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With the Travel to Cuba Havana City Capital of Cuba. We wish you could get to know the capital of Cuba better. We show you useful information for your first travel needs as a tourist. The objective of our travel blog  is that you have all the necessary knowledge to guide you. If after reading it you need even more specific help to organize a service you can access our site and see them. City of Havana is a mixture of architecture, music and a culture that vibrates in every street.

This city of wonder is the capital of Cuba and the first tourist pole of the country. Its fortifications, squares and old cars still go back to the times of splendor and elegance of the Colonization. It is the starting point par excellence of almost all tourists in Cuba.

The main José Martí airport is located here. The ministries and agencies of the State are all in Havana. The main Cruise Terminal of Cuba is located in the Port of this cosmopolitan city. In the Capital of all Cubans, everything related to Cuba happens.

Travel to cuba, Havana World Heritage.

Next to meet five centuries of existence and history. The Historic Center and the Fortification complex of the Havana city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982. Since then several provinces and international organizations have come together to help preserve the historical heritage of Cuba.

There is an office of the historian of the city (Eusebio Leal), specifically for the conservation and maintenance of the colonial infrastructure. Its main exponents and representative of different eras are Centro Havana, Havana Vieja, Vedado and Miramar.

Foundation of Havana City.

Havana was the sixth village founded by Diego Velázquez in 1514, its initial name was San Cristóbal de la Habana. This town, considered one of the most beautiful Ibero-American cities in the world, occupied its current location on November 16, 1519. It was the object of countless attacks by corsairs and pirates, and was even taken on both occasions by the French and English.

Although generally the history gathers more the English occupation by more than 11 months and that had its term with the exchange between Florida and Havana. The Kingdoms of Spain and England agreed to change Florida for the English and Havana and totality of Cuba for the Spaniards. During those 11 months they say that the city experienced a great economic boom. Due to several measures opening ports, oriented to trade driven by England.

Touristic interest in travel to cuba, havana City.

Havana is a cultural and patrimonial richness. If you walk through Old Havana it will seem like a huge museum adorned with parks, monuments, art galleries, churches and restaurants. It is the most visited place, its beauty goes beyond what you can see, a place with vibes and believe me it’s worth it !. Walk between the ruins of the stone walls, width of 2 meters transports you to the fifteenth century.

Another scenario is lived in Centro Havana, the headquarters of the Capitol, a true architectural jewel that will be your first center of attraction. Just behind the Capitol, the Chinatown of Havana awaits you, the only one in Cuba. But out of breath you always end up on the boardwalk. Huge walk that is the most lively meeting point of Havana. An outdoor space to talk, sing, write, read or just think with your eyes to the sea.

trip to havana capital of cuba
Panoramic trip by bus to havana. trip to havana capital of cuba

This beautiful city that was once called “The Key of the New World” does not fail to impress you. El Vedado is another sensual space where elegance was combined with the good taste and luxury of its inhabitants in past eras. Hotel Nacional and the Necropolis of Colón, in fact, bear witness to ancient relics that you can not miss, nowadays they are national monuments.

Geographic location.

Havana City has been favored with a high patrimonial and cultural value, at the level of great cities of the world. Undoubtedly The daring and cheerful way of living, characterizes its inhabitants and is what makes it a seductive city. It guards churches, fortresses and other historic buildings. Old Havana is an architectural museum of approximately 900 buildings.

These range from the baroque, neoclassical style to the art-déco, so its origin was variable, a mixture of several cultures. The development of this city is due to its geographical location, its bay of stock exchange made Havana the most important port in the country.

Havana is part of all the circuits that are made on the island. So the average stay of the clients is very variable. But on average it ranges from 3 to 5 days. The behavior of the climate is subtropical with maritime influence, the temperatures oscillate between 16 ° and 27 ° C.

Cathedral Square of Havana, Travel to Cuba.

The City would not be the same without its squares, where the joy and the hectic life of its inhabitants goes on. Plaza de la Catedral is a set of Baroque buildings. They majestically adorn the square, its baroque façade a bit special. Totally different from the European baroque style.

Its neoclassical interior, remodeled by the Bishop of Espada, is an incredible architectural ensemble. The two asymmetrical towers complement its splendor. According to the historians one smaller than the other so as not to block the road to San Ignacio Street. Here the remains of Christopher Columbus rested until 1898.

Plaza de Armas.

This square is the oldest and most important in Havana, its name was initially Plaza de la Iglesia by an old church that existed in it. It was not until several years later that he adopted the current name. Which is given because in this square the military exercises of the time took place.

Palace of the General Captains. Museum of the City.

Built in 1791, it is an architectural relic. Located on the west side of the Plaza de Armas, currently the city’s museum. This palace itself is to be admired, an example of Cuban baroque art. In its immense rooms, military uniforms, antique furniture, photographs and old carriages are hoarded. Its interior patio is really cozy, among ornamental plants is a marble bust of Christopher Columbus.

Castle of the Royal Force.

At the north end of the square facing the sea. Currently Navigation Museum, you will find the oldest fortification in Havana. Built between 1558 and 1577. In one of the towers of this fortress you can see a bronze copy of the Giraldilla, symbol and protector of the city.

Church and monastery of San Francisco de Asís.

This ancient temple protected valuable religious specimens for several years, it is located on the famous Opisbo street. Since the 1980s I stop being a religious institution. A restoration carried out by the Office of the Curator today, gave back some of its baroque splendor and nowadays you can enjoy classical music concerts, really very good ones.

Old Square of Havana City. Travel to Cuba.

Within the squares and squares that adorn our Havana, this is the oldest of all. With a certain neoclassical mixture with art nouveao. You can appreciate from its center, the most beautiful and best preserved stained glass windows in Old Havana. It is currently surrounded by restaurants, bars and cafes. At night it is quite animated and for nothing we could say that it is so old.

Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña.

On the east side of the port of Havana, its majesty tells you how much ship docks in the bay that has reached Havana. And it is that this fortress located in the current Morro-Cabaña Park is the most extensive colonial fort in America. There is very little left of what was once a military prison, only memories in its halls.

Today, it is home to the Museum of Arms and Fortifications and the Comandancia del Che Museum. Also inside you can make use of restaurants, bars, gift shops. If you stay until a little later you will enjoy its cannon shot. Unique in Cuba, soldiers dressed in antique period costumes perform this ceremony. At the same time each day a cannon shoots into the sea and the whole city knows, it is exactly 9.00 at night.

National museum of fine arts.

Everything beautiful is special and comes to touch our deepest being. So are the works that are exhibited in this eclectic mansion. From the Museum of Universal Arts to the Museum of Cuban Art. Unique pieces are appreciated every day by countless visitors. The works of our most illustrious children in the field of painting are exhibited here. From Wilfredo Lam to Raúl Martínez or our pioneer Guillermo Collazo.

“Gran Teatro de la Habana”>Grand Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso.

As its name indicates it is the headquarters of the National Ballet of Cuba, although it offers a varied program from plays, opera or musical concerts, its main function is dance. You can find it on the corner of San Rafael and Paseo Martí.

Havana Malecon in travel to cuba.

This huge walk is one of the most named attractions in Havana. But how not to be?. Who makes his trip to Cuba, visit Havana and do not sit a second in this long bank. Moving his gaze is lost in the blue of the sea while the breeze ruffles you. Is that without words this place is magical and special. In times of bad weather the strong waves hit the rocks and the water gushes over the wall.

But generally its calm sea invites everyone to sit and share, to debate life. Fall in love or download with a guitar. It may be that in times of hurricanes and cyclones observe with amazement as the boats sail through the streets of the boardwalk. Do not be scared, Cubans are hunters and hurricane tamers. They have lived with them for centuries. Unlike with many other more developed countries. Cuba has great merit in the face of natural disasters. To preserve first of all the human life of its inhabitants and visitors.

The National Capitol in Travel to cuba.

One of the most impressive buildings in Havana. Even the Cubans themselves when they visit the city do not stop giving him a look or shooting a photo with him. Its dome reaches 94 meters in height and its facade is around 208 meters long. A monumental staircase leads to the main entrance adorned with two bronze statues.

On the right the Tutelar Virtue of the People, on the left The Progress of Human activity. In the Hall of the Lost Steps (directly below the dome) there is the statue The Republic, a young woman in bronze. Considered the third largest indoor statue in the world, it symbolizes the people and work. It is currently in capital repair.

Plaza de la Revolución and José Martí Memorial.

The Plaza de la revolución dates from the 1920s. It is the largest concentration place in Havana where political events or parades are held. It is surrounded by several buildings that are the headquarters of important organizations in the country. Such as, the Ministry of the Interior, Communications, the National Library José Martí and offices of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

The José Martí memorial was built in its center. A huge statue of our apostle enlarges the monument. It constitutes the highest point of the city. In the interior is the museum, here personal belongings of the National Hero are treasured. Photographs of several fighting companions. At the top you can enjoy the viewpoint, where through glass you can see an incredible view of the city. With 129 meters of height above sea level, you will not miss a single detail of Havana.

Common services in travel to cuba havana.

In Centro Habana there are the main shopping centers. The city is very extensive and very populated. That is why in each part of it there are spaces for the enjoyment or satisfaction of the needs of its inhabitants.

Names of the streets of Havana City in Travel to Cuba.

In Havana almost all streets have names that date back to earlier times. The most modern part is the one that has been named by numbers or in honor of personalities of the history of the country. We relate below some of the streets of Havana.

Old Havana:

Lamparilla, Obispo, Obraría, Mercaderes, Oficio, Cuba Tacón, Cuarteles.

The Vedado:

San Miguel, Calle L, Calle 23, Calle M, Línea, Avenida de los Presidentes, Calzada.

In Havana Center:

Neptuno, Agramante, Paseo Martí, Malecón, Trocadero, Lealtad, Amistad.

Places of interest. International Airport Jose Marti.

  • Address: Van Troi Avenue and Final General Peraza.
  • Phone: 72751200.
  • Schedule. 24/24.

Immigration in Havana City.

  • Immigration and Immigration Directorate.
  • Address: 17 Street No 203 fra J yK, Vedado, Plaza.
  • Schedule.8-16 from Monday to Saturday.


  • Alma mater.
  • Address: Calzada de Infanta and San Lázaro.
  • Phone: 78791276.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

Internet and Telephones, ETECSA.

  • First name. ETECSA.
  • Phone: 78629939.
  • Address: Bishop. Old Havana.
  • Schedule. 8-19 from Monday to Saturday.

Access to the Internet and Telephones, ETECSA.

  • Phone: 78601000.
  • Address: Águila No 565. Havana Center.
  • Schedule. 8-19 from Monday to Saturday.

Internet and Telephones, ETECSA.

  • First name. ETECSA.
  • Phone: 78381399.
  • Address: Focsa between M and 17. Vedado.
  • Schedule. 8-19 from Monday to Saturday.

National Library.

  • Jose Marti.
  • Address: Avenida Independencia.
  • Phone: 78555442.
  • Schedule. 8-20 from Monday to Friday, 8-18 Saturday.

Health Assistance for Tourists.

  • First name. ASISTUR.
  • Address: Prado 208. Old Havana.
  • Phone: 78665560.
  • Schedule. 24/24.
  • At Trocadero Street No. 55 you can find an international pharmacy.

Cira García Clinic in  Havana City.

  • Address: Calle 20 No 4101. Beach.
  • Phone: 72042811.
  • Schedule. 24/24 there is also a pharmacy in the facility.

Credit Bank BANDEC.

  • Address: Corner Line and Stroll. Vedado.
  • Phone: 78702684.
  • Schedule. 9-15 from Monday to Friday.

CADECA Exchange House

  • Corner Oficio and Lamparilla. Old Havana.
  • Schedule.8-19 from Monday to Saturday and until 5:00 pm on Sundays.

Metropolitan Bank in Havana City. Travel to Cuba.

  • Address: Avenida de Italia No 452 San Martin corner. Havana Center.
  • Telephone: 78626523.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Friday.

International Financial Bank BFI

  • Address: Calle Oficios corner Brazil. old Havana.
  • Phone: 78609369.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Friday.

Post Offices. Travel to Cuba

Havana Post 1

  • Address: Oficios No 104. Old Havana.
  • Phone: 78620103.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Friday.

Havana Post 2

  • Address: Avenida Salvador Allende No 508. Centro Habana.
  • Phone: 78795701.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Friday.

Havana Post 3

  • Address: Paseo No 158. Vedado.
  • Phone: 78620103.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Friday.

Excursions in travel to cuba Havana.

You can find them all in our specific link of excursions in Havana. Generally all circuits start from Havana and end in Havana. Being the point of arrival and departure of almost all foreign visitors on their trip to Cuba. Find several topics and classification for excursions. From nature tourism to extreme sports. From one end of the island to the other.

Private Houses and Hotels in travel to cuba havana City.

Find them all in the private house and hotel link in Havana. We have connection with more than 200 houses in all Cuba. We have a network of hostels, built on the criteria of opinions on tripadvisor. Rather, we believe we have the best rental houses in Cuba. In each province and tourist location you will find the best exponents of this service. We will be happy if you help us with your evaluation of these sites.

Cruises in travel to cuba havana.

On our site you will find a section dedicated to all the cruise ships that pass through Havana and the coasts of Cuba. The main companies that visit the island are: MSC cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival Cruises, The Peral Cruises, Norwegian Cruises, among others.

Restaurants in Havana. Travel to Cuba.

In this wonderful city you can savor what you want, options to do so are left over. Even the most demanding culinary tastes find a space here. You can savor the dishes prepared by specialized Cuban chefs. Newly created restaurants have increased the options and are among the main attraction sites. With excellent settings and services, nothing has to envy American, Italian or European restaurants.

Trattoria 5 corners restaurant, Travel to Cuba.

Havana # 104, corner Cuarteles.

“Trattoria 5 corners” exhibits an allegorical atmosphere to its name and is that even its address has been taken into account to name it. It is located in a central corner where five streets intersect, the specialty is Italian food. I think even an Italian of pure strain, as the Cuban is said, would be very satisfied with their dishes. Among the most sought-after are pizzas baked in charcoal, seafood pasta, cannelloni crab and even a tasty tiramisu.

El Rum Rum Restaurant, Havana, Cuba.

Empedrado No. 256 e / Cuba and Aguiar.

trip to havana capital of cuba. the rum rum restaurant
Travel to cuba and havana capital. The Rum Rum Restaurant

Rum Rum is a new palate that lives up to its name. It has become the most named in the area. It offers a la carte service, specializing in Spanish cuisine and fish varieties. In the Rum Rum Restaurant you can enjoy a varied gastronomic service of very good food.

Excellent paella, among the most unique dishes you can find octopus with black rice. In addition to different drinks, cocktails, wine list and natural juices in the Bar. In a slightly more refined atmosphere are the tables and in the inner courtyard a smoking area. I could not miss, the sponsor of this place is an excellent taster of cigars.

O’Relly Restaurant, Havana City, Cuba.

Calle O’Relly 304

On the street that gave rise to his name you will find a varied menu of international cuisine that deserves a look. The decoration of the place is singular, paintings and serigraphs, they are mostly nudes. But the dishes are your best bet, from the varieties of seafood and fish, meatballs or spaghetti. But the tacos and cocktails that are prepared here are exquisite. They are part of the preference of their regular customers.

Lamparilla 361 Restaurant, Havana City. Travel to Cuba.

Lamparilla 361, between Aguacate and Villegas.

This place is very simple, but at the same time charming, the interiors are perfectly decorated, they have taken care of every detail. The staff is very friendly, the service excellent and the food, leaves you speechless. The best lasagna you’ll taste in Cuba. They also have another variety of dishes, mainly tapas.

San Cristóbal Restaurant, Havana Center. Cuba.

San Rafael Street between Bell Tower and Loyalty.

The restaurant San Cristóbal is a restaurant with a particular setting from old photos, authentic skins and an Afro-Cuban altar. With a la carte service, a varied range of Cuban cuisine is offered. Even Obama and his wife Michelle, they did not let it pass by in their sight to Havana. The food is exquisite and although it was always well marketed, the visit of the former president gave a boost to its advertising.

Starbien Restaurant, Vedado, Havana City

Located in the authentic Vedado, specifically on Calle 29 between B and C. Place where you will feel really good. An old mansion and a service par excellence will be the best option you can find and not to mention its prices. The price quality ratio here is very good. If you try your chicken in pineapple sauce, you’ll come back, it’s a fact. Its menu of international cuisine and wines delights even the most exquisite palate. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it !!

Where to Shop in travel to cuba, Havana City.

In Havana there is the largest network of stores in the country. Scattered throughout the city, mixed stores, specialized stores, markets, furs and shopping centers. You can find what you need. The busiest are located on the Boulevard, 23rd Street between J and I. It is also very visited the Paseo Galleries, luxury shopping center and Plaza Carlos III on Avenida Salvador Allende.

One of the most majestic shopping centers in the country. In spiral form you can go in elevator to each one of its departments. Some are boutique and market items of recognized brands.

If you want to buy cigars, the place par excellence is the Partagás Tobacco Factory. Behind the Capitol, is this store, a former tobacco factory in the country. You can buy the best copies. Now if you have not found what you are looking for, go to the Palace of Crafts. The right place to buy crafts, jewelry, souvenirs, musical instruments and some clothes as well.

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