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Trip to Cayo Coco, north of the province of Ciego de Ávila. A Cuban destination that stands out for its charming landscape. This is the fourth largest island in Cuba. Its history goes back to the days of Corsican and piracy. The keys are linked to the island by a 17 km long causeway since 1988. Easy Booking Cuba gives you the possibility to book hotels and other services in this island of Cuba.

It has a wonderful flora and fauna, diverse and autochthonous, occupies an area of 370 km2. It has more than 20 km of crystalline beaches and safe for diving. They attract the attention of lovers of naturalistic observation and navigation.

Origins of Cayo Coco.

The set of cays and islets, which make up this archipelago, is known as the Jardines del Rey (Gardens of the Kings). His name was given him by his conqueror Diego Velázquez in 1514, in honor of King Fernando of Spain.

Touristic interest.

Its beautiful beaches are recognized worldwide. Cayo Coco and its surrounding islands belong to the Buenavista Biosphere Reserve. It has one of the largest coral reefs in the world (370 km long). In it lives a wonderful colony of pink flamingos. The famous writer and Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, Ernest Hemingway, loved to navigate these islands. We recommend traveling with a rental car, you can better organize your time.

Rocarena Park.

Climbing park, with a very insightful scheme. Although adults can also enjoy it, is essentially aimed at children and adolescents. Between pulleys, swings, loose ropes, walls to climb and a little jump to the void, two hours of hilarity will pass. Do not worry about your safety; it has a team of specialized monitors and appropriate equipment. It is located west of Sol Cayo Coco Hotel.

Blue Diving International Diving Center.

The dives strip occupies 10 km long, mainly east of the Meliá Cayo Coco Hotel. It has professional instructors who teach classes every day.

Aguas Tranquilas (Calm Waters) Marina Marlin.

It is the most important sports center of Cayo Coco. It is on the coast located to the south, next to the Hotel Meliá Cayo Coco. Provides deep-sea fishing trips.

La Güira Site.

Recreates a settlement of charcoal burners (people who make charcoal) that existed at the beginning of the 20th century. It offers accommodation in 4 huts (straw huts), which have a bathroom and air conditioning. It has a nice ranch where creole food is offered, as well as a bar.

Common services.

Since 2005, Cayo Coco has its own Jardines del Rey International Airport.

Information of interest.


  • Name: Immigration Office.
  • Address: Carretera Central, No. 14, Maceo corner, Ciego de Ávila.
  • Schedule. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8: 00-19: 00 hrs, Tuesday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Thursday and Saturday 8: 00-12: 00 hrs.

Internet access and telephones, ETECSA.

At the Meliá Cayo Coco, Tryp Cayo Coco and Blau Colonial hotels. There are the main navigation rooms. Almost all hotels have Wi-Fi service.

  • Name: ETECSA Minipoint.
  • Address: La Rotonda, Cayo Coco.
  • Phone: 33302100.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-19: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

Healthcare for tourists.

  • Name: Cayo Coco International Medical Services.
  • Address: Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco.
  • Phone: 33302158.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-17: 00 hrs.


All hotels in Cayo Coco have an exchange office.

  • Name: Banco Financiero Internacional BFI.
  • Address: Roundabout, Cuatro Caminos.
  • Phone: 33301251.
  • Schedule. 8: 30-17: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

Excursions and what things to do in trip to cayo coco.

Enjoy this beautiful cay and its surroundings, you can find the excursions to make in our link:

Hotels to stay in Cayo Coco.

Cayo Coco is an area of all-inclusive hotels, all close to the wonderful beaches. With 4 and 5 star services. There is no population in the key, so there are no private homes or bnb.

Click on the following link and select the hotel of your choice:

Restaurants in Cayo Coco.

Rancho Flamingo.

Located on Los Flamencos beach, it offers a tasty Caribbean meal, cold beer. You can take a dip on the beautiful beach, while waiting for your order.

Lenny’s Lobster Shack.

Situated on forbidden beach, you will find this charming caney (a circular wood construction with a conic roof), with a guano roof and accessible sides. Is decorated with old Canadian license plates. It is popular for its exquisite combination of lobster, shrimp and fish. It has a musical group that will make your dinner unforgettable.

Where to do the shopping.

In front of the entrance of the Meliá Jardines del Rey Hotel, is the Plaza Los Flamencos shopping center. It has clothes and souvenir shops. It also has a bowling alley and a spa.

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