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Flights to Cuba

Do you need air tickets for flights to Cuba roundtrip ?. Are you wondering where to find cheap flights to Cuba?. Search the Internet or travel agencies for offers of flights to Cuba. The agency Easy Booking Cuba advises you which are the best possibilities.

The first sincere advice we give you, is even against our interests. Find your flights to Cuba yourself. In the 21st century, in the digital age, no agency is needed to buy air tickets. Go to the site of the airlines that fly to Cuba from your country and buy the flight to Cuba. Without intermediaries and when you want, you only need:

  • Possible Departure date.
  • Possible Return date.
  • Number of passengers.
  • Document of the passengers.
  • Origin Airport.
  • Destination airport.

Change in the Sale of Flights to Cuba and the World.

flights to cuba. International airport josé Martí
Flights to Cuba. International Airport José Martí

20 years ago surely our advice to buy a flight to Cuba would have been another. It was necessary to go to a traditional travel agency and buy roundtrip flights. At that time the international tourism industry was structured differently. The logistics and flight reservation processes followed another sales and distribution logic. Each operator had its functions limited and strict. Generally, there were three tour operators.

  • Line airlines.
  • Tour Operators.
  • Travel agency.

Airlines set up flights and scheduled trips. They sold the capabilities to the tour operators. The sales channel was the traditional travel agencies. That in turn received the packages already created from the tour operators. In other words, it was the travel agencies that had a direct relationship with the final customer. They charged for it a commission for each flight (vector sold). Commissions could range from 5% to 10% of the value of the ticket according to its price and destination.

Liberalization of the Tourism Market.

With the arrival of the liberalization of the market to the tourism sector, the world was modernized. The online businesses arrived and these three actors began to overlap their functions. The most affected were the traditional travel agencies. They were the weakest economically, and began to disappear. The airlines created their websites and sell directly to the customer at their best prices.

The most important tour operators have bought fleets of planes and operate charter flights. And traditional travel agencies no longer find benefits in the sale of flights. Currently they receive 1% of the value of the flight. It is a service that is provided to the client by courtesy. That generates a lot of movement of money, with risk and without profit margins.

Flights to Cuba last minute.

It was a philosophy that had its peak in the first decade of 2000. Very accepted by consumer customers. Not so much on the part of the tour operators who looked with bad eyes on the behavior of their customers. It was expected at the last moment to buy the cheapest flights. The companies lowered the price to complete the flights once the breakeven point had been exceeded. Even at times it was necessary to lower the price to reach economic equilibrium. Many airlines and tour operators failed in the attempt and went bankrupt.

Let’s say that in our opinion there is no longer the Last minute sector or last minute flights. It is very difficult to find them and it happens with more frequencies at airports. With the inconvenience of having to spend several days at an airport waiting for your chance.

Cheap Flights or Low Cost to Cuba.

flights to cuba. International airport josé Martí
Flights to Cuba. Cuban Airport

We would assure that the low cost philosophy works only for national or community tours. Not so much for intercontinental flights where the fixed and operating costs are very high. You may be lucky enough to find a cheaper flight because it was not sold by your carrier and they need to recover the cost.

On many occasions tour operators buy the empty space per full. It means that they buy from an airline several empty seats for a certain date. Sometimes they do not manage to sell them all before the departure of the plane. Then they sell the remaining flights to Cuba at cost or even below cost to recover the possible.

When buying flights to Cuba, periods to avoid.

The months of July, August and December are usually the most difficult to reserve. They coincide with the extreme high seasons of tourism to Cuba. Especially after December 15 to January 3 flights to Cuba cost a lot. Still, there is a trick to fly to Cuba at this time. You must buy the flight 2 or three months before. You can also lower the price of your flight if you travel in groups. Also you can reserve it yourself through an independent channel with the airline.

Before booking a flight on any website you must control some details to avoid fraud.

  • That the website has the url https://.
  • Read the conditions of purchase and cancellation.
  • Keep in mind that the price is full of taxes and fees.
  • Baggage conditions.
  • Read carefully the time limit to block the price of a flight (Time Limit flight).
  • Check the times of coincidence with other flights.
  • That the website shows the real contacts such as: telephones, emails, legal headquarters, photos, company or agency data.

Buy Flights to Cuba with Easy Booking Cuba.

If you do not feel safe, or are not very good at shopping online, you can contact us. Our team will help you find the best possible price for your flights to Cuba. We will use our search engines, linked with the best global GDS.

The GDS (Global Distribution System), Global Distribution System. They are databases of consortiums of airlines. Is used by travel agencies to find the best flight deals. Among the most famous are Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre. We offer flights to Cuba with the main international airlines.

We fly personally with you, accompanying you if necessary. Our personal guides fly from the main European cities. Among them Milan, Rome, Firenze, Verona, London, Manchester, Paris, Moscow, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona.

Main airlines that operate flights to Cuba.

  • Air France.
  • Lufthansa.
  • Iberia.
  • Air Canada.
  • British Airline.
  • Air Portugal.
  • Neos air.
  • Blue Panorama.
  • Cubana de Aviación.
  • Scandinavian.
  • Amsterdam airlines.
  • Norwegian.
  • Finnair.
  • Aeroflot.
  • Sky Team.
  • Copa Airline.

Discover Cuba with domestic flights.

flights to cuba. aircraft cuban
Flights to Cuba. Aircraft Cuban

Between the western and eastern end of Cuba there are more than 1000 kilometers. Occasionally you will need to take an internal plane to go from one province to another. A road trip, either by cars or bus, can be tiring. From cayo largo or another of the cays of our archipelago, you may need an aerial connection to reach the mainland.

Domestic flights to Cuba unite the most important cities and tourist poles. Easy Booking Cuba provides information about the main airports and national operators. We provide schedules and itineraries for domestic flights to Cuba. Usually all have as departure or destination the city of Havana.

Delays and cancellation of domestic flights in Cuba.

A particular tip of our agency is not to visit the whole island in a single trip. If possible, avoid domestic flights inside Cuba. We advise making smaller tours. In a first opportunity you can visit half of Cuba. Next time you visit the other half. Cuba is a very safe country, and its aeronautics meets all international standards. But they really possess few aircraft to meet the demand. They are also a little old and need more frequent maintenance. This sometimes causes delays and cancellations of scheduled departures.

This inconvenience will force you to reprogram your plans. Sometimes you must make a trip of 1000 km by bus for 24 hours. He will live it as a forgotten experience. It does not happen every day. But it is our duty to alert you to this possibility. Due to this momentary situation in Cuba. We recommend that you do not book a domestic flight and an international flight on the same day.

Entry and Exit of airports in Cuba.

Before taking a flight to Cuba, find out about Customs and Immigration laws. Avoid unnecessary surprises either at the entrance or at the exit. It will make your vacation more relaxing. Take some money with you (200 USD), you may need it when you arrive. The rest you can have in your credit card and change it according to your needs. Remember that some American cards do not work in Cuba.

You must control that all your documents are in order.

  • Passport updated and current for the next 6 months.
  • Cuban visa card.
  • Travel insurance (You can buy it directly at the Cuban airport if you have forgotten it).
  • Health forms and customs declaration if you need it.

It may take a while to collect your luggage. When you arrive in Cuba, time will change rhythm. In beautiful Cuba everything is slower. Cubans have their style of work, and their pauses. They may exhaust your patience initially. After a few days you start to understand several things and get used to it.

Things you can not take on a flight to Cuba.

flights to cuba. prohibited substances in flights
Flights to Cuba. Prohibited Substances in Flights
  • No type of drug.
  • Psychotropic substances.
  • Pornography.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Products of animal or vegetable origin susceptible to carry diseases.

For more information see the list of products prohibited by the General Customs of Cuba.

Flights from the United States.

For US tourists, direct flights from the United States already work. With different airlines, such as American airline, Delta, United Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest. In its pages you can find the requirements that each one offers for insurance and visa management, reservations, check-up time, baggage policy and other recommendations.

It controls very well the schedules to check luggage and tickets. Each airline may have its own different conditions. For more peace of mind, we advise you to arrive at the airport three hours before your flight.

Transfer from Easy Booking Cuba.

We provide transfer services to and from airports in any city of Cuba. We take you to your Hotel or Casa Particular. Guarantee punctuality on the last day to take your return flight. We will clarify that we offer the services of tranfers together with other services, accommodation, flights, excursion. We do not offer the service of only transfer.

Booking conditions for flights with Easy Booking Cuba.

We recommend reading carefully the section dedicated to booking conditions for flights to Cuba. Cancellation policy, refunds, hours, airport taxes.

Book your Vacations package to Cuba now, including your round trip flight.

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