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Things To Do in Holguin Cuba Hotels

Do you know things to do in Holguin Cuba Hotels?. This City is escorted between two hills: Mayabe and Loma de la Cruz. Known as the city of parks. It enjoys a perfect design of its streets, adorned with several public spaces. Many of its places and institutions are named Major General Calixto Garcia, in honor of some of the most prominent historical figures of the province, which stood out in the War of Independence. If you travel by rental car you can visit with more time each place of interest.

Our Travel Agency help you to hundreds of kilometers of the north coast with excellent beaches and cays. As well as the majesty of its valleys and mountains make Holguín one of the main tourist attractions. It has several bays, highlighting the Nipe, the largest in Cuba. The highest point is Pico Cristal, with 1231 m above sea level.

Trip to Holguín. loma de la Cruz
Holguin Cuba Hotels. Loma de la Cruz.

Foundation of Holguín City.

Holguín was founded on April 4, 1545, by Captain García Holguín.

Touristic interest in Holguin Cuba Hotels.

The fourth largest city in Cuba offers a diversity of landscapes. Ranging from the beaches of Guardalavaca to the mountains of the Sierra de Cristal. It possesses a mystery, between squares full of its inhabitants and old Chevrolets; that catch tourists. If you are located in the center of the four squares you can see a good segment of the city. But your trip will not be consummated if it does not go up to the Hill of the Cross.

North of this province was received more than 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus by the aborigines. Many years ago they ceased to exist, but their legacy can be composed in their multiple archaeological sites.

Calixto García Square.

Built between 1719 and 1720, formerly known as Main Square. In 1898 it was given its current name, honor of the illustrious Cuban patriot chief. In 1916 a statue of Calixto García was located in its center, where it remains until today. Today it is a cultural space surrounded by the La Periquera museum and the Ballado gallery. In addition to the Martí theater cinema, the operetta house Rodrigo Prats and the Suñol theater.

Trip to Holguín. Calixto García Park.
Holguin Cuba Hotels. Calixto García Park.

La Periquera History Museum.

This museum is a famous and historic site of Holguín, declared a National Monument. Located in the northern part of the Calixto García Park. Nestled in a neoclassical building with large arcades and spacious rooms. Where the Spanish Francisco Rondán ruled in 1860.

In those years it served as a barracks for the Spaniards while the Cubans fought for their independence. Since then it is known as La Periquera (cage for parrots) due to the color of the Spanish uniforms.

Currently it is a museum that exhibits archaeological pieces that tell the life of the Cuban aborigines. As well as documents and historical testimonies associated with the War of Independence. Its rooms symbolize the identity of the territory. The best relic of the museum Holguín isthe ax. It is an old anthropomorphic ax found in 1860 carved by the aborigines at the beginning of the 15th century. You can also see the sword of José Martí.

Carlos de la Torre y Huerta National Museum of History.

Founded on May 31, 1969, this museum offers a glimpse of Cuban nature, mainly from the northeast of Cuba. The pieces were donated by Professor José García Castañeda and by the Guamá Museum, the first in Holguín. It shows among its collections the most perfect example of a fossil found in Cuba.

Calixto García Natal House.

Museum in memory of Major General Calixto García Íñiguez. Original residence of the García family. Here Calixto García was born in 1839. Preserves photographs, documents and other objects that relate the life and military phase of this great patriot. It also has a Reference Center for the wars of independence. It is located near the park of the same name.

Loma de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross).

At 261 m above sea level, it was named for the wooden cross on its summit. For many it is a symbol of protection, others go and make promises there. For some it is just an ornament. The first cross was laid in 1790, by the friar Francisco Antonio de Alegría. The cross that is currently, is the third. Like the first, it is made of caguairán, a Cuban bush. Which abounds in the forests of Bariay.

To reach the top of the hill, you must climb 458 steps, built in 1950. There is currently a road in the back. At its summit there is a restaurant and a bar with 24-hour service. Every year in May, the Hill of the Cross is visited by hundreds of Cubans and some foreigners. They witness the mass celebrated due to the Romerías de Mayo, a traditional religious festivity.

San Isidoro de Holguín Cathedral.

The former Holguín Parochial Church, constitutes a place for the cult of the believers. It dates from 1720, being one of the original buildings of Holguín. Painted completely white, it has two domed towers that escort it. The towers were built in the 20th century. In the archives of the cathedral there are baptism, marriage and death books, dating from 1731.

Céspedes Park.

In its center there is a statue of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the Father of the Nation. It is near the monument to the heroes of the War of Independence. It is the youngest of its parks.

Peralta Park.

His name corresponds to that of General Julio Grave de Peralta. He led a revolt against the Spaniards in 1868. In 1916 a marble statue was culminated in his honor. It is in front of the San Isidoro Cathedral. One of the main attractions of the park is the Mural of Origen, located in the western part. It stages progress from the aborigines to the end of slavery.

La Marqueta Plaza.

Trip to Holguín. City
Holguin Cuba Hotels. City

This radiant square was designed in 1848 and repaired in 1918. Was recently renovated. It is guarded by bronze sculptures. It has an extraordinary market that houses a café and artisan shops. There are also other stores around it.

San José Church.

It is located in Céspedes park, in the central paved square. It has a beautiful gallery, dome and bell tower. The latter dates from 1842. On one occasion, the patriots used this church as a watchtower.

Viewpoint of Mayabe.

On the top of a mountain, on the outskirts of the city, you can find the Mayabe Viewpoint. It offers an excellent view of the valley that borders Holguín.

Historical Museum of Birán.

Visit Fidel’s childhood home and learn about the life of the Castro family.

Other sites of interest if you stay in Holguin Cuba Hotels.

In this province you can  visited the largest aboriginal cemetery in the region. As well as the city of Banes, considered the archaeological city of Cuba. More than 96 sites have been registered. Chorro de Maíta is an archaeological site converted into a museum. Inside it there is a real cemetery where the remains of aboriginal pottery farmers rest. You can also visit the Taino village, which recreates Aboriginal life on the island.

The beauty city of Gibara, is located north of Holguín. It stands out for its excellent state of conservation of the architecture of the colonial era. This city is the permanent headquarters of the International Festival of Low-Budget Films.

Discovery of Hoguín by Christopher Columbus.

Trip to Holguín. Guardalavaca Beachs.
Holguin Cuba Hotels. Guardalavaca Beachs.

In Holguin there is the place where Christopher Columbus set foot on earth for the first time in Cuba. It was on October 28, 1492; in Bariay, located east of Gibara. Where he exclaimed “This is the most beautiful land that human eyes have seen”. In 1992 a monument was erected in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the meeting of the two cultures.

Ask about the freshwater pool, known as Tanque Azul (Blue tank), in Caletones. In it there is an underwater cave and it has the peculiarity of being located under the main migratory route of birds.

Two other places (keys) not to be missed are Cayo Saetía and Cayo Naranjo. As well as Guardalavaca, Esmeralda and Pesquero beaches. It also has a Natural Park: Bahía de Naranjo (Orange Bay) and the National Parks: La Mensura and Sierra Cristal. The latter with the largest waterfall in Cuba with 100 m in height: the Salto del Guayabo.

Also in Pinares de Mayarí you will discover the attractions that this beautiful place offers you.

Holguín traditional festivals.

  • Moviegoers take the city of Gibara by storm to participate in the Humberto Solás International Festival of Low-Budget Films, which takes place in April.
  • Holguín shows its religious vigor, through the Romerías de Mayo (May Pilgrimage). It starts at the beginning of May and ends with the procession. It initiates at the Cathedral of San Isidoro until the Hill of the Cross. Where a special mass is celebrated. Tradition that dates back to the 1790.
  • Fiesta de la Cultura Iberoamericana (Iberoamerican Culture Party) is celebrated on October, during a week. If you like Latin music, take a jump in this place. More than 40 countries participate with dissimilar musical genres.

Common services.

The commercial center of Holguín falls in the surroundings of the Calixto García Park. Frank País International Airport is 3 km south of the city. At the corner of main Highway and Independencia Street is the bus terminal.

Information of interest in Holguin Cuba Hotels.


  • Name: Pedro Rojena Camayd.
  • Address: Libertad No. 94.
  • Phone: 24453106.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-15: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.


Trip to Holguín. Jutía Cay.
Holguin Cuba Hotels. Jutía Cay.
  • Name: Immigration Office.
  • Address: Fomento Street No. 256, Peralejo Corner.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Saturday.

Internet and telephone access, ETECSA.

There is a Wi-Fi zone in the Calixto García park.

  • Name: ETECSA Telepoint.
  • Phone: 24474067.
  • Address: Martí No. 122, between Mártires and Máximo Gómez.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-19: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.


  • Name: Álex Urquiola.
  • Address: Maceo No. 178.
  • Phone: 24462562.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-17: 00 hrs from Monday to Friday.

Healthcare for tourists in Holguin Cuba Hotels.

Lenin Hospital.

  • Address: VI Lenin Avenue.
  • Phone: 24425302.
  • Schedule. 24 hrs.


  • Address: Maceo No. 170.
  • Phone: 24425790.
  • Schedule. 8:00 – 22:00 hrs.

Banks if you stay in Holguin Cuba Hotels.

Trip to Holguín. Pesquero Beachs.
Holguin Cuba Hotels. Pesquero Beachs.

Bank of Credit and Commerce.

  • Address: Arias (near to Céspedes Park).
  • Phone: 24467389.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-15: 00 from Monday to Saturday.

CADECA Exchange House.

  • Address: Manduley No. 205, between Martí and Luz Caballero.
  • Phone: 24468663.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-17: 00 from Monday to Saturday.

Financial International Bank.

  • Address: Manduley No. 167.
  • Phone: 24468502.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-15: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

Postal services.

  • Name: Post Office.
  • Address: Maceo No. 114 (near to Céspedes park).
  • Schedule. 8: 00-17: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

Excursions and things to do in Holguin Cuba Hotels.

Enjoy the varied options that Holguín offers. Choose by clicking on the Excursions link:

Private houses and Resorts to stay in Trip to Holguín.

The city of parks offers charming hotels and casas particulares. Select the one of your preference in the corresponding link:

Restaurants in Holguín.

Restaurant 1910.

Trip to Holguín. 1910 Restaurant
Holguin Cuba Hotels. 1910 Restaurant

Address: Mártires No. 143, between Aricochea and Cables, Telephone: 24423994

This distinguished restaurant is located in a colonial house with wooden ornaments. Great steaks are served in dishes, which attract any diner. It also offers grilled octopus with garlic sauce, delicious chocolate pie and an extensive wine and liquor menu. The service is very cordial.

Maragato Restaurant.

Address: Carbo, between Garayalde and Agramonte, Telephone: 52466802

This pleasant restaurant offers creole food and the best cocktails in the city. Among the dishes offered are: grilled meat, lamb, sweet potato and vegetable salad. It is located on a terrace on the third floor.

Los Almendros Ranchón Restaurant.

Trip to Holguín. Almendros Restaurant
Holguin Cuba Hotels. Almendros Restaurant.

Address: José A. Cardet No. 68, between 12 Street and 14, Telephone: 24429652

Very close to the Hill of the Cross is this Ranchón. It offers delicious smoked meats, with abundant garnish, tostones (fried banana) and peppers stuffed with old clothes.

1720 Saloon Restaurant.

Address: Frexes No. 190, corner Miró, Telephone: 24468150

It is inside of an old colonial mansion, with a nice decoration and a very lively atmosphere. For starters, they offer you a plate with pretzels and something to spread. Paella or chicken stuffed with vegetables and cheese is recommended as a main course. Both exquisite. The restaurant is part of a complex, in which there is also a tobacco shop, a bar, a boutique, car rental and a terrace with music.

To do the shopping in Holguin Cuba Hotels.

If you are looking for something to give as a present, go to the Fondo de Bienes Culturales shop. You will discover beautiful handicrafts, in Frexes Street No. 196. In El Jigüe, on the corner of Martí and Mártires streets, you will find books and a well-stocked souvenir shop.

Nightlife and fun in Holguin Cuba Hotels.

Terrace Bar.

Address: Padre Valencia No. 64.

It is on the terrace of the complex where 1720 Saloon is located. It is the most elegant place in Holguin. From there you can see a pleasant view of the Calixto García Park. In its menu it offers a good range of cocktails. While you enjoy them you can listen to live music.

Cristal Disco.

Address: Manduley No. 199 (3rd floor of the Pico de Cristal building), Telephone: 24421041

Very popular place among locals. It offers varied music, but to satisfy young people, salsa and reggaeton are mostly heard.

El Nocturno (The Nocturne) Cabaret.

Trip to Holguín. The Nocturne
Holguin Cuba Hotels. The Nocturne.

Address: Cajígal Avenue (3 km on the road to Las Tunas), Telephone: 24429345

Tropicana-style cabaret.

The 3 Lucies.

Address: Corner Mártires y Frexes, Telephone: 24451872

Cafe with decoration adjusted to national films, Lucia being one of the classic Cuban movies. It recalls a refined atmosphere from another era. It’s a good place to drink.

UNEAC house.

Trip to holguin. Uneac house
Holguin Cuba Hotels. Uneac House.

Address: Manduley, between Luz Caballero and Martí, Telephone: 24474066

It is located in the old house of Las Moyúas, from 1845. It is a pleasant entity, which invites to cultural magazines, musical evenings, literary evenings with famous writers and theater in its inner courtyard. There is a bar and the art gallery La Cochera.

Comandante Eddy Suñol Theater.

Address: Martí No. 111, Telephone: 24427994

Its building is an art deco relic from 1939, and is located around the Calixto García Park. It presents the Rodrigo Prats Lyrical Theater and the National Ballet of Cuba. It is notorious for its operettas, Spanish musicals and dance performances.

Benny Moré Saloon.

Address: Luz Caballero and Maceo Corner, Telephone: 24423518

Beautiful place outdoors. Ideal for dancing and listening to live music.

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