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The Different Idea for cuba package holidays

We offer you The Different Idea for cuba package holidays, because we leave everything to your imagination, to your fantasy. We guarantee you only where to sleep and transport at the time you want to move. The rest you plan when you want. Although you can always ask us for a suggestion.

  • Duration: 23 Days. Adaptable to the needs of each one.
  • Visit to: Havana, Viñales, Bay of Pigs, Trinidad, Camagüey, Santa Lucía Beach, Guardalavaca, Cayo Saetía, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba.

And you can even send us your Excursion proposal as a diary. Ideal to publish it with your name and your photo on our site. So all our clients know you and follow your steps. You will receive a payment in the form of a bonus.

Day 1. Arrival in Havana.

Pick up at the airport and transfer to the hotel or private house. Night at disposal.

Day 2. A Cuban start for a different cuba package holidays.

cuba package holidays. old havana plaza de armas.
Cuba Package Holidays. Old Havana Plaza de Armas.

For most people, Havana is the first stop in Cuba since the main international airport is here. But pragmatism should not be the only reason to visit this fascinating city. Its beauty, history, eclecticism, art, Caribbean atmosphere and, above all, rhythm, are unique in the world. We suggest you take it easy on the first day, take a walk through Old Havana, the old part of the city, and visit squares, parks and cobbled streets, before noon.

As the midday gets hot, find a good place to have lunch, for example, in Plaza Vieja. During the afternoon, you can take a tour on the scenic sightseeing bus. It has two floors, and leaves every 15 minutes from the Central Park. This tour will take you through the city, passing through the main attractions of the capital. Like ‘La Plaza de la Revolución’, while you relax and enjoy the Caribbean breeze. Another option is to make a spectacular tour of the city on a 2-hour tour in a classic car, which will also take you to the most famous parts of the city.

Instead of feeling like a tourist, you’ll have the feeling of being a Hollywood star in the fifties when you stroll along the Malecón, the promenade. Returning in the afternoon, you can enjoy a real Cuban dinner in one of the many private restaurants. Here, you will have the feeling of eating foods prepared by your grandmother.

Day 3. Let your instincts be your guide.

On your first day in Cuba, you savored the atmosphere of Havana. Now is the time to explore a little more !. Havana is known for its rich cultural life. If you are interested in history, you should not miss the ‘Museum of the Revolution’. Or, if you’re a fan of art, the museum ‘Bellas Artes’ is essential, especially the ‘Cuban Building’ that houses Cuban art. But museums are not attractive to everyone. You might wonder what else you can do in a city that is full of possibilities. You can go for a stroll along the boardwalk, visit the mountain hut or get informed about the manifestations of art and culture. They are developed every day in Havana, because Havana is the Cultural Capital of Cuba. The great and famous artists of all the manifestations meet in Havana.

Days 4 and 5. Adventure in Viñales with cuba package holidays.

cuba package holidays. Seafari Viñales
Cuba Package Holidays. Seafari Viñales.

After three days of exploring the life of the city, it will be nice to see some of the nature of Cuba. Viñales is a perfect destination to do that! Viñales is not far from Havana and has a natural beauty like you have never seen before. The easiest way to get to Viñales from Havana is by car although you can still use viazul. A good idea before leaving on your road trip is to walk down Obispo Street and buy some CDs with Cuban music. All rental cars have CD players and you can add an additional Cuban flare to your trip.

Take a walk or ride through the valley, which is the perfect way to see the main attractions. Stop by a tobacco grower who will explain all the details of the cigar making process. From the cultivation and harvest of tobacco plants, to their drying and the manufacture of cigars. Even if you’re not a smoker, it’s a very interesting process! You can go through the prehistoric mural, which is not really prehistoric, but painted in the sixties. You may wonder about its aesthetics, but, nevertheless, it is definitely an interesting work of art.

If you visit Viñales with a guide, ask him to take you to his caves that are not easy to find on your own. They are definitely interesting and exciting. For an afternoon cocktail, stop by a bar on the outskirts of the city that serves the best ‘crazy coconut’. Rum and coconut milk, served in a coconut.

Day 6. From Viñales to Villa Guamá with cuba package holidays.

Plan your departure from Viñales during the morning and stop at Las Terrazas. It is an ecotourism town where many artists reside. This quiet environment is lovely to take a walk, visit some of the local artists and simply enjoy the beautiful surroundings. It is also a good place to have lunch: the vegetarian restaurant ‘El Romero’ serves unique and creative dishes. Finish your lunch with a deliciously brewed coffee at Café de María. The lady prepares you for you with care, and will have new energy to return to the road and continue to Guamá.

Day 7. Immerse yourself in nature at Villa Guamá.

Villa Guamá is a unique place in Cuba. Villa Guamá is a reconstruction of a town of the indigenous population of Cuba. It may seem interesting or not, but definitely worth a visit. Getting there is an adventure in itself. Villa Guamá can only be accessed by boat and that is part of the charm of this place. You will arrive at the hotel by boat. The hotel consists of cabins built on stilts on the water in the middle of nature.

The cabins are made of wood with roofs of palm leaves; Very simple but fully equipped. At night, you can take the time to read a book, play a card game and, most importantly, enjoy the natural environment. The next morning, it is very possible that you wake up with the sound of a woodpecker nesting next to your window, or a Zunzún (hummingbird) flying on your terrace. The idyllic setting is not only for birdwatchers, but also for photographers, paradise!

Days 8, 9 and 10. Walking around Trinidad with cuba package holidays.

cuba package holidays. Trinidad Church.
Cuba Package Holidays. Trinidad Church.

A phenomenal city with a phenomenal location !. Not in vain, this small city is the second most visited place by tourists in Cuba. Intimate atmosphere, colonial architecture, cobbled streets and a great and beautiful beach nearby. These are some of Trinidad’s main characteristics. Where surely you need at least 3 days to discover it and do all the excursions we offer.

At night go to the Plaza Mayor. Around the corner (the music will call you), there are ‘the stairs of Trinidad’, where ‘La Casa de la Música’ is located. Live bands perform here every night and people dance salsa de fuego on the cobblestone stairs. Here you will spend a Cuban night as you never imagined it! Ask for a mojito (or two) and join the Cubans dancing !. If you still have energy after showing your best moves on the stairs of Trinidad. Continue with the party and continue with ‘Ayala’, a disco that is located in a cave. Here you can celebrate until the wee hours of the morning between the stalactites and the stalagmites, while you move for more modern Cuban songs (reguetón).

Day 11. Getting lost in Camagüey, cuba package holidays.

Entering the city of Camagüey can be complicated. When the city was established for the first time, it was frequently attacked by pirates. Therefore, its residents tried to confuse them by building their streets like a labyrinth. Today, it is still a labyrinth, confusing tourists instead of pirates! Therefore, we suggest that you leave your car as quickly as possible and continue walking through the city. Unless you are well versed in reading the maps, it is very likely that you will get lost here. Not only was the city built as a labyrinth, but the names of the streets have changed in recent years (as in many other Cuban cities). Reading maps can be quite confusing.

Camagüey is the Catholic soul of Cuba, and Catholicism has left its mark on its urban landscape. The city probably has the largest concentration of churches in Cuba, of which each is beautiful. The Church of Our Lady of Mercy is by far the most impressive, with mysterious catacombs that you can explore. It also houses an old convent where the nuns still live, although every year less. Among all the small and crumbling streets, there are many open spaces and parks that are ideal for relaxing with a coffee or a beer (or mojito!). In many of the squares, you will find works of art, of which Plaza del Carmen is the best example.

Days 12-13. Diving in Santa Lucia Beach with cuba package holidays.

Playa Santa Lucía is a perfect stop between Camagüey and Guardalavaca. It has the additional advantage that it is one of the best places to dive in the Caribbean. Playa Santa Lucia has the perfect proximity to the second largest coral reef in the world, the closest to only 200 meters !. In Santa Lucia Beach, you will have a great diving experience admiring the corals, have more than 35 different diving points, to dive among shipwrecks. And we did not even mention the most exciting experience of all: see how the guides feed the bull sharks, which can reach up to 3 meters in length. To organize your dive in Playa Santa Lucia, head to the ‘Shark Friends Dive Center’, located between Brisas Santa Lucía and Gran Club Santa Lucía.

Days 14, 15, 16. Relaxation in Guardalavaca with a cuba package holidays.

It has been an intensive of 2 weeks: to know a new culture, to adapt to the Cuban way of life, to travel all over the island. So, now is the time of some days of absolute relaxation and well deserved. Beach, Guardalavaca is highly recommended as a place to visit and is an attraction in itself. Although it is a tourist destination, many Cubans also choose this beach for their vacations. This makes Guardalavaca a more diverse beach and, as a result, you will feel less like a tourist bubble. The main reason to go to Guardalavaca is to enjoy the great beach and the ocean. From Guardalavaca you can visit Gibara, Biran and many other places of historical and cultural interest.

Day 17, 18. From Guardalavaca to Cayo Saetía.

cuba package holidays. Saetia Key
Cuba Package Holidays. Saetia Key excursion.

Baracoa is a bit strange in Cuba, and that’s what makes it so interesting. Separated from the main island until relatively recently. The Baracoans developed their own Cuban culture, but still unique. This uniqueness is further accentuated by the fairy-tale nature that surrounds Baracoa. The road from Guardalavaca to Baracoa is not very well maintained, so we advise you to get up early, as the bumpy road may take some time to maneuver.

Try to go through Cayo Saetia. This island inhibits a protected wildlife park where more than 19 species of exotic animals roam freely. Something very strange to see in Cuba and therefore worth a visit (you can even see giraffes!). From Cayo Saetia, it is more or less a 3-hour trip to Baracoa. About 20 kilometers before reaching the city center, you will find an almost unknown beach, Playa Maguana. On this beach is Villa Maguana, one of the most exceptional hotels in Cuba. This completely ecological lodging, exists of 4 cabins, each one with 4 rooms.

Days 19, 20. Meet Baracoa with a cuba package holidays.

Prepare to explore the peculiar city of Baracoa !. Baracoa separated from the main land of Cuba until 1964, when La Farola was built. A 55 kilometer road that crosses the mountains that surround Baracoa, and one of the seven wonders of civil engineering of modern Cuba. The separation of Baracoa was not only a culture different from the mainland of Cuba, but also in a unique kitchen. For example, unlike the rest of Cuba, the people of Baracoa do not fear using spices when they prepare food.

The first and most important thing to do in Baracoa is to eat. Two things you should try here are: the cone, which is coconut crumbled mixed with almonds and honey and wrapped in a cone of palm leaf. The whisk, which is a crab dish mixed with banana puree, lemon and coconut milk and boiled in banana leaves. If you are brave enough, try also the small tetí fish, a regional delicacy.

Days 21, 22. Dancing in Santiago de Cuba package holidays

cuba package holidays. Santiago city
Cuba Package Holidays. Santiago city.

Time flies when you’re having fun and it’s time for the last stop before returning to Havana by plane. But the last destination is exciting: Santiago de Cuba, the second city of Cuba and the Caribbean heart. After arriving in Santiago from Baracoa, check out Santiago’s nightlife. If you were planning to master some of Cuba’s dance styles, Santiago is the place to do it. Accept the rhythms of the rumba, salsa; Santiago breathes dancing. Classes can be organized in various places in the city, such as La Casa del Estudiante, or Casa del Caribe, and cost between 5 and 10 CUC. But there are always many locals who are happy to show you the basic steps in Santiago’s night spots.

Days 23 Return to the departure city.

To Havana or Departure to your Country through Santiago de Cuba.

Once you have made your reservation with easy booking cuba, cancellation charges will apply. The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the time of cancellation and is determined by the execution provider. The policy appears in the descriptions of each excursion. When it is not specified within the excursion, the one expressed in the Terms and general conditions of the website is considered approved.

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