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Migliori ristoranti di Trinidad. Los Mejores Restaurantes de Trinidad. best restaurants of Trinidad

The Best Restaurants of Trinidad Cuba

Every one The best restaurants of Trinidad offer a full service of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Restaurants of this list are specialized in any kind of foods. Cuban, Caribbean, Latin or European (Spanish, Mediteranean and Italian) food.

Best Cuban Restaurants
Best Cuban Restaurants

They have also vegetarian and vegan opcions and a long menu of cocktails and drinks.We invite you to visit our trademark Best Cuban Restaurants to see the best restaurants in Cuba.

Differential factor between the Cuban restaurants.

The Best Restaurants of Trinidad Cuba have a ace who distinguish them of the rest. In San Jose, Adita Café and Giroud’s case, culinary factor is coal stove. This kind of cook proceed of Cuban colonial times. It brought till our days by aboriginals and African slaves. In fact, untill these days, too many cubans prefer cooking with coal in opposite to electrical or gas stove.

This centennial custo comes back to our days is bank holidays, Christmas and birthdays. Grandparents and old people say there isn’t better food than the elaborated with nature’s things. And is for that reason this restaurants use this ancient metode. It is an ecologycal alternative to electric stove and give to food a unique flavor and smell.

Between the best restaurants of Trinidad, there are two with peculiar customs. San Jose celebrate them clients birthdays. If you want to have a different birthday, rounded of delicious food and a genial service, just visit this place. And Giroud, together the travel agency to Cuba, give cocktail class to them clients. Too, in this place the owners organize competitions and contests.

Service first at all for La Ceiba Restaurant.

restaurant la ceiba trinidad
Restaurant La Ceiba Trinidad.

Maybe, this restaurant don’t include coal stove, but La Ceiba has a ace inside the sleeves. This restaurant of Trinidad show, every day, its premium service. Its owner, Pedro Manzano, says the yours is the better service that can be offered in restaurants in Trinidad.

At last, La Ceiba offer to the consumer a long variety of shellfish preparations. Too, cheff’s sugestion is Pollo Meloso. This dish is prepared with honey and bittersweet sauces. You will enjoy of all of it behind the shadow of the homonim tree and listening most Cuban music.

Decoration of the restaurants in trinidad.

The four better restaurants of Trinidad have created an own decoration and style. Adita Café Restaurant amaze to client by, first, the kitchen. It is located inside the main part of the place and client can see how cooks prepare their food. In second place, there are smoked hams hanged from the roof. Adita’s Maitre says the surprise of the clients grows up when they discover this hams are not only decoration. Then, employees get down one of it and start to cut it.

The Restaurant San Jose and Restaurant Giroud have a peculiar style too. The first show tens of potos of clasicc cars and historical places of the city. Some of its walls are intentionall corroded. This tecnique is employed because people can see the brick like in colonial times. In the conditioned bar are mixed antiquity and contemporary times to built an ancient and posmodern orientation.

Giroud, otherwise, was built with ancient objects around the place. Maybe, the detail who first catch the watch could be the chairs and the sofa hangued from the roof. Everything is made from wood because decorate the restaurant of Trinidad like in 1800.

Stories behind the names.

restaurant aditas cafe trinidad
Restaurant Aditas Cafe Trinidad.

Every restaurants in Trinidad carry a meaning in the name, a symbolic value. This four aren’t exception. For instance, San Jose Restaurant proceed from the first owner of this place. He believed in Christian religión and named the restaurant like this in honor to Jesus’s father. Adita Café Restaurant has a similar story. The name of the previous owner of this place was Adita.

La Ceiba has this name because is behind this kind of tree. This restaurant of Trinidad is the only one of this list that has a hostel inside. Its name is El baobab. On the other hand, the last name Giroud is the older of all this stories. It proceed from France, 1781 and the metal foundry hand Don Jose Giroud. He built the bells of Museo de Lucha contra Bandidos, Manaca Iznaga tower and Palacio Cantero. He created too the sewage system of Trinidad and the summerhouse of Cespedes park.

The best choice in Trinidad Cuba.

The four best restaurants of Trinidad cuba offer a fast service, thinking anytime in confort and client preferences. You will enjoy of delicious food and a built in atmosphere. If you some day will visit Trinidad, remember don’t fall apart your better choice.

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