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Rent a Car in Cuba

It may be that you travel to Cuba with your family or you want to take the time to take a tour of the country. Far from the traditional travel packages. Where a tour guide controls your free time. Then you will need rent a car in Cuba. You will ask what car to rent and with which company to rent it, car price, transmission, km to travel, car conditions.

You will want to know in addition to the state of the roads and the insurances to drive. In this section we will answer these and many other questions. With Easy Booking Cuba will find useful to help in car rental in Cuba tips.

Useful information for Car Rental in Cuba.

You should know that the fleet of cars or cars in Cuba is limited in relation to the demand. It will be difficult to find cars to rent arriving directly at Cuba without a previous reservation. Impossible if this happens to July, August and December to February. You will not find a car in Cuba, even if you pay it at the price of gold. Simply because they will all be rented.

We recommend that you book your car rental in Cuba at the moment you have insurance your plane ticket. Do not do it before. Generally car reservations are paid immediately in order to block availability. If you do not pay the car immediately it will not be possible to guarantee your reservation. Simply because travel agencies must pay to Cuba in advance.

The prudential and recommended time to make car rental reservations in Cuba is 2 months in advance. Take into consideration time and place of collection, as well as time and place of delivery. You can pay surcharges for delivery at a different point than the collection point. If you spend one hour more you can consider one more day of rent.

rent a car in cuba. hyundai santa fe
rent a car in cuba. Hyundai santa fe

Conditions of the Roads for drive in Cuba.

We advise you to travel to Cuba with a road map. There are not many traffic signs in Cuba. Although the Cubans are very kind and will give you help. Much better to have a guide in case the night falls. Do not worry if it breaks on the road. You will receive assistance and be transported to your destination.

They do not have the same conditions as the national motorways of Europe or America. But you can certainly drive with caution and arrive safely. The speed limits are lower in Cuba. On highway 100 km/h, 90 km/h on provincial roads, 50 km/h in the city and 25 km/h near urban concentrations. You should control the lights very well if you travel at night and always have the assistance phone at hand.

Car rental companies in Cuba.

Tourism, like almost all sectors of the Cuban economy, is controlled by the Cuban government. All national companies are subordinated to the state. That is why there is only one way of insuring the traveler. Which in Europe is called “Casco Policy”. In Cuba it is standard and unique, that you must accept it obligatorily. But you can rest easy, the general line is very similar to international ones. Later we will talk specifically about insurance.

The car rental companies in Cuba are. Transtur, Havanautos, Rent a Car, Via Rent a Car, Rex, Cubacar. All have online sites to sell. You will find that generally the prices with many travel agencies are lower. The reason is that the agencies provide the car as a service within the tourist package. This allows to lower the price of the auto product inside the package. However, national companies are specialized in this service and have their price.

In addition, the price policy responds to a commercial policy. It is generally guaranteed that travel agencies have a profit margin. In any case all travel agencies book the cars with the Cuban government. Do not believe any online agency that tells you that have our own cars. This does not exist in Cuba.

Times and booking methods to rent a car in Cuba.

There are basically two forms of car rental in Cuba. One is deferred, when you ask an agency for the availability of a car. The agency must communicate with a reservation center in Cuba. Wait for the answer and communicate it to the client.

Immediately the agency will ask the customer to pay if they want the car, because the availability can change. There is no central reservation in Cuba in the form of CRS that guarantees online booking 100%. All the databases are not related in real time. That is why there must be attention to the risk conditions of car rental. In those agencies that give you real online availability. But they write: “Subject to Variations”.

Online, and this is the second way to book immediately. You should only read carefully. It does not mean that he will not have the car. You will surely have it, it can only happen that you get another brand. It is a real risk in Cuba where there is a national monopoly.

Voucher and Bill for Rent a Car in Cuba.

Always check that as in our case. The travel agencies give them Voucher and Invoice. The invoice is for your personal use as a customer. The Voucher must present it when it will pick up the car. Generally they must have a reservation number or identifier.

Form of Payment and procedure of Car rental in Cuba.

With easybookincuba you can book by bank transfer or by credit card. Or depending on the country that you reside, you can also use paypal. The agency is not responsible for bank charges for the use of the letter. Generally they range between 2-4% of the tansference.

rent a car in cuba. Kia picanto
rent a car in cuba. Kia picanto

Only once our agency has the actual availability of the car requests the payment. After the payment reaches our account we issue voucher and invoice. Car rental conditions specify times for claims and reimbursements.

  • Clients must pay the total rental price in advance.
  • Guarantee deposit is paid in Cuba in CUC.
  • The guarantee deposit is returned at the end of the rental if you deliver the car in the same conditions.

Conditions and Categories of the Rental Car Fleet in Cuba.

Generally the rental cars in Cuba are Chinese, Korean, or French or Russian. The most recognized and used brands are: Geely, Peugeot, Lada, Geely Engramd, Mg3, Hyundai, Kia, Renault. Technically they are cars with 4 or 5 years of exploitation to the maximum.

They have their ordinary and extraordinary maintenance according to a table of kilometers traveled. Surely they do not possess all the comfort and technology to which you are accustomed. The music player or the child seat can not always be guaranteed. They are divided into several categories according to price, size, comfort and benefits. Among them we find, Economic, Medium High, Medium, Luxury, Jeep, Minivan.

Car Rental in Cuba with Additional Driver.

If it is the case that you do not feel safe to travel on Cuban roads. You can request the rental of a car with additional driver. For which some fees are established.

  • $ 50.00 EUR per day (If the client does not cover the cost of food and lodging for the driver).
  • $ 16.00 EUR per day (If the client covers the cost of food and accommodation for the driver).

In the specific case of Vía Rent a Car. When the client will be outside the province where the Rental Point is located. The client will assume the expenses of feeding and lodging of the Professional Driver. You will pay $ 50.00 eur per day for the driver service.

Carpool and Carsharing in Cuba with CubaCar Share.

If you do not want to rent a car for yourself alone, or do not find availability among our offers. You can hire services of shared taxis, Private or in carpool mode with other travelers on vacation to Cuba. Click here to reserve a shared car in Cuba.

carpool carsharing in cuba

Available km and documents needed to drive a car in Cuba.

Generally, it is rented with free kilometers in rents of 3 or more days.

Coverage or insurance policy to manage.

The client must take advantage of the Cuban Insurance. Already established and Delivered at the time of collection of the car.


The client must present his passport and driving license with at least two years of experience at the time of car rental. For category I (Sport) rentals, the driving license must be at least 3 years old.

Return of the car.

The customer must return the vehicle under the same conditions that were received at the time of rental.

Penalties and Fines of the Executor for several infractions:

  • In case of loss of the car key: 200.00 CUC.
  • If the key stays inside the car. Expense for bringing the spare key to the customer.
  • THE EXECUTOR charges 50.00 CUC in the City of Havana and 100.00 CUC in the rest of the provinces.
  • When the customer delivers the extremely dirty car or transports animals inside the car: 50.00 CUC.
  • If the car is delivered by an additional driver: 50.00 CUC.
  • In case of loss of one or more carpets: 50.00 CUC.
  • If the car or car is driven or returned by a person not registered from the beginning of the rent.
  • THE EXECUTOR will penalize the amount of the days pending use and the guarantee deposit.
  • The traffic authorities and the Cuban police will fine you if you travel in a state of intoxicants above 0.4 g / l of alcohol. Also note that it is dangerous to your life and that of others. Be responsible even if you are on vacation.

Other charges that must be paid to the car rental company in Cuba.

  • Deposit of Guarantee and Additional Driver (According to the car rental and category of the car).
  • Charge in case of airport pick up for 20.00 CUC (Cubacar / Havanautos / Rex).
  • Return rates of 10-250 CUC, depending on the distance between the collection and return points of the car (only when applicable).
  • Full fuel tank: special gasoline 1.20 CUC / L, DIESEL 1.10 CUC / L

Usually. These charges to be paid directly to the car rental company during the collection of the car can be paid by credit card. However, due to technical and other difficulties, payment by card can not be processed. Therefore, we suggest you to present yourself at the rental office with cash (CUC – Cuban Convertible Pesos) sufficient to cover all the extra charges and the guarantee deposit.

rent a car in cuba. Peugeot crossover 2008
Rent a car in cuba. Peugeot crossover 2008

Payment and Cancellation Policy for car rental in Cuba.

The payment is only for the rent of the car. You must pay directly to the car rental company, at the time of the collection of the car, the following charges: fuel in the deposit, additional driver and security deposit (subject to the conditions of the rental company).

Cancellations of your car rental in Cuba.

  1. The cancellation policy applies only once you have paid for your reservation. If you cancel more than 15 days before the car rental start date, we will reimburse you for the entire amount paid, less an administrative surcharge equivalent to 6% of this amount, with a fixed minimum of 30 euros.
  2. When you cancel the reservation within 15 days prior to the start of the service, you are penalized with 2 days of car rental. That is, we will reimburse you for the entire amount initially paid by you. Less the value equivalent to the price of 2 days of car rental.
  3. If you cancel the reservation with 72 hours before the start of the rental service, or in case of “no-show” (no presentation on the day and time of collection of the car). It is penalized with the equivalent of 3 days of car rental. That is, we will reimburse you for the entire amount paid. Less the value equivalent to the price of 3 days of car rental.
  4. There will be no refund if the customer returns the car before the scheduled date according to your reservation.

Restrictions for car rental in Cuba.

Minimum driving experience of 2 years and over 21 years of age is required.

Special Note:

All the expenses of the return operation to the client from bank commissions, letters of credit and bank transfers are understood by the customer.

Parking of the car to Cuba.

Last but not least is the parking of your car. Do not worry, usually always find a place. Cuba is still not like the big European cities. We are not still full of cars, thankfully. Be it in your Hotel, Private House or Villa. You will find a place to park your car. Sometimes free, others paying. But we always recommend that they be indoors.

You can now rent a car in Cuba with our agency, get a full vacation package

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