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Visit the City of Guantanamo in travel to cuba. Is celebrated all over the world by the US Naval Base. That illegally maintains since 1902, usurping part of the national territory. Using it as concentration camps and arrests of terrorists. The whole world has echoed for the elimination of this base. Without being heard by the government of the US.

Located 965 km from the capital of the country (Havana). Is composed of plains of marine origin, abrasive-denudative and fluvial marine, delta, slightly wavy in part muddy. The subsoil is composed of limestone, calcarenite and Miocene marl. It is a very populated area, where the misuse or exploitation of groundwater. It has motivated the salinization of soils in some sectors.

Economic Activity, City of Guantanamo in travel to cuba.

Its main economic productions focus on industrial activity. Which is characterized by limited development in relation to other provinces of the country. By having a backward technology in general. For not assimilating the capacity of raw material existing in the territory.

Among the most important industries are the factories of valves and pumps. In addition to furniture, textile productions (AMBAR), and others of the food industry. Among them the combined meat, fish, dairy, beverage and liquor and a coffee processing plant. Trade activity since 2006 has grown considerably as part of the Local Development Program. Already surpasses the 1000 facilities, the city of Guantanamo basically shows a renewed image.

The city head, which today has paved streets, parks, residences and buildings. It was in its early days just a small hamlet. Its streets were dirt, lacked sidewalks, the streets had no lighting. The few houses that were there were made of wood. The most important thing in Guantanamo is the city of Baracoa, the first village in Cuba.