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Cuba Tour: Excursion-Easy Booking Cuba

Book a Cuba Tour + Cheap Flights + Rental Car .

Book a Cuba Tour, this island since 2017 has become  the most amazing tourist destination in  the Caribbean. Many of the planet’s inhabitants had no idea what playground they had missed. Partly because world news didn’t have us on their agendas as a tourism product. But after 2017, taking a Cuba Tour has been an unforgettable wonder. If you need transportation, click here and ask our team to organize your vacation trip to Cuba.

The first thing we must make clear is that this is one of the safest destinations that exist. Not only because of the authorities, but because in general alarming or intimidating events do not happen. Here both visitors and locals can be up to the wee hours on the streets without danger. At the same time, the bohemian spirit of many Cubans makes having fun an extended outlet. To move between destinations you will need organized transportation. Who better than CubaCar to organize it.

But you, a client with a wide range of Tours Cuba, the decision will take some time. Or better, here we recommend you contact easyBookingCuba the best routes, themes, landscapes.

What can I do on a Cuba Tour?

Cuba Tour Playa Pesquero
Cuba Tour Playa Pesquero

The first thing: in the Tour Cuba that we recommend here you have all the data you need. You have the characteristics of the cities, a brief history of the place and useful tips for the tour. In addition to that we describe the type of route you have before you.

Each and every one of our visits have a specialized or local guide, your experience will make you feel Cuban. Our guide will provide you with the historical details of the city in question or the agricultural activity they experience. And at the same time it will incorporate your own experience of the time you have been in your work. This of course leads to the professionalism of our staff. And it is a guarantee that you will be able to meet most of your expectations and be surprised.

On a Cuba Tour you can: visit tobacco crops, enter the factories and roller shops. Experience the difficult job of preparing a good cigar, the best in the world, according to Hollywood slogan. Master a horse in the middle of the most peaceful countryside of this island. You will feel at home, like living a parallel life. You can dive, hike, bike on hills, roads or inhospitable trails. Continue through art galleries, vintage cars, hotels or camping. You can do the imagined, because we adjust the program to your demands.

One more sample traveling with a Cuba Tour.

Cuba Tour Trinidad
Cuba Tour Trinidad

The constant summer climate throughout the year in Cuba makes the areas of beaches and rivers the favorites. Luckily Cuban beaches have a warm temperature all year round. While the rivers, waterfalls and natural pools are a little cooler, especially in July and August. Months in which the married ones are also full by the previous rains of spring.

In these places you can combine two activities, even if you are not a fan. You will be exposed to so much beauty that you will have to take the camera. It does not matter if it is a cell phone or a professional camera, a Cuba Tour needs photos. Sometimes because nature here is very noble in colors, lights, umbrellas, images. Others because the urban or rural scenes to which you are exposed are not common for you. Or it may be that before you you have a scene that you have only known in books.

It can also happen to you that you get so involved in the way of life of the Cuban that you aspire to understand our language. At least the keywords of this special form of Spanish. Because speaking Spanish is not the same as speaking Cuban, we have our linguistic peculiarities.

You Cuba Tour in the never-ending story in Wonderland.

When you have lived a Cuba Tour, but one in each city, in each zone, in each province. Something unexpected will happen to you. You will feel the urgent need to return to this Caribbean island.

Initially you will not be able to explain it, you will not find an exact reason. But when you spend a few minutes to understand the feeling you will discover all the sensations you experienced in Cuba. Many of them you haven’t lived in for a long time. Many you did not know: you did not know that strangers are able to help you without knowing you before. You also didn’t know that you don’t need a formal invitation to visit the house. Or prepare a trip of friends. Spontaneity, which lives in you because you are on vacation, is never absent in Cubans.

On the other hand, you should prepare yourself for if you are so surprised, ask for a change of air ticket. We don’t have great luxuries. But the warmth of the people, their link with so many cultures, themes, philosophies and history captivate. Once wrapped up in the social dynamics of Cubans, you will need a few minutes to ask yourself. How did all this start that has made me understand more about life? The answer will come to you in a few words. With some Cuba Tour.

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