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39 Best Excursions and Things to do in Tour Cuba

If you are already organizing your next vacation trip and Tour Cuba. It is likely that the first thing you ask after having purchased flight and accommodation is. What excursions and things to do in Cuba?. What excursions or activities you would organize once you are in Cuba. It is logical, because whenever we go on vacation we are interested in knowing new and attractive places. We wish to return home with a beautiful memory and many photos to show our friends.

You may wonder, what could be a trip tailored for you. In this travel blog to Cuba we dedicate different post to the excursions. EasyBookingCuba will help you organize ideas better. Once you read it you can decide how to travel and spend your time on the island. You will have inside the site some offers of trips to Cuba made to measure.

Tour Cuba. The best known excursions and things to do in Cuba will be.

  1. Bathe in the transparent and clean waters of the Cuban Caribbean in Varadero, Cayo Santa María, Santa Lucia Guardalavaca or Trinidad.
  2. Visit Historic Sites and National Monuments.
  3. Take a guided tour of the city of Trinidad.
  4. Walk through Old Havana and the Malecón.
  5. Take an excursion to the Viñales Valley. House of the Best Tobacco in the World.
  6. Take an excursion to the Nicho or Waterfall Guanayara in Trinidad.
  7. Dance next to Conga Santiaguera during your Carnival nights.
  8. Visit the Museums and tinajones of the City of Camaguey.
  9. Walk along the Cacao Trail of Baracoa.
  10. Diving in one of the best coral reefs in the world.

These are the activities and excursions in Cuba that are most mentioned or general, that everyone knows. But let’s say they are very few compared to the reality of Cuba. Each tourist destination that you visit on the big island, can give you more than 5 beautiful sensations. Our agency shows you each of them by Destination.

Classification of the Tours or Excursions in Cuba.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Ensenacho Beach
  • One night excursion combined with city or nature activities.
  • One-day excursions with guided city tours and cultural activities.
  • Hiking and Walking.
  • Water excursions of 1 or several days.
  • Combined excursions of several days and nights or tourist circuits in the form of a vacation package to cuba.

Classification of activities and attractions to do in Tour Cuba.

  • Historical / Cultural.
  • Extreme sports practice.
  • Teachers / Academics.
  • Photo Workshop.
  • Bird watching.
  • Festival of New Latin American Cinema.
  • Jazz Plaza Festival.
  • Havana Book Fair.
  • International Tourism Fair.
  • FIHAV, International Fair of Havana.

These are some of the most important international activities or events. But in Cuba many more are celebrated.

Excursions and Things to Do in Cuba, Activities in each destination.

Click on each link of the tour and you can have all the specific details. Characteristics, Program, Prices and Reservation Form. If you want to see things to do in the other tourist destinations of Cuba (Santa Clara, Ciénaga de Zapata, Holguín, Granma, Cienfuegos). You can visit this link here and filter by the name of the destination.

Tour Cuba and Things to do in Viñales.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Farmer Vinales

Horse Riding in Viñales.

Horses in Viñales takes place in the Viñales Valley. National Monument since 1979. First cultural landscape recognized by UNESCO throughout the American region. Declared Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity in the year 1999 and National Park in 2001.

Excursion Habano Man in Viñales.

We will take you to the farm Quemado del Rubí in San Juan y Martínez to meet Héctor Luis. Winner of the Habano Man Award. He produces tobacco leaves of the highest quality. When it is in season, it is possible to see the women sewing leaves to the posts inside the barn. Or making the bales before manufacturing. You will take part in the process of rolling cigars.

Cycling to the River Resbaloso in Viñales.

For bike lovers we also have some options. Something different from the activities in the field. This bicycle tour is always made on an asphalt road. The traffic is little because Viñales is a small city without industries, only of pure nature.

Excursion The Best of Cuba in Viñales.

It is the program at our discretion that best memories can leave a visitor. It will touch all the tourist facets of our country. Being able to go from a city tourism, to cultural, nature, historical and sun and beach tourism. In a few days we show the best of Cuba. Through its best exponents in each sector.

Excursion Mogotes and Corals in Viñales.

This circuit Mogotes y Corales is ideal to know two of the most representative spaces of Cuban nature. The Valley of Viñales and Soroa. It also includes visits to Cayo Levisa and Las Terrazas. In only three days you can know part of western Cuba.

Diving and Driving Tour in Viñales.

As the divers are lovers of nature in general. Buceo y Auto has been designed to unite the best of Cuba’s natural beauty on land and at sea. Combining it with a trip driving your own car to manage your time.

Tour Cuba and things to do in Havana.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. City Tour havana

Several of the excursions and city tours in Havana are included within the other programs we present. It is the reason why they do not appear as one more excursion in this post. But if you wish we can offer them independently.

American Cars City in Havana.

We offer a wide selection of tours. You can enjoy the most relevant features of the largest city in the Caribbean. Our agency offers panoramic visits through the most important sites in history. Mix with the culture and life in Cuba today.

City tour Old Havana.

You can enjoy the most ancient and beautiful of Havana. You will be accompanied by a professional guide or only if you wish. Will think that you walk inside a living museum. Between stone walls and cobblestones, and listening to the singing of the birds and the pre-merchant of the merchants.

Cay White Seafari Excursion from Havana.

Pick up at the hotel and transfer to Varadero. Arrival at Marina Marlin Chapelín. Boat trip with open bar during the crossing. Snorkelling in coral barriers with equipment available on board. Visit to Cayo Blanco with time to swim on the beach.

Package Offer The best of Cuba and Havana.

It is one of those travel programs that leave you open-mouthed. He will be satisfied and eager to continue looking at Cuba. The time will be over, but you will want to return. Will you wonder, what am I still missing?

Excursions and things to do in Tour Cuba, Varadero.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Beautiful sea caves

Paraiso Island from Varadero.

Reception of the Group in the Navy and transfer to Paradise Island. Cuban cocktails included and Snorkeling at the coral reef.

Cay White Seafari Excursion from Varadero.

Pick up at the hotel and transfer to Varadero. Arrival at Marina Marlin Chapelín. Boat trip with open bar during the crossing. Snorkelling in coral barriers  with equipment available on board. Visit to Cayo Blanco with time to swim on the beach.

Jeep Trial La Solapa from Varadero.

Visit the crocodile breeding zoo where the breeding and reproduction of the same in its different stages is observed.

Jeep Seafari Tour Caribbean to Varadero.

Main species to observe: Waterfowl, migratory the great majority (Flamingos, spatulas, ivis, herons, etc.). You can see in some sections of the route, forest birds.

Tour Waterfall Nicho from Varadero.

Travel by Cárdenas, Carlos Rojas, Jovellanos, La Isabel, Aguada de Pasajeros (15 minutes of stop in the small train of Aguada), Cienfuegos. Arrival in the city of Cienfuegos with panoramic tour of the city and free time. Departure to El Nicho.

Overnight Trinidad from Varadero.

Enjoy an unforgettable tour combining heritage cities and natural adventures.

Excursions and Things to do in Tour Cuba, Trinidad.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Batata Cave

In our opinion, Trinidad is the best tourist destination in Cuba. A city that has all the possible tourist attractions. Here you can do absolutely everything. Without discriminating other tourist Poles of Cuba, equally beautiful and interesting. But none can offer all the offers Trinidad has.

Waterfall Guanayara Excursion in Trinidad by the Reinier Toscano Guide.

Enjoy a true adventure in the mountains. On top of beautiful and equipped jeep and guided by Reinier, one of the most professional guides of Cuba. You will arrive at the Guanayara Park where you will walk along paths to its waterfall and natural pools. In each of Cuba’s destinations, we rely on a local guide to provide excursion services. In Trinity Reinier is our reference for its popularity, opinions on Tripadvisor and professionalism. He also speaks English, Italian, Spanish. And he has also taken self-taught courses of Show Man !!.

Excursion Safari Jeep Carburni in Topes de Collantes, Trinidad.

Jeep tour from the City of Trinidad, ascent up the road to Topes de Collantes, entering the Escambray Mountains.

City Tour Trinidad of Cuba.

World Heritage. Trinidad is the third village founded by the colonizer Diego Velasquez in 1514. Your personal guide will take you by the hand and lead you through the cobblestone streets of Trinidad. He even composed the program and the activities.

Excursion Waterfall Vega Grande in Trinidad.

On the ascent to Topes de Collantes stop at the Mirador del Caribe. You will appreciate the city of Trinidad, part of the Valle de los Ingenios and the Ancón Peninsula.

Dance Classes in Trinidad.

Classes of Latin American Dance, Salsa, Rumba, Son. They can be in the morning from 10.00 am to 12.30 am or in the afternoon from 3:00 pm. At 7.00 p.m.

Workshop Photo with Julio Cesar Muñoz (El Cowboy).

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Julio Munoz

Photography workshops with the most prestigious professional in the Trinidad area. Among many of his methods is to have created a style of photography. Collaborate with the prestigious National Geographic magazine. His photographs have served to illustrate travel guides.

Excursions in Cuba Safari Cay White from Trinidad.

This excursion is an excellent opportunity to spend a day’s stay in the historic city of Trinidad in contact with the sea. Inhale fresh air, while the catamaran sails over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Excursions El Nicho Waterfalls from Trinidad.

The Jeep tour to El Nicho Waterfall begins with pick-up from the Travel Agency. Departure on the Cienfuegos road until you reach El Nicho natural park. The route departing from Trinidad Cuesta More than from Cienfuegos.

Tour Cuba Cubano Park in Horses in Trinidad.

Arrival at the stable where the ride begins until the ranchón. You will appreciate attractions related to flora and fauna, characteristics of the place. Walk along the ecological path until you reach the Javira waterfall. It offers its impressive waterfall, and a set of pools where the visitor will find a place to rest and swim.

Excursions and Things to do in Tour Cuba, Camaguey.

In addition to the city tour in Camaguey, unforgettable experience. We must emphasize that the main options of the territory are outside the city. Towards Santa Lucia and its coasts. Well known for its coral reef and seabed.

Excursions Pretty Beach in Santa Lucía.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Coral Tour

An unforgettable day in a wonderful paradise of sun and beach. It will be the sensation you will experience when you sail on a catamaran to Playa Bonita. Nautical excursion that runs along the coast of Santa Lucía Beach until arriving at a practically virgin island.

Excursions in Cuba Iguana Tour in Santa Lucia.

If you like to admire the wild fauna in its natural environment, the Iguana Tour is the ideal excursion for you. Become a modern corsair. On board a comfortable boat, you will sail the waters that embrace Santa Lucia Beach. Go to the ruins of Fort San Hilario. This Fort was unable to contain the attacks of corsairs and pirates during colonial times.

Excursions Coral Tour in Santa Lucía.

Being in Santa Lucia Beach and not visiting the coral formation is losing a lot of the charm of this place. So do not miss the opportunity offered by the Coral Tour. Recreate in a spectacular session prepared by the crew. You will have the possibility to take photographs and obtain information of peculiar marine species in their own habitat.

Excursions and Things to do in tour Cuba, Santiago de Cuba.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Headquarters La Plata

Climbing and  Trekking in Turquino in Santiago de Cuba.

Climbing mountain trails, making a short visit to the ecological community La Platica. 8 km hike on a high difficulty trail (grade 1, only for specialized and physically prepared people) to the La Aguada minimum comfort mountain camp.

Tour City, Morro, Cobre.

Transportation by air-conditioned bus or jeep, with City Tour. Visits to La Barrita by Ron Caney (with a drink of Cuban rum). Visit the Morro Castle (World Heritage) and the Basilica of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre.

Tour Baconao Park, Santiago de Cuba.

The Baconao Park is a large region of approximately 84 600 hectares that hosts various attractions. Among them, The Great Stone, Valley of the Prehistory, Granjita Siboney, among others.

Excursion Safari to Comandancia La Plata, Santiago de Cuba.

The tour takes place at the General Command of the Rebel Army in La Plata. Declared a National Monument In 1958, Fidel Castro and his men established a headquarters here. They provided shelter and supplies to the guerrillas.

Special Santiago City Tour.

The Heroine City, name given to Santiago de Cuba for the contribution of its people to the independence of the Island. It is also famous for the human warmth of its inhabitants. There historical treasures are preserved as the first house built on the continent. The first cathedral in Cuba, the first open-pit copper mine in the Americas and the first Cuban museum.

Excursions and Things to do in tour Cuba, Baracoa.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Canyon Yumurí

Alejandro the Humbolt Park.

Starting in the city of Baracoa or a chosen point for the transfer to the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park. Which includes the Toa Knives declared in 1987 as biosphere reserves by UNESCO. As well as world heritage in December 2001.

Excursions and things to do in Cuba Climbing the Yunque.

Leaving the city of Baracoa or some chosen point. We go to the Community of Mabujabo located 6 km from the city center. To get to this site, before, it crosses in front of two important places in the town. The first Coconut oil extraction factory. Founded by French families between the XIX-XX centuries. After the Chocolate Factory, founded in 1963 by Ernesto Ché Guevara.

Excursions Cacao Trail, Baracoa.

With exit in the city of Baracoa or a selected point. Take the road that leads to Holguin Province to the town of Mabujabo. In this one takes the road to the Campismo base “El yunque”. It is near the Duaba River where there are many trees such as rose apple, almond and mango trees.

Excursions and Things to do in Cuba, Juncal trail.

Leaving the city of Baracoa, take the road that leads to Holguin Province. To the town of El Toa (7 km). Turning to the left taking the access known as via Mulata. Go ahead for 16 km until you reach El Juncal Village. All this journey is made on an intramontane road with very picturesque places on the banks of the Toa River. Where the most outstanding thing is the Toa Blades declared by the UNESCO in 1987 Biosphere Reserve.

Excursions and things to do in Tour Cuba Niña Bonita Trial.

Starting from the City of Baracoa, take the road that leads to Maisí. Last municipality in the east of our country. We arrived at the El Jamal Popular Council, the largest cocoa producer in the municipality. He himself is located 12 km from the City of Baracoa. Here we take the road that leads from the height of Niña Bonita to Caguago Beach. It is from here that our walk begins.

Excursion to Yumurí Canyon, Baracoa.

Taking the road that leads to Maisi crossing the town of El Jamal. It goes through the Guirito, a place where the traditional roots of Cuban music are cultivated with dances such as Nengón and Kiribá. Scenario of variety of typical local dishes. We make a mandatory stop at the house of the peasant Zoila. Faithful exponent and authoritative voice in the elaboration of all the products that can be obtained from cocoa and coffee.

Form of Payment of Excursions and Things to do in Tour Cuba.

  • The excursions that require the payment in advance, the prices are announced in EUR. Our travel consultants will contact you for the payment alternatives. Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Maestro debit cards (United Kingdom).
  • The charge will be made in the selected currency. Your payment will be to Easy Booking Cuba and your invoice will say: Easy Booking Cuba. Payment by bank transfer is also possible.
  • Excursions published that require payment in Cuba. prices are announced in Cuban convertible pesos (CUC). Payment must be made in cash, to our Easy Booking Cuba representatives at the destination.
  • The equivalent of charges for administrative expenses will not be refunded. Such as the cost of the bank transfer or commissions and surcharges for the use of credit cards.

Cancellation Policy of Excursions and things to do in Tour Cuba.

excursions and things to do in cuba
Excursions and things to do in Tour cuba. Guayabo, Holguín

The following cancellation policy applies once you have paid your reservation.

  • Cancellation of the reservation up to 16 days before the arrival date. Full refund of the amount paid, less an administrative charge equivalent to 3% of this amount. A minimum fee of 15 euros applies.
  • Cancellation of the reservation between 15 and 4 days before the arrival date. 50% refund of the total amount paid.
  • Cancellation of the reservation within 3 days prior to the arrival date and no presentation. Without refund, the fine is 100%.

Early departure for excursions and Tour Cuba.

If you leave the tour prematurely and / or do not use (some) items that are included in the travel package. (for example, transfers, meals, excursions, hotel nights), there will be no refund.

Other services that you can book in your tour package are: Bed and Breakfast and cars rentals  in Cuba.

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