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  • playa guardalavaca beach. spiaggia di Guardalavaca

Guardalavaca beach is the most famous in Holguin territory. In it you can find at the same time a thick vegetation, white sand beaches and emerald waters. In the coral reef (900 m from the shore) live the most diverse specimens of fauna and flora. For this reason, this place constitutes a compulsory visit for diving lovers. If you are one of those who prefers to become familiar with the local history and culture. You will also find interesting targets to satisfy your curiosity. It has a large complex of high standard hotels.

The tourist destination Holguin is distinguished by its authenticity, diversity and high level of sustainability. It stands out for its picturesque reliefs of great scenic value that constitute a set of tangible elements. Loaded with cultural symbols, it constitutes a platform for dialogue between cultures, as well as between man and nature.

Transfer to Guardalavaca Beach.

Extraordinarily crystalline waters and the white sand of the northern littoral demonstrate the excellence of its beaches. We have the bus service with the hop-on hop-off mode to travel to the beaches and surrounding places. For those who love nature, the sunset on these beaches has a unique formulation. Contrasting with the progressive predominance of green vegetation over the blue sea.

The rest programs in Holguín also allow discovering other Caribbean sites on the north coast of Cuba by sea. With high natural, cultural and historical values. If you visit our city will have plenty of places to enjoy history and culture. Counted directly by the walls of its monuments. At night you can visit our cultural and creative nightclubs.

Coral barrier near Guardalavaca beach.

For those who appreciate the art and science of maritime navigation. The north coast of Holguin offers a space to discover the beautiful coral reefs. If you visit the “most beautiful Earth”, plan your days well. Always leave time to visit the cultural centers and discover this happy life of this town. Holguín has several protected natural areas that you can not miss. Also has different tours through the main points of interest of the city, as well as excursions by sea or by land with itineraries carefully designed for the best use of time.