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  • interesting Escursion to nengoa, into guanayara park at Cordillera guamuhaya topes de collantes between waterfall, sea and the montains

Enjoy the Cuban natural paradise, in the wild, in Topes de Collantes and visit its many attractions. The Natural Park Topes de Collantes of Cuba is located in Sierra del Escambray and has a height of 800 meters above sea level. The San Juan peak is the highest, with 1140 meters of height. It has a protected natural landscape of great beauty and a high scientific value, as regards botany and ecology. It is home to many local species of flora and fauna, such as pine, bamboo and eucalyptus woods. You can visit or stay in the city of Trinidad, the chief place and heritage of humanity.

Among the main sites of interest in the Natural Park of Topes di Collantes are:

  • Nengoa Waterfall.
  • Guanayara Waterfall.
  • Vega Grande Waterfall.
  • Codina Batata Natural Pool.
  • Nengoa Waterfall.