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Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey

Know with us the Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey, the city of tinajones (very large earthenware jars), is the third largest in Cuba. It is one of the most exquisite in heritage values. It has one of the most important historical centers in the country. Easy Booking Cuba accompanies you through the land of the “Agramontinos”. Its inhabitants receive this name in honor of Major General Ignacio Agramonte . Illustrious Cuban patriot chief who fought against Spanish domination in the War of 10 years in 1868.

It has an extensive plain, where livestock and agriculture are developed. It is the most coastal region of Cuba. Along with its beaches and the wealth of its natural reserves, it becomes one of the destinations with the most tourist potentials. On the north coast is the largest pink flamingo nesting reserve in the Caribbean. We recommend traveling with a rental car, you can better organize your time.

World Heritage.

trip to camaguey. colonial city.
Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey. Colonial City.

Declared by the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity, since 2008. It retains its Hispano-Arabic particularities in its urbanism and architecture. Treasures a rich collection of buildings of unparalleled value. Between squares, manor houses and labyrinthine streets, they converge integrally with different styles: colonial, eclectic, art nouveau, art deco and modern.

Foundation of Camagüey City.

Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe, currently Camagüey, was founded on February 2, on 1514, by Diego Velázquez. Being the fourth village established by the Spanish. The initial founding site was at Punta Guincho, on the north coast, near Nuevitas. Later, in 1528, it moves to its current location.

There are two versions of the name change. One points to it being in honor of a tree called Camagua. That, according to legend, emanates all of life. The other says that it is due to Camagüebax. Who exercised his command between the Tínima and Hatibonico rivers, where the first houses began to be built.

Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

Its tangled streets and colonial buildings are seductive. It is said that its streets were designed to confuse the corsairs and pirates their inhabitants. Among them you can explore squares, churches, galleries and charming bars and restaurants.

The tinajones, insignia of Camagüey, can be seen in the city and particularly in houses. They are containers of clay that were used to store grains, wine, oil and water. They have existed since the 17th century.

It´s cradle of great exponents of Cuban culture and history. Silvestre de Balboa, author of the first Cuban literary work: Espejo de paciencia (Mirror of Patience). Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, important Hispanic writer of her time. Camagüey is the land of our illustrious National Poet: Nicolás Guillén.

Santa Lucía Beach.

trip to camaguey. ballet.
Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey. Ballet.

Santa Lucía beach is the main beach resort in the region. Linked to Cayo Romano (Natural Park), Cayo Guajaba and Cayo Sabinal. It has more than 30 dive sites, where you can see some other submerged boat. Enjoy its diving areas and nautical activities. You can see a wonderful underwater world and its coral reef with an extraordinary biodiversity.

San Juan de Dios Square.

San Juan de Dios Square was built in 1728, when the church and the hospital already existed. In its surroundings are the most important architectural group of the city. The church of San Juan de Dios has the only representation of the Holy Spirit in its human form in Cuba. The Office of the Historian of the City, formerly was the Hospital – Convent of San Juan de Dios.

Ignacio Agramonte Plaza.

It was the foundational site of the city. Over the years it has had different names. Either: main Square or the Great Church, Constitution Square, Recreational Square and Square of the Queen. Finally, in 1899 it receives the name that it has at present. In the center there is an equestrian statue of the hero of the War of Independence, which gives the place its name. Around the square is the Cathedral, the Municipal Government and the Provincial Library. In addition, there are the Trova House, the Nicolás Guillén Research Center and the house of Carlos J. Finlay.

Main Theater.

Built in 1850. It is currently the headquarters of the Camagüey Ballet. In addition, it hosts numerous cultural events.

Soledad Square.

Named after the church was there, its neighbors popularly called it Plaza del Gallo (Rooster Square). The building dates from 1776 and is one of exponents of the baroque colonial architecture.

Plaza del Carmen (Carmen Square).

Located west of downtown, is this beautiful square. On its right is the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, one of the most beautiful in the city. The cobbled central area has tinajones and life-size figures that recreate inhabitants in their usual tasks.

Ignacio Agramonte Birthplace is a Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

Housed in a majestic seventeenth-century mansion, the memorial museum offers a view of the life of those times. Through photos, documents and objects, the story of the family and the Camagüey patriot is told.

Country Club Square.

The green heart of the city, the Gonzalo de Quezada Park. Popularly known as the Casino Campestre, it is the largest urban park in Cuba. It was founded in 1860. Its leafy trees and beautiful statues stand out. The waters of the Hatibonico River refresh their terrain.

Nicolás Guillén Natal House.

Originally this house was the home of a family in the second decade of the 19th century. Nicolás Guillén, the National Poet, was born on July 10 in 1902. Now there is a Research Center and a small museum dedicated to the poet.

Finlay House.

The physicist and microbiologist Carlos J. Finlay, born in Camagüey in 1833. He was the discoverer of the transmitting agent of yellow fever: the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. In this museum house aspects about its life and scientific results are exposed.

Channel of the Maximum river.

One of the natural beauties of Camagüey is the channel of the Máximo river. This forms like a pool, whose walls are white calcium rocks. It extends about 500 meters downstream. This place, one of the most unique on the planet, was formed 28 million years ago. Because of its beauty and uniqueness it was declared a National Monument.

Santa Lucia beach in Trip to Camagüey.

This white sand beach and turquoise blue water is close to the second largest coral reef in the world. The main tourist area has 20 km of beach with several immersion sites. You can see ancient ships submerged in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Enjoy an exclusive show, where expert guides feed friendly bull sharks. Its calm waters are also ideal for fishing.

Other Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

trip to camaguey. diving in santa lucía.
Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey. Diving in Santa Lucía.

Cayo Romano, Cayo Guajabal and Cayo Sabinal are part of the protected area. It has an area of ​​335 km2 and approximately 30 virgin beaches. It can be accessed through the causeway or catamaran from Santa Lucia Beach. Visit the Columbus lighthouse (1894) and the ruins of Fort San Hilario, used by corsairs and pirates. Wild horses, cows, sheep, deer, hutias, iguanas and turtles coexist in this key.

The Rancho Rey tourist farm is half an hour from Santa Lucía Beach. It is the ideal opportunity to have an approach with the life of the Cuban peasant. Lovers of the rural environment, specifically the rodeo, can enjoy this perfect option.

Visiting the crocodile breeding center helps raise the level of adrenaline. Look closely at these impressive reptiles. Some reach up to 4 meters long. Navigate the Maximo river by boat and explore a wonderful cave.

Traditional festivities Trip to Camagüey.

The San Juan of Camagüey is a traditional festival born between 1725 and 1728. It has become the most popular in the region. The festivities begin on January 24 and last a whole week. It is characterized by dances, floats, comparsas (parades) and congas.

The National Theater Festival is held at the end of September and welcomes the best of Cuban theater.

Common services.

The main commercial street of Camagüey is Maceo, with several souvenir shops, bookstores and shopping centers. On this street, there is also an attractive pedestrian promenade. The city has an international airport “Ignacio Agramonte” located on Avenue Finlay km 7 ½. Viazul bus terminal is located on Central Highway Este and Peru, El Retiro Neighborhood.

Information about Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

Bookstores. Antonio Suárez.

  • Address: Maceo No. 7.
  • Phone: 32293740.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-15: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

The Cultural.

  • Address: General Gómez No. 67.
  • Phone: 32294313.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-15: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

Mariana Grajales.

  • Address: Republic No. 300.
  • Phone: 32292390.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-15: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.


  • Name: Immigration Office.
  • Address: Calle 3era, No. 156, between 8 and 10, Reparto Vista Hermosa.
  • Schedule. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8: 00-19: 00 hrs, Tuesday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Thursday and Saturday 8: 00-12: 00 hrs.

Internet access and telephones, ETECSA.

Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey. Hotel to Santa Lucía
  • Name: ETECSA telepoint.
  • Address: Republic, between San Martín and José Ramón Silva.
  • Phone: 41324199.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-19: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.


  • Name: Julio Antonio Mella.
  • Address: Cisneros No. 177.
  • Phone: 32293793.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-17: 00 hrs from Monday to Friday.

Healthcare, Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

Medical services.

  • Address: Ignacio Agramonte No. 449.
  • Phone: 32251952.
  • Schedule. 24 hrs.

Integral Polyclinic Rodolfo Ramírez Esquivel.

  • Address: Corner Ignacio Sánchez and Joaquín de Agüero.
  • Phone: 32281481.
  • Schedule. 24 hrs.

José Martí Polyclinic.

  • Address: Luaces No. 1.
  • Phone: 32297810.
  • Schedule. 24 hrs.

Banks in Trip to Camagüey.

Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey Hotel Santa María
Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey Hotel Santa María

Bank of Credit and Commerce.

  • Address: Corner Avenue Agramonte y Cisneros.
  • Phone: 32292530.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-15: 00 from Monday to Saturday.

CADECA Exchange House.

  • Address: Republic No. 84, between Oscar Primelles and El Solitario.
  • Phone: 32295220.
  • Schedule. 9: 00-17: 00 from Monday to Saturday.

Banco Financiero Internacional BFI.

  • Address: Independencia No. 221, between Agüero and Martí brothers.
  • Phone: 32294846/32293343.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-15: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

Postal services.

  • Name: Post Office.
  • Address: Avenue Agramonte No. 461, between Independencia and Cisneros.
  • Phone: 41323420.
  • Schedule. 8: 00-17: 00 hrs from Monday to Saturday.

 what things to do in Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

The city of the tinajones offers attractive excursions, visit our link and choose the one of your preference:

Private houses and hotels to stay in Trip to Camagüey.

Nice Casas Particulares or BnB and hotels you can choose to stay in Camagüey. Select to your liking in the corresponding link:

Restaurants in Camagüey.

Mesón del Príncipe (Prince´s Meson).

trip to camaguey. restaurant
Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey. Restaurant.

Address: Astilleros No. 7, Telephone: 52404598

This elegant restaurant offers the best of Cuban cuisine with touches of haute cuisine in a refined building. The service staff is attentive and very professional.

El Paso (The Step).

Address: Hermanos Agüero No. 261, between Carmen and Honda, Telephone: 32274321

Open all day, this excellent restaurant is located in the Plaza del Carmen. The interior decoration makes the place a pleasant space. It serves tasty old clothes and rice with chicken to the chorrillana (with plum and peppers). Enjoy a delicious dessert typical of the place: potato bread, made with yucca and coconut. It has a beautiful patio and a terrace on the second floor. It has a varied menu of cocktails and wines.

Austria House, Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

Address: Lugareño No. 121, between San Rafael and San Clemente, Telephone: 32285580.

It offers in its international menu strudel, cordon bleu, schnitzel and chickpeas stewed with tomato and bacon.

Santa Teresa Italian Restaurant .

Address: Victory Avenue No. 12, between Padre Carmelo and Freyre, Telephone: 32297108.

You can enjoy exquisite pizzas and tasty ice creams in your patio. Be sure to try their excellent espresso coffee.

La Isabella Restaurant.

Address: Corner Agramonte Avenue and Independencia, Telephone: 32242925.

This modern restaurant is located where previously was the first cinema of Camagüey. It is decorated with a cinema atmosphere, with director-style chairs. Offers Italian food (pizza, lasagna, fettuccine).

City Café.

Address: Agramonte Square, corner Martí y Cisneros, Telephone: 32258412

Excellent colonial cafe located in Agramonte Square. Provides a charming service.

Where to do the shopping near of Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

At El Encanto store, you can make the purchases you need. It is located at Maceo Street No. 54, corner General Gómez. In the Cultural Assets Fund on Libertad Avenue and ARtex Souvenir, they sell all kinds of gifts and souvenirs.

Nightlife and fun near to the Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey Camino de Hierro
Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey Camino de Hierro

Perhaps because of its past as corsairs and pirates, Camagüey has attractive taverns. Among them: Bodegón Don Cayetano (Republic No. 79), Bucanero Tavern (Republic Corner and Fidel Céspedes) and El Cambio Bar (Martí corner Independence). Ideal places to share drinks with friends.

This beautiful city offers several places for your enjoyment and relaxation:

Main Theater.

Address: Padre Valencia No. 64, Telephone: 32293048

It is the headquarters of the Ballet Company of Camagüey, the second in Cuba and recognized throughout the world. Located in a majestic building of 1850. Do not miss his shows.

Patricio Ballagas Trova House.

Address: Cisneros No. 171, between Martí and Christ, Telephone: 32291357

With a beautiful patio where musicians delight with their songs and the visitors dance with their rhythm. If you like traditional music, attend on Tuesdays.

Caribbean Cultural Center, Cuba Tourist Attractions in Camagüey.

Address: Narciso Montreal, Street 1, corner Freyre, Telephone: 32298112

It is the best Cabaret without counting those of Havana. Discover a divine show full of sequins and feathers.

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