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To the south of the eastern Cuban provinces several places tell part of the history of this country. That’s why we proposes you to do the Cuba Tour in Granma “Seeking the Granma Yacht”. The journey takes us to the municipalities of Pilón and Niquero, important in the development of revolutionary events. The region is one of the few in Cuba where there are settlements of the original population of this island. The way of Guafe is the path to follow to know a cave system of different uses. Among which we can mention for bedrooms, burials, ceremonies and “temples” like the idol Atabey, related to water.

“Looking for the yacht Granma” you will reach those places that help to understand the landing. While we arrive at the sites, you will be able to admire wetlands with American crocodiles, grass fields for buffaloes and others. The local guide can tell you about all the environmental protection work that is done in the area. Being in this Cuban part, where history still smells, will give you a more complete vision of our Island. You will be thrilled with each of the stories that were lived in eastern Cuba.

Characteristics of the Cuba Tour in Granma “Looking the yacht”.

  • Duration time: 7-8 hours.
  • Guide Service: Yes.
  • Number of Participants: 24 people.
  • Number of Participants: 2 people.
  • Accepts Children: Yes.
  • Departure time: 8:00 a.m.
  • Includes Lunch: Yes with a national drink included.
  • Includes Transportation: Yes.
  • Collective or Private Transportation: At the customer’s request.
  • Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German.
  • Typology: Nature, Bird Watching, Hiking, Historical.

Things to do in the excursion “Looking for the yacht Granma”.

  • Departure from the accommodations to the municipality of Niquero, where the excursion “Looking for the yacht Granma.
  • Visit to the El Guafe nature trail.
  • Arrival at the fishing community of Cabo Cruz.
  • Departure to the monument known as Portada de los Mártires.
  • Hike along the expeditionary route.
  • Tour of the Granma yacht memorial.
  • Visit to the house of the peasant Ángel Pérez.
  • Return to Niquero for lunch and time to walk through the historic center of the municipality.

The Guafe natural trail in Granma, Cuba.

The El Guafe nature trail is a path of low difficulty and a distance of 2 km. Along the way you can see native trees of the region, songbirds and a system of aboriginal caves. You can access the Cave of Atabey, an aboriginal idol of water that lights up at the December equinox. You will find a giant cactus with more than 200 years called brazilian avocado. You can also get to the burial caves, the bedrooms and ceremonies.

Lighthouse Cabo Cruz, Granma.

In this fishing community is the Vargas lighthouse, the most important construction in the area. Here the capture and consumption of seafood, both for the country and local, is the distinction between other places. Because of their proximity to the sea, they have an early warning system in a very efficient cyclone case. Part of the protection of their property is in sheltering in nearby caves. The inhabitants of Cabo Cruz are a sign that you can live in harmony with nature.

Cuba Tour in Granma and Monumental site of the yacht.

Composed of three monuments, basically, this set in honor of the landing of the yacht Granma has it all. First: the cover of the heroes who disembarked on December 2, 1956. Second: the most accurate possible path of 1306 meters in length to the point of landing. Third: the replica of Granma yacht itself as a reminder of the feat that was the crossing of those 82 men.

Historic center of Niquero.

It is a place that is characterized by wooden constructions, one and two floors. It has important buildings that have been rescued from deterioration, sugar mills and small historical monuments. The typical houses of Niquero, the warmth and humility of the inhabitants, will fill your expectations on this trip.

Useful tips for the Cuba Tour in Granma for the yacht.

  • To make this excursion you should wear comfortable, closed and strong shoes.
  • Clothing should be light colors and light fabrics, wear your sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • You can also use hats, caps and scarves to mitigate the sun.
  • Take your camera, water, candies, light foods and proteins.
  • Your backpack should not be heavy.
  • Remember to pay attention to the landscape during the trip because you can find interesting things.

Conditions for reservation of Cuba Tour in Granma.

  • Easy Booking Cuba will adjust the prices according to the number of clients.
  • Promotional discounts will apply for groups of 4, 6 and 10 people.
  • We will check the departure with you, in the 48 hours prior to your reservation.
  • We will send you the voucher and invoice of the chosen tour. Please print the voucher if you have the possibility to show it to your guide.
  • In order to avoid losses does not require showing your identification to the guide. In other words, your passport or tourist visa can be left in your room. Instead, we recommend that you bring a copy of these documents with you.
  • 30% of the tour will be paid in Euros and usd, with a letter of credit or bank transfer. While the rest (70%) will pay in Cuba in USD.
  • We clarify that, banking costs, commissions for use of credit card or transfer, Easy Booking Cuba does not assume them. That 30% that pays us is net.

Cancellation Policy of Cuba Tour in Granma.

  • If you cancel up to 16 days before your arrival, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid less an administrative fee equivalent to 3% of this amount. The minimum rate that applies is 10 euros.
  • If you cancel your reservation between 15 and 4 days before the arrival date: we reimburse 50% of the total amount you paid.
  • If you cancel only 3 days before the day you will arrive and no-show: we will not refund. It is penalized at 100%.
  • In case you decide to close your tour earlier than planned, or do not use (some) items included in your travel reservation such as dinners, tours, hotel nights or transfers, there will be no refund.

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