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Trip to Puerto Padre Las tunas, Cuba?. Puerto Padre is the coastal area of the province. In this city, life happens at a slower pace and it is better enjoyed. It is a favorite destination for nature, sun and beach tourism. Bathing its coasts with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guacanayabo. The so called Cuban Balcony east with a pleasant climate all year round. With temperatures that oscillate between 21 and 30 ° C. As such, outdoor activities are among the biggest attractions in Las Tunas.

Las Tunas is a fertile, sweet land as it bases its economy on the sugar production, consumed nationally and exported to the world. Likewise, agriculture is an important part of the life of Las Tunas. Associating it with the tourist activity to turn it into a destination for rural tourism.

Trip to Puerto Padre, Las tunas cuba, cradle of Cuban sculpture.

Las Tunas is considered the mecca of the national sculpture movement and Capital of the Cuban Sculpture. In your stay at the province you can’t miss the beautiful Antilles Fountain, creation of the sculptor Rita Longa Arostegui, dancing, music, literature and theatre are also strong expressions of the Las Tunas culture.

Las Tunas is located 657 km from Havana and you can get there by land through the Viazul or Conectando Cuba Omnibus system. By plane landing at the Las Tunas Airport 25 km from the city with two Havana-Las Tunas weekly flights. At the Frank Pais Airport in Holguin and the Ignacio Agramonte Airport in Camagüey. You can also get to Las Tunas by train.

The Coasts of Puerto Padre, trip to Las tunas cuba.

Enchanting virgin beaches with crystal clear waters offer the opportunity to immerse yourself. Discover spectacular coral reefs in Las Tunas, Cuba. In your search for things to do in Las Tunas you can go to the tourist information centers that are responsible for promoting and facilitating tourism in Las Tunas.