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excursión a viñales desde la habana. havana to viñales day trip. escursioni dall'avana

Havana To Viñales day Trip: Viñales on Horseback

Enjoy with us a Havana To Viñales day Trip. To create an image of the life of the Valley of the Rosary you must enjoy Viñales on horseback. This city, which was declared a Cultural Landscape of Humanity in 2001, represents the authenticity of the Cuban peasant. Letting yourself be caressed by the sun, tenuous by the freshness and the greenness of the valley of the mogotes is really refreshing. In addition, the lands of this area are often wet or very muddy and it is better to go horseback. In the midst of so much nature you can enjoy the talkative silence of the Cuban countryside and all its beauty. The peasants who work there will treat him with great kindness and as if he were part of his family.

Horseback riding through the Viñales Valley.

Havana To Viñales day Trip
Havana To Viñales day Trip. Valley.

Walking through Viñales on horseback, allows you to see the mogotes in the distance and distinguish the design between the plots. Some are only plowed, others begin to be born and the most advanced ones are ready to be picked up. While the mogotes may surprise you because of their height and the exclusivity of being unique in Cuba. Viñales Valley treasures the mystery of life of those who cure tobacco and live in huts. The simplicity of their personality, the love with which they take care of their work and their family will be very interesting. Drink water from your doorknob, Cuban peasant style: separating it from your lips to cool your face. Also, the idea of feeling part of Cuban prehistory will put a different dressing to your excursion.

Characteristics of the Havana To Viñales day Trip: Viñales on Horseback.

  • Duration time: from 2 to 5 hours from Viñales.
  • Guide Service: Yes.
  • Maximum number of Participants: 20.
  • Minimum Number of Participants: does not have.
  • Accepts Children: over six (6) years.
  • Departure time: 8:30 am from Viñales.
  • Lunch: Yes.
  • Includes Drink: Yes, one National Drink.
  • Includes Transportation: Yes, At the customer’s request.
  • Collective or Private Transportation: At the customer’s request.
  • Language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German.
  • Typology: Nature, Historical.
  • Price from: 60 per person from Viñales.

Program Havana To Viñales day Trip: Viñales on Horseback.

  • Departure from the Casas Particulares or Hotels. With your guide.
  • Reach horse to the mural of prehistory.
  • In the Viñales National Park you will enjoy the natural pool.
  • You will stay in a tobacco farm.
  • You will see the Cave of the pools.
  • You can enjoy a panoramic view from the viewpoint.
  • Finally, you will return through the vegas of tobacco.

Mural of prehistory in Viñales on Horseback.

Excursión a Viñales desde La Habana. Mural de la Prehistoria
Havana To Viñales day Trip. Mural of prehistory.

The muralist influence of Diego Rivera reaches the valley of Viñales with the Mural of prehistory. This artistic landscape is 120×160 meters and classified as one of the largest in the open sky. It required an exhaustive work of washing and draining the rock to describe that part of the mogote Dos Hermanas. Leovigildo González organized the mural, which is said to have been a student of the Mexican painter. The paintings show the evolution of life on earth. There converge figures of the animal kingdom such as ammonites and dinosaurs, and man. Some experts have related the composition of the segments of the mural with the mysticity of the number three.

Natural pool, Havana To Viñales day Trip: Viñales on Horseback.

The richness of Viñales is such that before its arrival and its eyes it overflows a natural pool of springs. It is in the very center of the Viñales National Park. When you bathe in these waters you will feel, pleasantly, the change in water temperatures: from cold to hot and vice versa. Acomapañarán your stay there the landscapes that surround you: vegas of snuff, typical houses of the Cuban countryside, crops … In addition, Creole cocktails such as coconut water, mojito and natural juices can be enjoyed in a small bar. The Viñales natural pool is an outdoor spa with many more sensations and emotions.

Viñales on Horseback into the Tobacco farm.

Excursiones desde La Habana. Casa de Tabaco.
Havana To Viñales day Trip. Tobacco Farm.

Viñales is characterized as a tobacco area, that is, a tobacco growing region. Hence, a very interesting visit is the one that is made to one of the tobacco farms. Once inside the property, the same as the guide that the owner of the farm will explain all the details of that work. The details of how tobacco is grown, how they collect their leaves, how they are dried, will be known in the plantations. The drying process is also called tobacco curing. The walk will finish inside the house of curing of the tobacco, determinant for the quality of the cigar to be made.

After knowing the typical life of the tobacco farmer of Viñales, you may want to share a little time at home. And you can do it! Feel at home: bring up a stool and if you prefer, smoke a Cuban cigar. That you light there, will be a gift. Although you can also buy the tobacco bundles, wrapped in yagua (bark of the royal palm) that guarantees its conservation. But tobacco is always accompanied by a drink of coffee. So right there a small coffee grower will give you the details of that aphrodisiac plant and how it is produced. It will also show you how it is picked, dried, sorted, pulped and roasted.

Cave of the pools in Havana To Viñales day Trip.

A place where the beauty of nature does not reveal itself, but through its guidance. In order to appreciate the Cave of the pools in all its splendor, the guide will shed light on your path … and voila! Before you, magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. You will also find other common geological formations, not only in the cave but throughout Viñales. This site will be the coolest of all you visit in Viñales.

Viewpoint with panoramic view.

As an excellent vantage point, this one, where you will arrive in Viñales, will allow you to take some exceptional photos. Besides that it is made with the care of those who love nature: with wood and guano. You can go there, get off the horse and sit quietly to contemplate the route you have walked. The contrast between the shades of green in the Viñales Valley will count as one of his best memories. It will have reached the place where the typical smells of that region will disturb the senses. Where will sigh before so much green and so kindness. By the way, savoring foods made with charcoal or wood, will attest to your good choice with Easy Booking Cuba.

Came back from Havana To Viñales day Trip you visit the Vegas.

When you come back from Viñales on horseback, you will notice how majestic is the place where you have been with your vegas, mogotes … The peasants in your houses will follow your life and you will take the joy of having shared with them. If you once thought that the closest path between two points was the straight line. You will discover that sometimes a trillo, a bend or a shortcut in the Cuban fields have much more adrenaline. You will discover that walking through Viñales on horseback is an experience to live.

Useful tips for the Havana To Viñales day Trip: Viñales on Horseback.

excursión a viñales desde la habana
Havana To Viñales day Trip. Viñales on Horseback.
  • As we are in the tropics, you should wear light fabrics, sunglasses and sunscreen. The shoes? Preferably closed: hiking or tennis boots, but always comfortable, also include sandals to bathe in the river. Wear hat, hat, capes, raincoats or umbrellas because of the rains. Oh, do not forget your camera or your water bottle.
  • We recommend starting the walk through Viñales on horseback very early, around 8:30 am. With the fresh, as they say in Cuba. But you can adjust the schedule with the guide. Bring long pants for your ride through Viñales. Use repellent to avoid insect bites from the field. In your backpack should not be missing candy, protein or some light food for travel.

Conditions of prices Havana To Viñales day Trip: Viñales on Horseback.

  • Easy Booking Cuba will adjust the prices according to the number of clients.
  • Promotional discounts will apply for groups of 4, 6 and 10 people.
  • In the case of this excursion, no minimum number of people is required for your reservation. In addition we will check the departure with you, in the 48 hours prior to your reservation.
  • When weather conditions, reasons over our efforts require cancellation, Easy Booking Cuba will offer you two options. One will be an alternative excursion. The other will be the total reimbursement of the cost of your excursion.
  • When selecting and making your reservation, we will send you the voucher and invoice of the chosen tour. Please print the voucher if you have the possibility to show it to your guide.

The best date to book the excursion.

Havana Excursions to Vinales. Indian cave
Havana To Viñales day Trip. Indian cave.
  • Easy Booking Cuba is ready for you to book with us regardless of season of the year or Cuban tourist season. It only depends on your tastes: high season, very pleasant temperatures or when fewer tourists visit the large island of the Caribbean.
  • In order to avoid losses does not require showing your identification to the guide. In other words, your passport or tourist letter can be left with them. Instead, we recommend that you bring a copy of these documents with you.
  • For a group with more 4 persons you page the 30% of the tour will be paid in Euros, with a letter of credit or bank transfer. While the rest (70%) will pay in Cuba in CUC.
  • We clarify that, banking costs, commissions for use of letter of credit or transfer, Easy Booking Cuba does not assume them. That 30% that pays us in euros is net.

Cancellation Policy Havana To Viñales day Trip: Viñales on Horseback.

If you wish to cancel the tour, here we show you our cancellation terms, once you have paid.

  • If you cancel up to 16 days before your arrival, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid less an administrative fee equivalent to 3% of this amount. The minimum rate that applies is 10 euros.
  • If you cancel your reservation between 15 and 4 days before the arrival date: we reimburse 50% of the total amount you paid.
  • If you cancel only 3 days before the day you will arrive and no-show: we will not refund. It is penalized at 100%.
  • Early departure: In case you decide to close your tour earlier than planned, or do not use (some) items included in your travel reservation such as dinners, tours, hotel nights or transfers, there will be no refund.

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