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Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos

With Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos, you will be able to know this city. The Pearl of the South is located inside a natural bay. This exponent city of Cuban culture has indescribable natural and architectural riches. You can get to Cienfuegos by plane by landing at the Jaime González International Airport. By boat docking at the Marlin Cienfuegos and at the Cruise Terminal. Via highway using the bus Viazul and Trantsur that connect the province with the rest of Cuba in space with the city of Trinidad.

Cienfuegos is really beautiful, the architecture of its buildings, its boardwalk and its beautiful bay attest to that. But that majestic blue sea that at sunset becomes a peaceful lake. It is what identifies him, without him the city would not be the same. The Guanaroca lagoon has a beautiful legend, in it you can observe different species of birds. Pink flamingo is one of its biggest attractions. In this place there is also the Cueva de Martín Infierno where there is the largest stalagmite in the world, as well as other mining oddities.

World Heritage City.

Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos
Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos

A Historic Center recognized as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage since 2005. It is the only Cuban city that is born of parents from other countries, mostly French, so that its environment is characterized by that Frenchified air that still remains in our days perfectly. The foundation of Cienfuegos dates from 1819, its origin is due to French emigrant Louis D’Cueuet, who invited 40 French families to settle in this region to increase the white population. These spent part of their fortune on the construction of unique eclectic buildings of French architecture, which today constitute the tangible heritage of the city.

Touristic interest in Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Cienfuegos is a tourist pole that has gradually developed, but has managed to be inserted among the most visited destinations in the country. The Cienfueguero is cultured and that manifests itself in day to day. Benny Moré is the maximum figure of music in Cienfuegos. Director, composer and performer whose tomb is even a National Monument since 2009. The literary environment of Cienfuegos is enriched by authors such as Clotilde del Carmen Rodríguez, Antonio Hurtado del Valle and Mercedes Matamoros. Flamenco dancing, theatrical activity and visual arts are equally prolific in Cienfuegos.

Jagua Bay.

Its bay of Jagua is one of its valuable attributes. Ideal space for the practice of nautical activities. It has the largest coral reef in the Caribbean, named Notre Dame for its similar formation that impresses a French cathedral. Hiking and nature tourism also finds its place in the niche. Attractive spot surrounded by waterfalls and its crystalline pools. You can also experience the city tourism can be another option to exploit in this region. With a high patrimonial value the conservation of its architecture and its history are another experience to discover.

Cienfuegos -Trinidad excursion.

On the road to Trinidad you can find Villa Guajimico. Direct contact with nature, it is the center of diving less crowded but richer in species and diversity. The quality, calm and transparent waters of the south coast show you an unbeatable seabed. From its coral reefs, sponges to a whole colony of fish. Cienfuegos has become a city where circuit tourism is predominant, customers spend on average 1 to 2 days. It has a moderate tropical climate and with influence of oceanic masses, the temperatures oscillate between 16 and 28 degrees Celsius.

Provincial Museum of Cienfuegos.

Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos
Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos center.

Eclectic building characteristic of architecture in the city. It is located on Avenida 54 No. 2702, it was built between 1891 and 1893 as the headquarters of the Spanish Casino. It has a beautiful interior patio and treasures collections of porcelain doll and glassware of its highest range Tiffani or Mary Gregory. Which belonged to wealthy families of the city. You can also appreciate bronze pieces cast in wax, marble and carved alabaster.

Fortress of Our Lady of Jagua.

This fortress, considered the third most important on the island, is located in the Nuclear City. It was completed in 1745, surrounded by a fishing village. Its moat and lift bridge make this cube-shaped castle an attractive place in the city. Inside you can find a small museum and even a restaurant. The most special is its view of the sea, from nowhere else will you have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of this bay to form a bag.

Palace of the Valley, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

On the north side of the city, known as Punta Gorda you will find this idyllic palace. Of two floors and with the characteristic style of the buildings of the city. You have three towers that according to history the right symbolizes strength; that of the center, with a slight imitation of an Indian mosque, religion; and the one on the left, love. Its owner was one of the most affluent of the center of the country. After his death his wife sold him to Batista, this turned him into the casino of the Hotel Jagua, nowadays it is a restaurant.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Cienguegos.

Located on Avenida 56, near the José Martí Park. Majestic the Cienfuegos cathedral is erected, its neoclassical facade dates from the years 1869. Its French stained glass windows of 12 apostles in each chapel, the two towers and its Christ on the altar.

Arc de Triomphe.

You can find it on Avenida 56, in the eastern part of José Martí Park. This park is declared a national monument and cultural heritage, in which two marble lions welcome you, designed in honor of the two sons of the city: the commander of the Liberation Army Manolo Cepero and Doctor Carlos Trujillo. You follow through its glorieta and you will see the triumphal arch built in greeting to the birth of the Republic in 1902, unique in Cuba. Here is a sculpture molded in marble by the Apostle José Martí.

Common services.

Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos
Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos

The most common services for the inhabitants are located around 54th Avenue popularly known as the Boulevard of the city. This is the modern center of Cienfuegos and where you can find supermarkets, banks, specialized stores, art gallery among others.

Names of the Streets, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

In Cienfuegossus streets were named with consecutive numbers and the main ones have been differentiated as Avenidas. Among the most significant are: 46th Avenue, 48th Avenue, 54th Avenue (known as the Boulevard), 56th Avenue, 58th Avenue, 60th Avenue.

Information of interest

  • First name. Immigration office.
  • Address: Calle 46 # 2901, between 29 and 31 (Aduana Building, Cienfuegos).
  • Telephone: 43536444, 43554437.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Saturday.

Access to the Internet and Telephones, ETECSA.

  • First name. ETECSA.
  • Phone: 43515253.
  • Address: Calle 31 No 5402 between Avenida 54 and 56.
  • Schedule. 8.30-19 from Monday to Saturday and Sunday until 5:00 p.m.

Bookshop, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

  • Name. La Fernandina.
  • Address: Calle 37 No 4404 between Avenida 44 and 46.
  • Phone: 43517037.
  • Schedule. 10-20 from Monday to Friday, 8-12 Saturday.

Health Assistance for Tourists.

  • Name: International Clinic.
  • Address: 10th Avenue between 37th and 39th streets.
  • Phone: 43551622.
  • Schedule. 24/24.
  • It also has an International Pharmacy 24 hours a day.

Banks, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos city
Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos city

Bank of Credit and commerce BANDEC.

  • Address: Corner 56th Avenue and 31st Street.
  • Phone: 43516535.
  • Schedule. 9-17 from Monday to Friday.

Popular Bank BPA.

  • Address: Corner of 54th Avenue and 31st Street.
  • Telephone: 43518355.
  • Schedule. 9-17 from Monday to Friday.

International financial bank BFI.

  • Address: Esquina Avenida 54y Calle 29.
  • Telephone: 43551625.
  • Schedule. 9-17 from Monday to Friday.

 CADECA Exchange House.

  • Address: Avenida 64 y 59.
  • Telephone: 43552164.
  • Schedule. 8-17 from Monday to Friday.

Postal Services, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos. nicho excursion
Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos. nicho excursion
  • Postal Services.
  • Address: Avenida 56 between Calle 35 and 37.
  • Schedule. 9-17 from Monday to Friday.

Book the other services, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Links for Excursions to Perform in Cienfuegos.

Link for private house or casas particulares and hotels to stay in Cienfuegos.

Restaurants in Cienfuegos.

Cienfuegos is not only a city rich in architecture and cultural traditions. The culinary culture also has roots in this southern coast of the country. Newly created restaurants managed by the non-state sector have increased the options in this city.

Among the most named are:

Las Mamparas Restaurant.

Calle 37 # 4004 between Avenida 40 and 44, Cienfuegos. Cuba.

“Las Mamparas” has a varied menu of national and international food, but its specialties are Cuban Creole food, a good dish of beans, rice in abundance, roast pork and tostones. Its name is closely related to the decoration, ancient glass doors that separated the rooms in the colonial houses. The place has gained the acceptance of its customers, if you go you will see that it is indeed quite crowded.

Villa Lagarto Restaurant, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Calle 35 # 4b between Avenida 0 and Litoral.

Villa Lagarto Restaurant is a place with a pleasant and spacious atmosphere. It offers an a la carte service of Cuban and international cuisine. Among the specialties of the house are the brochettes composed of skewers with pork, shrimp and vegetables. The approximate price per person ranges between $ 10.00 CUC and $ 18.00 CUC or its equivalent in National Currency and is open every day between the hours of 12 and 23 hours.

Finca de Mar Restaurant.

35th Street between 18th and 20th Avenue.

If you come with a tight budget it is not advisable to visit the place, but if you like fish and seafood, it is worth making an effort and depriving yourself of something else, their prices are a little higher than others, but your menu is unbeatable, the dishes range from $ 10.00 CUC to $ 20.00 CUC per person, specializing in fish and seafood, octopus and lobster dishes are the most popular. The place is very busy, especially international tourism, and I do not think that national tourism is not so frequent because of the prices, because the difference is not so high, I would say rather that the reason is pure culinary culture.

Doña Nora Restaurant, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Calle 37 between Avenida 42 and 44, in the Prado.

In Doña Nora Restaurant you can enjoy a nice breakfast, a snack, lunch, or dinner, depending on the schedule of your visit, provides service from 8.00-15.00 and from 18.00-23.00 hours, its cuisine is very varied and the specialty is the grilled meats, the mixed grill composed of several types of meat as pork, beef, chicken and exquisitely decorated are the main dish of the place.

It is located on the first floor of a building in the meadow, so space is not your strength, they also placed tables on the balcony, it is the best area, there is natural ventilation and you can observe the movement of the street.

Te Quedarás Restaurant.

Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos. Restaurant Te Quedaras.
Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos. Restaurant Te Quedaras.

Avenida 54 between 35 and 37 streets, Cienfuegos. Cuba.

This place is very particular and characteristic, as its name indicates it was created in homage to Benny Moré, an emblematic Cienfuegos figure, the interiors are very well decorated allegorical photographs of the mambo, in its classic columns walls and a great wooden bar. The staff is very friendly and the food exquisite. Absolutely to taste! Unbeatable location, in the center of the Boulevard, you can admire the lively city from your balcony listening to Benny songs or cleaning your palate with a good cocktail.

Where to shop at Cienfuegos, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Along the Boulevard from the Paseo del Prado to the José Martí Park there are varieties of shops. You can buy toiletries, jewelry, handicrafts, clothing and footwear, beach products and food.

If you want to buy tobacco, rum and coffee, you can get to the corner of Avenida 54 and Calle 33, a friendly and welcoming environment where they will recommend the best brands produced in the country.

Nightlife and fun in Cienfuegos.

The musical culture of Cienfuegos comes from the cradle. One of his closest children, the Barbarian of Rhythm idealized it in one of his songs. A city with great exponents of culture in general has a variety of options to have a drink, dance, meet people or enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Cultural Center of the Benny Moré Arts.

Located on Avenida 56, you can enjoy traditional Cuban music, with a dance floor and bar, Tuesdays are dedicated to Benny.

Gardens of the UNEAC. In the street 25 No 5413.

Ideal space to enjoy traditional Cuban music, trova, Afro-Cuban music. In addition you can enjoy live bands and local orchestras.

Tomás Terry Theater, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

Concerts or works, a show, not to miss. The majestic building itself is a revelation of art. Conceived in the style of the Roman coliseums, horseshoe shaped and decorated by three artistic mosaics of the Venetian house Salvatti. The colored masks of the three graces: Talía (muse of comedy and idyll), Euterpe (of music) and Melpomene (of tragedy), is the pride of the people of Cienfuegos.

Disco Club el Benny.

Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos. Benny More
Cuba Travel Tips cienfuegos. Benny More

From 10 o’clock at night until 3 o’clock in the morning, as we say in Cuba, you can spend the sole of your shoes, very varied dance music, from pop, salsa, merengue and even some of them. In the boulevard of the city, the main artery of Cienfuegos, you can laugh and have a good time.

Other Sites of Interest, Cuba Travel Tips for Cienfuegos.

You can also visit in the city sites such as: the House of the Founder, statue of Benny, Club Cienfueguero. The Blue Palace, the Punta, the Reina cemetery, the Nuclear Plant, the Guanarocao Lagoon. The Dolphinarium where you can enjoy an interactive show and even if you want a refreshing swim with these intelligent animals.

Traditional Celebrations of Cienfuegos.

Cienfuegos is a city rich in culture and tradition during the year different activities are celebrated. The most important are the week of the Cienfuegos culture in the month of April, the Cienfuegos carnival in the month of August. The biennial Benny Moré and the procession, in the month of November and December respectively. The latter pays tribute to the protector of the city, the Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

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