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  • Sea, Nature and History
  • Sea, Nature and History
  • Sea, Nature and History

For those looking for cuba vacation packages for americans, we offer you Sea, Nature & History. Circuit conceived to emphasize the attributes and fundamental attractions of Cuba. It combines nature, history, culture and sun and beach.

Americans from Havana to Playa Girón.

Day 1. Departure to Guamá, located in the Zapata Peninsula, province of Matanzas. Explanations of interest of the guide during the tour. Visit to the Crocodile Farm, with tour of the place. Lunch in a restaurant of the zone. Accommodation and dinner at selected hotels or private house.

Travel from Playa Girón to Cienfuegos, Trinidad and Santa Clara.

Day 2. Breakfast and departure for Santa Clara in transit panoramic visit to the City of Cienfuegos called the Pearl of the South. City that stands out for the perfect layout of its streets and buildings of high architectural value. Its unique beauty reveals the splendor of a culture with a strong French accent. Continuation of the trip to Trinidad. Lunch in the area. Tour of the city, one of the first towns founded in Cuba by the Spaniards at the beginning of the 15th century. Declared by UNESCO as World Heritage. Visit the Mayor square, Romantic Museum,Church of the Holy Trinity, Bar La Canchánchara, with its typical welcome cocktail. The Ceramic Workshop could not miss one of the cultural attributes of the town. Free time in the city and continuation of the trip to Santa Clara. Accommodation and dinner at the all inclusive beach hotels.

Cuba vacation packages for americans from Santa Clara to Cayo Las Brujas.

Day 3. Breakfast and excursion to Cayo Las Brujas, with 11 km of virgin beaches of magnificent quality. These form the new tourist region, linked to the mainland by a road over the sea of 48 km. In transit, panoramic view of the city of Remedios. Enjoy the beach sailor lunch Back to the hotel. Accommodation and dinner at the best hotels in cuba.

Transfer from Santa Clara to Havana or Varadero.

Day 4. Breakfast and Tour of the city of Santa Clara, the capital of the center of Cuba. Traced by the patrimonial route of the city, which includes the Leoncio Vidal Park and the Carmen Park. This place the town is founded in 1685. Visit to the Ernesto Che Guevara square. Meeting place with one of the most prominent and charismatic personalities of the contemporary world history. Here you can find the Museum and the Memorial that bears his name. Visit the monument to the action against the Armored Train. Lunch in a restaurant of the zone. Continuation of the trip to Varadero or Havana with accommodation at the best hotels in havana.

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