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Cuba Travel Guide for Varadero.

Varadero is the main hotel complex in Cuba. White sands and transparent waters have turned it into the destination par excellence of sun and beach. It constitutes the place of greater affluence vacation of the Caribbean.


According to records in the history was founded as a city on December 5, 1887. When ten families settled in the area. However there are records that show that there were landings in the years 1883. The only work that existed in the area was the saline, ships from all over the island came in search of salt and many were stranded by the shallow depth of its waters. The fishermen repaired their boats here, hence the name Varadero.

Tourist Interest of the city of Varadero.

With more than 20 km of beach, fine white sands, crystal clear waters that refresh you from the warm sun of the island and beautiful sea beds. It is the ideal place to enjoy an unbeatable vacation. Varadero has several hotels, marina and a unique golf course in Cuba with 18 double holes. Its waters change from a lighter blue color to a darker one without ever losing its transparency. It is said that they are of special beauty and unique in the world. They are ideal for diving, diving and fishing, as well as an International Skydiving Center.

Geographic location.

Varadero not only have transparent beaches among its natural riches. There is history in the birth of this city. It has a varied vegetation preserved to this day and with several caves where you can appreciate the pre-Columbian art.

Within the city you can enjoy varied cultural and recreational offers. It is a busy city where everything revolves around tourism. Generally in Varaderos clients spend an average of 3 to 5 days, even more.

The climate is typical of Cuba, the temperatures behave between 16 ° and 27 ° C, the climate is tropical and with marked maritime influence.

Being the sun and beach destination par excellence, Varadero has been endowed with several resorts. It has very attractive hotel and extra hotel infrastructures and different prices for various market segments.

Municipal Museum:

It is located on Calle 57 going up from Avenida 1ra. Around you will delight the architecture of homes, characteristics of the beach and dating back several years. Of wood with spaces garages, portals around and high props.

The villa adorned with balconies that will most attract your attention is the Museum, where a whole collection of works of art, classic period furniture and several objects that show you the historical trajectory of this place are protected.

Xanadú Mansion

This beautiful mansion with a refined decoration dating back to the 30s. It is characterized by its luxury and elegance, turned into the retirement retreat for golfers. It offers a service of excellence and comfort to the Varadero Golf Club.

Built on the seafront and on the beachfront. Its architectural mixture interrelates Chinese, American and colonial architecture.

It has a refined cellar where you can taste more than 100 brands of wines. It has six spacious rooms with balcony and ocean view. A la carte services at the restaurant, Mirador bar and two large rooms. The very luxurious Red Room and the Library room where you can appreciate the refined collection of books by Mr. Dupont, the former owner of this residence.

Josone Park in Varadero.

This facility is located on 58th Street, corner 1st Avenue. It has a small lake inside, you can travel by boat and appreciate its beautiful gardens dating from the 1940s. As well as the ostriches and flamingos that decorate the landscape.

Surrounded by trees and natural vegetation, it has a public swimming pool and varied gastronomic offer, spacious and welcoming spaces and even a small train can also facilitate the tour of this place that is known as the green oasis of Varadero.

Cave of Ambrosio.

On the southern highway you can enjoy another experience in Varadero. In addition to sun and beach, diving or surfing you can visit this cave with 500 m long. Inside you can see about 47 colorful pre-Columbian drawings. According to the calculations of cavers and archaeologists dating back 2000 years. Some drawings in the form of a black and red circle resemble those found in other parts of the island and have similarity to a solar calendar.

Common services.

The most common services for the inhabitants are located around 34th Street, either through Avenida 1ra or Avenida Playa. There are shops, wifi points, polyclinic, banks and a small candonga. Where they sell food in small kiosks, in national currency or in cuc.
Names of the streets in Varadero.

In Varadro the streets have been named by a consecutive numerical order. The main arteries have been registered as Avenidas. We relate some of the most outstanding:

1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, Kawama Avenue, Beach Avenue, Camino del Mar

Information of interest. Immigration.

  • First name. Immigration and Immigration Directorate.
  • Address: Corner 1st Avenue and 39th Street.
  • Telephone: 45613494.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Saturday

Access to the Internet and Telephones, ETECSA.

  • First name. ETECSA.
  • Phone: 45667070.
  • Address: Corner First Avenue and 30th Street No 102.
  • Schedule. 8.30-19 from Monday to Saturday and Sunday until 5:00 p.m.


  • First name. Sun of Birán.
  • Address: Avenida 1ra and Calle 31.
  • Telephone: 45613946.
  • Schedule. 8-17 from Monday to Friday, 8-12 Saturday

Health Assistance for Tourists in Varadero.

  • Name: International Clinic.
  • Address: Corner 1st Avenue and 60th Street.
  • Telephone: 45667711.
  • Schedule. 24/24.
  • You can also find an International Pharmacy

Banks. Bank of Credit BANDEC.

  • Address: 1st Avenue No 3501 between Calle 35 and 36.
  • Telephone: 45612616.
  • Schedule. 9-19 from Monday to Friday, until 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

CADECA Exchange House

  • Address: Avenida Playa corner street 40.
  • Telephone: 45667859.
  • Schedule. 8.30-18 from Monday to Saturday, Sunday until 12.

Bank Popular Savings BPA

  • Address: Calle 36 between Avenida 1ra and Autopista Sur.
  • Telephone: 45614270.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Friday.

International Financial Bank BFI

  • Address: 1st Avenue and 32nd Street.
  • Telephone: 45612852.
  • Schedule. 9-12 and from 13-18 from Monday to Friday, from 9-18 Saturdays and Sundays.

Postal Services to Varadero.

  • First name. Postal Services.
  • Address: Calle 64.
  • Telephone: 45668289.
  • Schedule. 8-18 from Monday to Saturday.

Other Services in Varadero

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Restaurants in Varadero.

In Varadero there are dissimilar options to taste a variety of dishes and flavors, but the non-state sector has been inserted between these facilities, achieving the preference of many customers.

Varadero 60

Calle 60, corner 3 avenida, Varadero. Cuba

“Varadero 60” in honor of its name has decorated its interior in the style of the 60s in Cuba. With an elegant and at the same time simple decoration, the quality of its dishes and the excellence of its services has managed to position itself as one of the best options.

Among the specialties of the house is sirloin and lobster accompanied with exquisite wine. The modern decoration of its dishes and the elegance of its presentation are luxury. In my opinion it is a site that is worth visiting.

Salsa Suárez Restaurant

31st Street No 103 between 1st and 3rd Avenue

Salsa Juarez Restaurant is located inside a patio, where the vegetation makes the place a pleasant and fresh atmosphere. It offers an a la carte service of Cuban and international cuisine, is recognized by the breadth of its letter.

In this restaurant you can enjoy a professional gastronomic service. Delicious dishes such as Creole food, excellent pizzas, sushi, risotto and tapas. You can also choose cocktails, wines and natural juices. The best Italian coffees that you can drink in Varadero are served.

Nonna Tina Restaurant

64th Street corner 1st Avenue

Its owners are Italians and have made the menu an unbeatable option. The prices range between 6 and 10 CUC, the pizzas of an ultra-thin dough and cooked with coal are the most preferred dish. Although its cappuccinos are unsurpassed, a front garden makes your sight lively.

Mallorca Restaurant

1st Avenue between 61st and 62nd Streets.

Mallorca Restaurant is a private business where a varied range of products with a Spanish touch are offered.

Among the most varied flavors you will find chickpeas, chorizos and the specialty paella of the house that has given him popularity. Semi-soft rice cooked with seafood such as lobster and shrimp are the preference of many. Other services such as the Bar that has a varied collection of wines and delicious cocktails.

Dante Restaurant

Josone Park, Varadero, Cuba

This state restaurant has managed to keep pace with the competitiveness of the non-state sector. Located next to the beautiful lake of Josone Park, its Cheff improvises excellent Italian dishes ¨al dente¨. It also has an unbeatable collection of wines and highly competitive prices. Pizzas, spaghetti and lasagna are one of the most popular dishes.

La Rampa Restaurant

43rd Street between 1st Avenue and Playa Avenue. Varadero Cuba

This modest family business has arranged tables inside the house and on the terrace. Although it is a simple place, without luxuries or architectural attractions, it is very named for the quality of its food and for the differentiation of its prices. If you want to eat cheap, this is the right place, it offers the cheapest lobster you can try in Varadero. However, the cleanliness and quality of service are highly competitive. A good and economic option.

Where to Purchase to Varadero.

In varadero there is a wide infrastructure with several shopping centers, markets, specialized stores. But the most recommended places where you can find a variety of items are:

Hicacos Shopping Center, is located under the Parque de las 8000 box offices. This underground center has a varied offer from rums, cigars, souvenirs to a market where you can buy various foods. If you are someone who likes to cook your food.

Plaza de las Américas, the first shopping center of Varadero is located on the highway Sur km 7. Here you can find handicraft shops, specialized, fashion and beauty, bank and even restaurants a whole complex.

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