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  • Habano Man, excursion to Nature Tour Viñales

It is the destination par excellence for ecotourism and nature, adventure and hiking. Birdwatching and spelunking as it shelters more than 300 cave systems, including the second largest cave in Latin America, Caverna de Santo Tomás. Usually in Viñales clients spend an average of 2 to 3 days, even more. The behavior of the climate is characteristic on the island, the temperatures oscillate between 14 ° and 25 ° C with a moderate tropical climate and with maritime and wet influence.

World Heritage.

In the Viñales Valley, color and nature converge, from the Mural of Prehistory to the exuberant tobacco plantations. Recognized as the garden of Cuba. Its valley is declared by UNESCO in 1999, Cultural Landscape of Humanity. Viñales is baptized in the early 1800s by tobacco growers from the Canary Islands. According to the story they were located in the now known Vuelta Abajo. Paradoxically, the first records of settlements date back to 1871 by Don Andrés, owner of the first hacienda. However, is until the 1878s that this town was registered as a town, its hospital, park, school and church being founded.

Touristic interest. Travel guide to viñales

Viñales is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. Its lush valley adorned with mogotes and crystalline pools have made a difference. In this environment its inhabitants have contributed to the ecological protection of it. The naturalness and simplicity of its inhabitants makes it a warm home.

In this destination you can not only enjoy nature, but also sun and beach. We can mention its beautiful Playa María la Gorda. Headquarters of the International Diving Center where you can see one of the most beautiful and colorful sea beds in the country. It is also worth mentioning Cayo Levisa, where it can only be accessed by boat. Exotic and transparent waters, where the blue of the sky seems to mix with the sea.

Valley of Viñales.

For the appreciation of many, the most paradisiacal place in Viñales is its valley. In this the Mural of Prehistory constitutes one of its most valuable attractions. With 120 meters high, according to several visitors, it is the largest open space where you can breathe a pure air.

You can also enjoy the Canopy a sport climbing, to live unforgettable emotions and enjoy the best views, an excellent option if you prefer adrenaline. Viñales Valley is one of the six World Biosphere Reserves, its flora and fauna have turned these beautiful places into the favorite destination of many.

Mural of Prehistory.

Located just 4 km from Viñales, it runs along the slope of the mogote called Pita. This beautiful and wide mural measuring around 120 meters was made by several artists for 4 years. The original idea of ​​recreating on these cliffs, the highest in the Sierra de los Órganos, dinosaurs, sea monsters, the Guanahatabeyes Indians and a huge snail was Celia Sánchez, Alicia Alonso and Antonio Núñez Jiménez, great exponents of our history and culture.

According to the experts, the painting reflects in itself the historical evolution in which the world has developed. What in my judgment I can claim, is that to observe it is to delight in something perhaps simple in the sight of others, but natural and with an incomparable beauty. It was designed by Leovigildo Gonzáles Morrillo in 1961.

Cave of Santo Tomás.

  • Registered as the second largest cave system in Latin America. Its total extension is 46 km, due to its natural characteristics in 1984 it is declared as the National School of Speleology. From this moment he has trained several Cuban speleologists.
  • It has several galleries in eight levels where you can see different rock formations. Bats, some native to the region, formations of stalagmites and stalactites, pools and a well-maintained copy of an ancient Indian mural.
  • This cave has little natural light due to the extension and depth of its galleries. Generally, guided tours last 90 minutes and lanterns are provided for the tour.

Botanical Garden of the sisters Caridad and Carmen.

It is no secret to anyone that Viñales shelters an excellent collection of flora. There are more than 17 endemic species that can only be appreciated in this region. This beautiful garden that contains an excellent collection of orchids, is located in Salvador Cisneros street. Turning north facing the Servicupet. A fence covered with wild vines will give way to the place.

Built since 1918, you will find varied and colorful orchids that resemble waterfalls. Many flourish with plastic doll heads, giving them this witty added value. You will also find several types of lilies, medicinal plants, educational, ornamental, exotic and endemic of the place. You will also see several types of ducks running around.

Sisters Charidad and Carmen

The inhabitants of Viñales say that this botanical garden is their pride. Even Dora Alonso, a Cuban writer, was inspired by him when she wrote her story the ¨Valle de la Pájara Pinta¨. These sisters will transmit their acquired knowledge in a self-taught way. You can enjoy in this piece of land an eternal spring.

House of the Veguero.

You can find it on the road to Pinar del Rio exactly at km 24. An extensive drying room where the process of curing the tobacco leaves is carried out and specialists in the subject, will give you a complete tobacco culture in detail. It has a restaurant that offers Creole food and typical dishes of the place. You can also buy loose cigars, prepared by expert hands. Even without brand, but exquisite and with very accessible prices.

Municipal Museum.

In the main street of the city, Salvador Cisneros you can find the local museum. Treasures the whole history of this town. Surrounded by pine trees is the old home of Adela Azcuy, a female figure who traced a history of struggle for independence in this region. From here, different guided excursions are organized.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Church.

Located in Salvador Cisneros 115, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It protects the religious traditions of the place and was restored a short time ago.

Common services.

In the center of the city you can find the Plaza de Viñales. Around it are located the common services most demanded by the inhabitants and visitors of the place.

Names of the Streets. Travel guide to viñales

Almost all the streets in Viñales have been baptized by names of people related to local history. We related some of the most outstanding: Salvador, Cisneros, Adela Azcuy, Sergio Dopico, Pelayo Cuervo, Juan Manuel Márquez, Ceferino Fernández, Orlando Nodarse, Rafael Trejo, Road to Viñales.

Information of interest Travel guide to viñales

  • House of the Veguero. Viñales.
  • Address: Carretera a Viñales km25.
  • Phone: 48796120.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Access to the Internet and Telephones, ETECSA.

  • Name. ETECSA.
  • Address: Ceferino Fernández No 3.
  • Schedule. 8.30-19 from Monday to Saturday and Sunday until 5:00 p.m.


  • First name. Sergio Dopico.
  • Address: Salvador Cisneros No. 65.
  • Schedule. 8-17 from Monday to Friday, 8-12 Saturday.

Health Assistance for Tourists.

  • Name: International Clinic.
  • Address: Salvador Cisneros Street.
  • Phone: 48796251.
  • Schedule. 24/24.
  • You can also find an International Pharmacy at the Hotel Los Jazmines.

Banks. Travel guide to viñales

Banco de Crédito y Comercio BANDEC.

  • Address: Salvador Cisneros No.58.
  • Phone: 48793130.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

CADECA Exchange House.

  • Address: Salvador Cisneros No.92.
  • Phone: 48796334.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

Banco Popular de Ahorro BPA.

  • Address: Salvador Cisneros No.55.
  • Phone: 48793189.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

Postal Services.

  • Postal Services.
  • Direction: Ceferino Fernández 14 corner Salvador Cisneros.
  • Schedule. 9-18 from Monday to Saturday.

Excursions to Perform in Viñales.

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Private Houses and Hotels to stay in Viñales.

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Restaurants in Travel to viñales.

Tourism has led to a more comfortable life for many inhabitants of Viñales and Cuba in general. It is no less true that this practice in the whole world is the source of income of many homes. Its inhabitants have transformed with comfort and simplicity pleasant spaces for an unbeatable tasting.

El Olivo Restaurant.

Salvador Cisneros street # 89, Viñales. Cuba.

“El Olivo” exhibits a modern and simple decoration, according to the inhabitants. Today it has the best occupation of the palates of the territory, as it has achieved?. Variety in its cuisine, competitive prices, quality in the service and in the offer. The main dish of the house, as we say in Cuba, is the rabbit with grass in chocolate sauce, although others are added. In addition the different pastas and lasagna that are offered are listed as the favorite dishes of many customers.

Tres Jotas Restaurant.

Salvador Cisneros Street # 45.

Tres Jotas Restaurant with an eclectic and elegant decoration is a place that offers an a la carte service of Cuban and international cuisine. In Viñales which is the cradle of roast pork you can also find exquisite river shrimp to the palate and the best place to do it is this restaurant. Your host Jean Pierre will always welcome you with a pleasant smile and will recommend the best options that may be different Spanish tapas. Cheeses, hams, in short the right place for breakfast or dinner, an opportunity that you can not miss.

La Berenjena Restaurant.

Mariana Grajales street between Salvador Cisneros and Rafael Trejo.

Unique in its kind, it is a purely organic and vegetarian restaurant. It has a terrace and wide awnings, where you can choose between a smoothie of fresh natural fruits to vegetable lasagna, crepes, soups, aubergines. They offer some meat dishes of natural cooking for those who do not prefer vegetarianism. The most exotic is that they produce their own honey to sweeten the food. They use treated rainwater and their natural condiments are grown in their garden.

Balcón del Valle Restaurant.

Road to Pinar del Río, exactly 3 km from Viñales.

This restaurant is not centrally located. Its three wooden platforms are a real balcony to delight you with the incredible view of the valley, its mogotes and reddish tobacco plantations brighten up your lunch. The dishes prepared in the Cuban style range from pork, chicken, fish to varieties of salads, viands and accompanied by an abundant garnish. Adequate prices and speed of service have placed it among the favorite sites for visitors and locals.

Cocinita del Medio Restaurant.

Salvador Cisneros, between Celso Maragoto and Adela Azcuy.

The place is very simple and natural without luxuries or decorations, but their food is an experience. If not lost, a traditional house suitable to provide a restaurant service. The quality and abundance of its meat dishes, grilled fish and garnishes make its atmosphere little visible, adequate prices and a pleasant and attentive staff will conquer you.

Where to Shop Travel guide to viñales

Viñales Complex. Located in Salvador Cisneros No 10.

Here you can find varieties of food, toilet, souvenirs to take them. If you love the cigars produced in this territory and considered among the best in the world you can visit. Los Vegueros, is located in Salvador Cisneros No 57. A great variety of Cuban cigars and rums or the Handicraft Market, mobile points that are assembled during the day in Joaquín Pérez street and that sell purely Cuban crafts.

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