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Where can I find tourist information about Cuba?

We put at your disposal our network of Local Representatives located throughout the national territory. You can also use INFOTUR Tourist Information Centers. Is possibile in airports and transportation terminals of tourist destinations.

In the tourist information centers you will find at your disposal:

  • Useful information about Cuba Destination, according to your needs.
  • Free supports, printed and digital, that will allow you to orientate yourself. Choose the best attractions for your enjoyment.
  • Sale of maps, thematic guides, books, postcards, souvenirs, among other services.

What is the climate like in Cuba?

  • Cuba’s climate is tropical, seasonally humid, with maritime influence and semi-continental features. Owever, other climatic times located in the mountain systems and on the coasts coexist. They are defined as periods: Few rainy from November to April and rainy from May to October.

Do I need a visa to go to Cuba?

  • The visitor must have a valid passport or a travel document issued in his name and the corresponding visa.  The countries with Cuba maintains free visa agreements are excepted. Tourist Cards can be requested before Cuban consular representations. Also, in travel agencies and airlines. They are of two types: for individual tourists or for tourists traveling in groups.

What clothes or other accessories do you recommend taking to Cuba?

  • Due to the climate of Cuba, warm most of the year. Garments of light fabrics and light colors are recommended. For daytime activities the sports clothing is well accepted and at night the clothes can be light. But attending to the place or occasion, more or less elegant or formal. During the months of our short winter (December to March) it is advisable to have a light coat of wool or gabardine. Especially for traveling in the air-conditioned buses. On the other hand, items that, by their nature and quantity. The passenger can reasonably use during the trip, taking into account the duration, circumstances and purpose of the trip. As well as the profession, activity and characteristics of the same, excluding merchandise that by its type. Quantity or value make presume that they have character or commercial objectives.

What are the customs regulations of Cuba?

  • To travel to Cuba, the visitor must adjust their trip to a tourism program contracted with international agencies. They maintain an agreement with the Cuban Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR). And submit their visa application through the tourist agency that hires the trip. You can also contact the Cuban consular offices in the embassy of your country of residence. Or the representations of Cuba where there is no embassy. National Customs of the Republic of Cuba.

Is medical care guaranteed in all Cuban hotels?

  • Our country has a company specialized in travel assistance and in the sale of insurance. Complying with the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization, to guarantee the necessary protection and assistance to the traveler. Having working agreements with the main Assistance Companies to international level and the Cuban Insurance Houses.

Is it possible to take pictures and movies freely in Cuba?

  • You can take pictures and movies freely, except in restricted areas and marked as military and other. Museums and some places of interest have specific regulations. For color photos, the best hours are between 09:30 and 11:30, and after 4:00 p.m.

How to recognize a house with a rental license?

  • The apartments and houses authorized to rent foreigners have a distinctive blue I-shaped capital somewhere in front of the house. And this has to be clearly visible (see on the home page of our website) and an official book of registration. As in hotels, where you must sign on arrival, to later take it to immigration and report your official arrival to the government of Cuba. Be very careful if you are staying in unauthorized houses, you are committing a serious crime punishable. By law Cuban girls and if you want to stay at your boyfriend / girlfriend’s house, make the immigration application first.
  • How many people can stay in a room for rent?

The price of a room includes 2 adults and one child under 16 years. The cost of a room increases if the number of people is more than 2. Who are all adults and the room has the capacity to accommodate several people. You must request it when filling out the form.

Telephony in Cuba, How to call my mobile or cell phone?

  • Mobile and fixed telephony work very well in Cuba. The Cubans are very addicted to being called by telephone. Internal telephone rates in Cuba are extremely cheap, both local and provincial. However, calls from abroad to Cuba or from Cuba abroad are one of the highest in the world.
  • To call Cuba from abroad you must dial the 119 that is the international operator. Then the 53 that is the prefix of Cuba, then dial the prefix of the town of Cuba. For example, the Havana that is 7 and finally the desired number. Example of a call to Havana 119 53 7 and the desired number.

Fixed telephony.

  • If you call provinces, the prefix is ​​2 dejitos for example. Example call to vineyards 119 53 48 and the desired number if you travel with your mobile or cell phone. You can use it in Cuba, because it is automatically linked to the Cuban telephone company called CUBACEL, This name will appear on your screen quickly. It is advisable not to use it because the rates are very high.
  • If calling from abroad to a cell phone in Cuba, it is free of charge for Cubans.

Electric current and TV signal?

  • The voltage of the electric current of Cuba is 110v and its frequency of 60 Hz, using the flat pins. But most hotels offer 240v and 60Hz voltages as well as adapters for round spigot sockets. In the country there are 5 public television channels. In most of the hotels you can also see satellite and cable channels. The television signals are of the NTSC (American) standard.

How is the internet access on the island?

  • You can access the internet from most of the important hotels and tourist places. Also from the “telepuntos” enabled by the Telecommunications Company of Cuba for these purposes in all the provincial capitals. In the Telepuntos the speed is fast and 1 hour of Connection costs between 1 and 2.00 USD, also several hostels offer the guest the possibility of accessing the Internet by modem (dial up). But it is not characterized by its speed, although if lately there is a better.

What are the main useful information I need to know to travel to Cuba?

You can find this information in the following link: useful-information.