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Make a trip to Cayo Santa María, one of the most recent sun and beach destination in Cuba. Beaches that have not been exploited and that preserve their natural habitat are the attraction of the place. It has several modern and luxury hotels. It is accessed through a causeway built on the sea. We recommend traveling by rental car to better organize your time.

Its distant location in the north of the island did not allow to be exploited until a few years ago. Undoubtedly it possesses an incomparable beauty. Easy Booking Cuba helps you get to know this place better. So much so that it has managed to displace positioned sun and beach destinations such as Cayo Coco and Guardalavaca.

Origins of Cayo Santa María.

Cayo Santa María also has its history, from aboriginal populations to corsairs and pirates who buried their treasures here. However, until the beginning of the 80s when the construction of the causeway began, it was known only by fishermen.

Touristic interest in trip to Cayo Santa María.

Cayo Santa María is considered the second sun and beach destination in Cuba. Only surpassed by the resort of Varadero and its beaches have nothing to envy. They are a magical mixture of pale blue transparent waters and fine and white sands, that drain on your feet. Its main attraction are its natural beaches and native vegetation. Where the action of man has not been able to damage them.

The forerunner of this destination expressed “Varadero would like to have the waters and colors of the Santa María”. The average stay ranges from 5 to 7 days, with a tendency to climb in high season. The behavior of the climate is moderate tropical. The average temperature reaches between 27 °C and 28 °C in the summer.

San Pascual Petroleum Ship.

One of the attractions totally different to you will find here is this petroleum ship. It stranded almost 85 years ago. All floating antiquity, at west side of Cayo Las Brujas. This islet, like Santa María, is part of the northern keys of Santa Clara. It can be very interesting to dive in its surroundings.

Cayo Santa María Wildlife Refuge.

You can appreciate the autochthonous vegetation and the fauna, natural scene where the action of the man has not arrived. Little frequented but of extraordinary natural value, you can find them at the end of Cayo Santa María hotel. The signaled signs will indicate you the entrance.

Gaviota Marina.

All nautical services that you want to enjoy are offered here. Such as: diving, life on board catamaran, underwater fishing and the beautiful sunsets in the bay, a charming setting.

Common services.

In the three Shopping Centers of the island are the main services that the clients need. They were designed as a tourist town and have a barbershop, hairdresser, shops and banks.

Names of the Streets.

There are no streets, only spaces that connect the tourist centers of the island. They are usually located in the next place.

Information of interest in trip to Cayo Santa María.


  • Name: Immigration Office.
  • Address: Sixth Street # 9, between Central Avenue and Sandino, Santa Clara.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Saturday.

Health Assistance for Tourists.

  • Name: International Clinic.
  • Address: Cayo Santa María.
  • Telephone: 42350310.
  • Schedule. 24/24.

Excursions and what things to do Cayo Santa María.

If you want to have a pleasant stay in the key. You can find all the activities to do in it in our excursion link:

Hotels to stay in Cayo Santa María.

To stay you can select from a variety of Hotels, administration of different chains by clicking on the corresponding link. In Cayo Santa María there are no private house. But if you prefer this modality, you can find it in Caibarien and Remedios.

Restaurants in Cayo Santa María.

In Cayo Santamaría, customers generally use the gastronomic services of the hotels, which function as all-inclusive. But there are some restaurants within the Shopping Centers that were designed for visitors who opt for a day pass. Some guests sometimes prefer to change the buffet routine for these services a la carte. In La Estrella Square, Las Terrazas del Atardecer and Pueblo Las Dunas you can access them.

Trattoria Restaurant.

Plaza La Estrella. Mall. Cayo Santa María

“Trattoria” is really cozy, you can enjoy Italian cuisine and savor the best pizzas you’ll taste in the key.

El Bergantin Restaurant.

Dolphinarium. Cayo Santa María

Specializing in seafood and fish, all products are fresh and with an enviable quality. The price of the dishes can reach up to $ 15.00 cuc, but it is worth paying. Exquisite delights, different textures and the incomparable flavor of the dishes prepared here.

Where to Shop.

In Cayo Santa María you can visit its three shopping centers or squares, very well designed. They cover your expectations, they have restaurants, bowling, currency exchange and mixed shops where you can buy what you need. They resemble a boulevard within a city and that was the original idea. Clients have access to all the facilities they need on their trip. Plaza la Estrella and Las Terrazas del Atardecer centers are the busiest.

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