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Among the best excursions in baracoa you can enjoy “Climbing Al Yunque“. Departing from hotels or private homes in the City of Baracoa we go to the Community of Mabujabo. Located 6 km from the city center, before, it crosses in front of two important places in the town. The first is the Coconut Oil Extractor Factory, founded by French families between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The second, the Chocolate Factory, founded in 1963 by Ernesto Ché Guevara.

Leaving the road that leads to the Province of Holguin you reach the base of Campismo El Yunque 4 km. This road is mostly bordering the Duaba River amid plantations of different fruit trees. The mango, the pomarrosa and almond and timber trees such as the ocuje and the majagua stand out. It highlights a spectacular frontal view of the Anvil in all its dimension. Another local attraction is the Malaysian furnace with Malaysian influence. Technology used in the region to obtain raw material from the coconut tree fruit to obtain the oil of this fruit. In addition to using its shell to obtain activated carbon.

Ascent to El Yunque Mountain, Baracoa Cuba.

Already at the base of the El Yunque Camp, you begin an ascent to the top of the mountain with a height of 575 meters. In a steep terrain of medium – high complexity, which in the rainy season is quite slippery in certain sections. They are protected by natural handrails and others built by the workers who work in this protected area of ​​more than one thousand hectares. Normally the temperature is above 30 degrees, relative humidity above 74 percent. What implies a lot of sweating, the most abundant plantation during the tour are cocoa and coconut palm, as well as fruit trees typical of the area.

All cocoa observed during the tour is the living trace of the French colonists and their slaves. They settled in those surroundings in 1791 escaping the well-known Revolution of the slaves of Haiti. These settlers led to the development of the aforementioned cocoa and coffee plantations. Issues these dominated by them and their extensive experience in these productions.

View from El Yunque, Excursions in Baracoa, Cuba.

Once at the top of the mountain you have a wide panoramic view that shows the city of Baracoa in front. The Bay and the mouth of the Toa and Duaba rivers. On the left and behind you can see the mountain that forms the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park. Something to highlight once in this place is the presence of a type of palm known as coccotrina yunquensis typical of this mountain.

You will have 20 to 25 minutes to take pictures or just contemplate the landscape. The descent of the mountain begins, which lasts approximately 2 hours until reaching the Duaba river. Exactly up to a natural pool of more than 8 meters wide almost 4 deep. With very crystalline waters, transparent and uncontaminated. It is important to note that right in the center of the route when going up or down, you can enjoy an abundant seasonal fruit picnic at a farmer’s house. Excellent place for a second air intake before continuing the ascent or descent.

Details of the Excursions Climbing To Yunque, Baracoa, Cuba.

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  • Category: All day tours.
  • Modality: Landing tours.
  • Duration: 8 hrs.
  • Departure time:  08.30 hrs.
  • Guide: Yes.
  • Children are welcome: Yes.
  • Spoken: English.
  • Transport: In Jeep or Taxi by CubaCar Share.

Other details of the itinerary:

  • Number of km of the route: approximately 9 km round trip.
  • Maximum height: 575 mtrs.
  • Degree of difficulty: Medium-High.
  • Bath time in river: 30 min.
  • Transport time in transport: 35 min.
  • Return Time: 15.30 hrs.

Tips for the excursions in Baracoa, Climbing To Yunque.

  • Light clothing, swimsuit, sunglasses, water, meals with sweets and proteins, caps or hats, hard tennis. Climbing boots and sandals to cross the river, in addition to layers or other protective for the seasons of rain, sun protection and camera.
  • This excursion operates with a minimum of passengers. Easy Booking Cuba will reconfi You will cancel 48 hours before the departure of your excursion. If the provider decides to cancel, due to reasons of force majeure or bad weather. Easy Booking Cuba will offer you an alternative excursion or will reimburse you, in full, for the cost of your excursion.
  • Pickups may be delayed by up to 15 minutes depending on the number of hotels and the punctuality of the clients. The client must inform the sales desk to avoid disagreements.
  • The jeep is shared with other tourists (up to 4 pax / jeep).

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