cuba and the world.

Sunday, 9 day. Bike tour Cuba of the Varadero peninsula.

This day’s activities include a Cycle Tour Cuba before breakfast with a total of 18 miles. We will reach the tip of the Varadero peninsula. Once we returned to the hotel we made breakfast. We check out and take transportation to the airport for the departure of guests.