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Terms and Conditions

When you make a reservation through, declares that you accept all the terms and conditions. As well as the booking regulations reflected in this site. After that time the following terms and conditions will take effect.

The consumer has the right to receive a copy of the package contract and tourist service. which is essential for any access to the guarantee fund or to make any claims. The term “package” is the following: Tour packages are subject to travel, combined holidays and combined circuits “. Of the predetermined combination of at least two of the following, sold or offered for sale at an agreed price. Lasting more than 24 hours or covering a period of time that includes at least one night.

  1. a) transportation;
  2. b) the accommodation;
  3. c) tourist services that are not transport or accommodation accessories (which are omitted). Tthat constitute a significant part of the package trip.


Except prior authorization to make other forms of payments. You must pay at the time of the first confirmation via e-mail with the pre-invoice of your reservation. The advance payment of up to 30% of the price of the services in order to proceed with the procedures. And must be paid the entire balance, before departure and as required by the agency according to the form of the contract. The advance payments paid are considered deposit.

It is understood that in cases under penalty of cancellation, the organizer cannot use the deposit. But is expressly authorized by the consumer to withhold the amounts received as payments. In addition to what is decided in terms of penalties. The non-payment of the amounts after the established dates, constitutes clause of rescission. So that the agency of intermediation and / or the organizer, are allowed to eliminate the right to enjoy the services.


The price of the package is determined in the contract. It can be changed up to 10 days before departure and only in case of change of:

Transportation costs, including fuel costs; Taxes on certain types of tourist services such as taxes, landing fees, disembarkation or boarding at ports and airports.

The exchange rates applied to the trip in question.

For these changes, reference will be made to the exchange rates and costs established previously. On the date of publication of the program or the date that appears in the updates. The fluctuations will affect the standard price of the package in the percentage expressly indicated in the catalog or in the out-of-print program.

The organizer has the right, to vary the price determined in the contract. To recalculate the individual participation quotas, where the institution or natural person will be notified of the variations according to the minimum or maximum number of people indicated to make the trip.

Exchange rates and costs established

To apply these changes, the exchange rates and costs established above will be given as reference. On the date of publication of the program or the date that appears in the updates. The fluctuations will affect the standard price of the package in the percentage expressly indicated in the catalog or in the out-of-print program.

The organizer is entitled, to vary the price determined in the contract, recalculate the individual participation fees, and the institution or natural person will be notified of the variations. According to the minimum or maximum number of people indicated to make the trip.


The consumer can terminate the contract without penalty in the following cases.

  • Increase in prices by more than 10%.
  • Sudden change of one or more elements of the contract that can be considered as the basis for the use of the service as a whole. And proposed by the organizer after the conclusion of the contract, but before the departure and not accepted by the consumer.

In the cases mentioned above, the client has the right.

Rescinds the contract

  • To make use of another alternative (auto) service, or the return of the surplus money if the second package has a lower value than the first one.
    The return of only the price already paid. The refund must be made within a period of ten business days from receipt of the claim.

The consumer must notify the decision (to accept the modification or rescission). No later than two business days from the moment of receiving the notice of increase or change. In the absence of express notification within that period, the proposal made by the organizer will be considered accepted.

The consumer who rescinds the contract before departure, outside of the cases listed. Will be charged the cost of the individual management practice and the fine, as indicated on the signed contract form.

 Just cause

It will be considered just cause for the termination of the terms of contract due to force majeure of the consumer. The existence of natural events or events that give rise to a situation of danger for the safety of the travelers in the country of destination (Cuba). In the only case where this situation is established by a memorandum from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Recommending not to arrive in this country; or by the Ministry of the Interior in relation to events related to the national territory.

If prior to departure, the organizer for any reason, except through the fault of consumers, communicates in writing their inability to provide one or more of the services covered by the package. Proposing an alternative solution, the consumer can still decide whether to accept the proposal of alternative package. In case of rejection of the alternative tourist package by consumers. The promoter cancels and will return to the consumer the amount paid by the organizer. The application of the deposit will also be excluded in case of cancellations by the organizer if they depend on external causes or force majeure.


The organizer, if after the departure can not provide for any reason. Except for a fact of their consumers, an essential part of the services covered in the contract. Will provide alternative solutions, at no additional cost to the contractor. And when the services offered are of lesser value than those stipulated, pay an amount equal to the difference. If there is no alternative solution, or the solution offered by the organizer is rejected by the consumer for serious and justified reasons. The organizer will provide at no additional cost, a means of transport equivalent.

To the initially planned to return to the place of departure or any other agreed place. In accordance with the availability of means and places. And the difference between the cost of the anticipated benefits and those made until the anticipated arrival to the foreseen place will be reimbursed.


The person who resigns can be replaced by another person, provided that.

  1. a) the organizer is informed in writing at least 10 days before the date set for departure, after receiving information on the identity of the transferee.
  2. b) the substitute meets all the conditions to use the service and in particular, the requirements for passports, visas, health certificates.
  3. c) the organizer is reimbursed for all the expenses that were quantified before the sale, and in which it incurred due to the new owner, to replace the previous one.
  4. d) The assignor and the assignee are jointly and severally liable for paying the balance and the amounts referred to in paragraph c) of this article.
  5. e) In relation to certain types of services, it may be that a third party, who is a supplier, does not accept the change of name of the transferee. Even if within the term established in section a). The organizer will be responsible for any rejection of the amendment submitted by third party service providers. This rejection will be promptly notified by the organizer to the interested parties before departure.


Participants must have an individual passport or other valid document for more than 6 months from the date of departure, for their entry to Cuba, as well as residence and transit visas and health certificates if necessary. They must also follow the rules of normal prudence and diligence and the current specifications in Cuba, all the information provided by the organizer and the regulations and administrative or legal regulations regarding the tourist package . The participants will be responsible for the damages that the organizer has suffered due to the breach of the aforementioned obligations.

Organizer with all the documents

The consumer is obliged to provide the organizer with all the documents, information and evidence at his disposal, in relation to the exercise of this right of subrogation against the third party, and is responsible to the organizer of the prejudice for the right of subrogation. The consumer will also communicate in writing to the organizer, at the time of booking, special personal requests that could be subject to specific agreements about travel arrangements, whenever possible to carry them out.


Personal data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Law and subsequent amendments and additions (repealed as of January 1, 2004 and replaced by Decree 196 of June 30, 2003), and personal information will be used exclusively by the Agency, for the realization of the services included in the tourist package. Personal data in any case, will not be disclosed to third parties that are unrelated to the activities to be fulfilled by customers, and may be canceled at any time if the customer requests.


The official classification of all hotels is offered in the catalog or on our website. Is information material in accordance with the official indications expressed by the competent authorities of Cuba, but we are not responsible if the consumer does not appreciate that these classifications do not match his personal opinion.


The organizer is liable for damages caused to consumers by the total or partial breach of the contract. If they are carried out by themselves or by third-party suppliers. Unless it proves that the event is attributable to consumers (including initiatives taken by the consumer autonomously during the execution of tourist services).

Or by circumstances unrelated to the provision of benefits provided by contract. By accident, by force majeure or circumstances that the organizers could not have knowledge in accordance with professional diligence. That it is reasonable to foresee or overcome.

Obligations derived from the organizers of the trip

The seller of the package is not responsible in any way for the obligations derived from the organizers of the trip. Solely responsible for the obligations arising from its intermediation and to the extent that this responsibility. Is under the legal provisions or agreements mentioned above.

The death or damages caused to the person or to third parties. For EXTREME activities or sports, are not the responsibility of the organizer. As well as other activities practiced by the consumer during their vacations. Aware of the risks that they entail, which are dangerous in general.

The organizer and the seller are exempt from the responsibilities, for the bad execution of the contract attributable to the consumer or if they are derived from the acts of a third party that are unpredictable or inevitable, or due to a forced or force majeure accident.


Each error in the execution of the contract must be claimed by the consumer without delay so that the organizer. The local representative or the companion can repair it as soon as possible. Consumers can also complain by sending a certified letter with acknowledgment of receipt. To the organizer or the seller, no later than 5 working days from the date of return to the place of departure.


Insurance coverage is mandatory for the organizer and the seller. For civil liability in favor of the consumer: the insurance coverage of risks derived from the cancellation of the package, accidents before departure, damage or loss of luggage, expenses of repatriation in case of accident or illness during the trip. It can only be invoked if the consumer has expressly paid it within the purchase price of the goods included in a package. Or has been contracted separately by the organizer or the seller.


If a client had to renounce a service already contracted, the amount paid will be refunded minus the registration fee. In the amount (5% of the total / person) + the penalty listed below:

  • 10% of the payment in cancellations up to 45 days before departure.
  • 12% of the payment in cancellations up to 30 days before departure.
  • 15% of the payment in cancellations up to 15 days before departure.
  • 20% of the payment in cancellations up to 06 days before departure.
  • There is no refund after that period.

*This general policy does not apply in cases of specific policies applied to a service/product.

Payment Policy for excursions.

  • For excursions requiring prepayment, prices are advertised in EUR. Upon request, through our website, our travel advisors will contact payment alternatives: credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Maestro debit cards (United Kingdom). The charge will be made in the selected currency. Your payment will be to Easy Booking Cuba and your invoice will read: Easy Booking Cuba. Payment by bank transfer is also possible.
  • Published excursions that require payment in Cuba, prices are advertised in Cuban convertible pesos (EUR/USD), and payment must be made, in USD/EUR in cash, to our Easy Booking Cuba representatives at the destination.*The equivalent of administrative fees will not be refunded. Such as cost of bank transfer or commissions and surcharges for use of credit cards.

Specific Cancellation Policy for Accommodation.

Special cancellation terms apply for stays from December 22 to January 4.

The following cancellation policy applies once you have paid for your reservation:

  • If you cancel your reservation without justified reasons of force majeure (illness or accident) before 31 days of your planned arrival date, we will refund the full amount paid, less an administrative fee equivalent to 3% of this sum, with a minimum of 15 euros.
  • If you cancel your reservation between 30 and 15 days prior to your planned arrival date, we will refund 70% of the amount paid.
  • Cancel your reservation within 14 days prior to your planned arrival date: the penalty will be 100%.

*Always ask when organizing the specific cancellation policy of each hotel.

During the rest of the year 5 January to 21 December.

  • Cancel more than 15 days before the date of entry to the hotel, we will refund the entire sum paid, less an administrative surcharge equivalent to 3% of this sum, with a minimum of 15 euros.
  • If you cancel your reservation between 15 and 4 days prior to your planned arrival date, we will refund 50% of the amount paid.
  • If you cancel the reservation within 3 days prior to your check-in date, or if you do not show up for check-in (no show): the penalty will be 100%.
  • In the event of unforeseen departures that have not been previously negotiated with the hotel, the client is penalized by billing 100% of the amount paid for said service.

*Always ask when organizing the specific cancellation policy of each hotel.

* Important Note:

In addition to these general cancellation policies, there are specific policies of certain providers that define penalties of up to 100% even in case of modifications of the service. These specific policies supersede the general policies described above; therefore, we ask you to carefully review the conditions of each rate in Hotel y Casas.

Cancellation policy for excursions.

The following cancellation policy applies once you have paid for your reservation.

  • Cancel the reservation up to 16 days before the arrival date. Full reimbursement of the total amount paid, less an administrative charge equivalent to 3% of this amount. A minimum fee of 15 euros applies.
  • Cancellation of the reservation between 15 and 4 days before the arrival date.  50% refund of the total amount paid.
  • Cancellation of the reservation within 2 days prior to the arrival date and no show. Without refund, the fine is 100%.

Premature departure for excursions

If you leave the tour prematurely and/or do not use (some) items that are included in the travel package.  (e.g. transfers, meals, excursions, hotel nights), there will be no refund.

Cancellation policy for car rental.

Depending on the rental company, there may be different policies.

1 case

  • From 14 to 8 days before the start date of the service, it is penalized with one day of rent.
  • From 7 to 4 days before the start date of the service, it is penalized with 3 days of rent.
  • 3 days before the start of the service, 100% of the amount is penalized.
  • No Show: in case the client does not pick up the car for reasons beyond the control of the rental company, there will be no refund.
  • Early delivery: if the customer delivers the car before the established date for reasons beyond the control of the rental company, no refunds are made.

2 Case

  • Penalty of 25% of the cost between 31 and 60 days before the start of the reservation.
  • Penalty of 50% of the cost between 16 and 30 days before the start of the reservation.
  • Penalty of 100% of the cost between 0 and 15 days before the start of the reservation.

Cancellation policy for air tickets.

  • Existing policies are executed in each air carrier.


No refund will be given to those who can not make the trip due to lack or inaccuracy of personal documents for expatriation. The customer who cancels may be replaced by another person. If the communication is received at least 10 days before departure, and if that person is equipped with all the necessary personal documents of expatriation. In this case, the fee will be charged with the sole purpose of covering the expenses of the variation in practice.
Air flights are not included in this treaty, the cancellation policy is governed by the laws of the airlines. Those services within the site that have their own cancellation policies will respond to them.


For any dispute, the Tribunal of the City of Havana (Cuba) will be competent.


All passengers bound for Cuba must purchase travel insurance when making their reservation. EASY BOOKING CUBA is not responsible for any health problems, misfortunes, damage or loss of luggage. In Cuba, travel insurance can be purchased upon arrival at the airport, although it costs much less if you buy it from us.


Each place or establishment is free to determine its schedules of entry and exit according to the regulations in force in Cuba. As well as the additional facilities of the services. Clients have the right to be informed about them. But EASY BOOKING CUBA is not responsible for the breach of them or for the additional charge. The special services such as honeymoon, special dinners, sea view, among others, etc.


Clients have the obligation and responsibility to inform themselves about all the documentation required to enter Cuba. Customs, airline and immigration officials can deny entry or exit by immigration or other regulations. EASY BOOKING CUBA is not responsible and will not refund any money. The traveler is also responsible for obtaining the pertinent information to travel. Including itineraries, airlines and hotels, when these services have not been purchased from our company. For more information, see our Practical Information section.


EASY BOOKING CUBA is not responsible for optional activities or trips sold locally. As it does not operate those services, as it is not responsible. For any part of its trip not enjoyed for personal reasons beyond the agency and will not reimburse any money. Disputes or legal causes should be made directly in the place and with the service providers. Given that they are the ones who charge those services.


They are generated especially in times of high season. In the case of a reservation confirmed and paid for by the client and that the installation does not guarantee over-occupancy of its rooms. It is the responsibility of the installation prior agreement with the organizer to relocate the travelers in others of the same category or higher. EASY BOOKING CUBA is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by this change.


EASY BOOKING CUBA is not responsible for the lack of means or technology. To satisfy certain requirements of travelers with these characteristics. It is recommended to mention it at the moment of the request of the service. In order to confirm immediately the existence or not of these conditions.


The present site, with all its sections, contents, texts, photos, designs, maps, trademarks, slogans and logos. Are the exclusive property of EASY BOOKING CUBA by TRAVELS & INCENTIVES and cannot be copied, reproduced used by third parties or sold without prior authorization of our group.