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Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Book Cheap Hotels in Cuba, Yes or No?

Reading the Easy Booking Cuba post you will be able to answer the initial question. Talk about the Cheap Hotels in Cuba, Villas, Apartments or Accommodation for tourists. Is necessary say that before 1959 Cuba was one of the beach place par excellence of the Caribbean and the American magnates. Famous, gangsters and criminals of all kinds came to the island. They are in Havana escaping the control of the american treasury. They tried to use Cuba as a tax haven.

Several of the most important hotels in Cuba were owned by American merchants. With doubtful origin of its capital. While the country lived in general poverty. President Batista and his collaborators did business with the Financial Lobby. Is necessary  to mention 3 of the most emblematic and Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

Book National Hotel. Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

hotels in cuba. national hotel cuba
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. National Hotel Cuba

A majestic building that could well serve as a beacon to merchant ships. Is Located in the coastal area of ​​punta brava. Specifically on the hill of Taganana. Very close to the San Lazaro Cove. Was a siege site for pirates in the colonial past. In the middle of the 19th century it housed the Santa Clara battery on its hills. The Ordóñez canyon was one of the largest of its time.

Was opened on December 30 of 1930. Has become one of the most important hotels en Cuba. Currently it belongs to the Gran Caribe Chain. The most luxurious and famous restaurant of the Hotel is called Don Luis Aguiar. His name responds to the Regidor who harassed the British forces from that place during the assault on Havana.

Its most relevant aspects.

  • Gallery of the Gardens with Hispano-Morunas arcades.
  • Eclectic architecture adorned by Art Deco.
  • Apartment of the Republic for illustrious guests of the Cuban State.
  • Presidential Suite.

Cheap Hotels in Cuba, Havana Riviera.

hotels in cuba. hotel havana riviera
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Hotel Havana Riviera

One of the most popular and famous of the neo-colonial havana and also revolutionary. Its construction was inspired by an American Vegas casino.  Meyer Lansky, his owner,  took as reference the Riviera Casino of his friend Moe Dalitz.

Its owner wanted to escape the laws and controls of the Treasury, the FBI and the American government. Part of the budget was financed by Banco Cubano BANDES. Bank for economic and social development. Created by those years by the dictator Fulgencio Batista. Among the most important partners of Lansky were also mobsters and some of the most important runners of the time in Las Vegas.

It was built in 1957, still retaining its original style. Havana Riviera has 350 rooms, distributed in 21 floors. Its frontal view of Havana’s boardwalk renders it unique and enviable. They have had to build a wave breaker to protect the hotel in times of hurricanes and storms. It is managed by the Spanish chain Iberostar.

Cheap Hotels in Cuba, Havana Libre.

hotels in cuba. hotel havana libre
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Hotel Havana Libre

Hotel built under the general and personal supervision of Fulgencio Batista. His name was Havana Hilton. It should be an investment within the pension plan of the Union of Workers of Cuba. Its design was the responsibility of the famous American architect Welton Becket. Was operated by the American chain Hilton Hotels.

Was inaugurated on May 22, 1958. In its years of splendor it was the largest and highest hotel in Latin America. It was undoubtedly one of the most luxurious hotels of its time. It also had its place in contemporary Cuban history. During three months of the year 1959 it is said that Fidel Castro stayed in suite 2324. While the hotel was taken as headquarters of the Rebel Army in the early 59.

First International Mixed Cheap Hotel in Cuba.

The first International Mixed Hotel in Cuba opens its doors on May 10, 1990. Driven by a policy of foreign investment aimed at tourism. At the beginning of that decade the country is forced to open to the exploitation of its tourist and natural resources.

It was called Sol Palmeras and managed by the Spanish international Meliá chain. An All Inclusive Hotel located in the resort of Varadero. It has more than 600 rooms, 6 restaurants and 5 bars. With 600 workers, it is part of the Americas Resorts Hotel Complex. It has access to the Varadero Golf Club with rooms and bungalows located in the same land.

First American Cheap Hotel in Cuba changed history.

hotels in cuba. hotel sheraton in havana
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Hotel Sheraton in Havana

In 2016, the first American Hotel opened in Havana. Driven by the measures taken back then by former President Obama. It was one of the symbols of what it should have been. And it was not (by Trump). The normalization of relations between the US and Cuba. After 50 years of cold and political war.

The American Chain Starwood Hotels opened the Four Points Sheraton in the Miramar area. In those days American tourism to the island had increased by 50%. The main companies of American flag began to organize their daily flights to the island. This represented a thorn in the side of a few but powerful men.

In a few months, the Cuban people saw the dreams of peaceful coexistence with their American neighbors disappear. Those measures would have represented a change of course in the Cuban economy. It could change the lives of millions of Cubans, could change history. It could not be allowed by the Cuban extreme right.

Classification of Cheap Hotels in Cuba, Villas and Apartments.

Easy Booking Cuba has respected the classification assigned by the WTO to hotels in Cuba. In our database we expose hotels that range from villas or motels with 1 sta until 4 and 5 stars. We always recommend booking in 4 or 5 star hotels to have a better price/quality ratio.

We are not responsible if the client considers that a certain hotel does not have an adequate classification. Recently there is an international campaign to discredit Cuban tourism. They try to make believe that in Cuba you can not travel because of the poor quality of their tourist and hotel services.

Vitality of the Cuban Tourist Destination.

As in the rest of the world in Cuba there are also hotels and structures with bad service.  This happens in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and the United States. In Cuba, it is more relevant because of the political value that those who control information want to give it. Our agency dissociates itself from such intentions by guaranteeing that Cuba is a safe and beautiful country to travel.

It is true that the economic situation and lack of resources, coupled with the lack of sensitivity of many workers. It causes that in some facilities the services are bad or lousy. Responsibility surely lack of capable leaders in certain hotels. The political class also has its faults for bureaucracy. It should demand and oblige the hotel chains to immediately compensate the client. Saving the image and responsibility of the country system. Making the blame fall on the direct involved, the Hotel X and its accounting. This is called consumer protection.

5 Million visitors per year.

hotels in cuba. hotel valentin perla blanca
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Hotel Valentin Perla Blanca

Five million tourists travel to Cuba and not everyone complains. We can assume that the vast majority have fun and have a good time on the island. It is logical that if a client is mistreated in a certain Hotel X. Have the right and duty to alert other customers not to go to that Hotel X. Logical write on social networks negative opinions about that Hotel X. Tour operators should Be aware of this phenomenon. In the 21st century Marketing goes through the web, you can not cheat the consumer.

If they want to be competitive, they must avoid bad opinions and guarantee Quality. In a matter of seconds the whole world knows of bad service. This is part of everyday life every day. Those who do not focus their processes on a Real Customer Satisfaction will not survive. The hotels must coexist with the social or decomercialize.

Diverse is when a means of media communication takes the opportunity to create the great news. Change the title to create furor and disinformation. He no longer writes Hotel X. They publishes: In Cuban Hotels . The bad intentionality of the publication is manifested.

Tourism in Cuba is:

  • The fisherman who gets up early every morning to do his fishing.
  • Owners of private house who look forward to their customers to cover taxes.
  • The fruit seller.
  • Salsa dance teacher.
  • Tour guides and farmers who prepare their horses every day for excursions.
  • Workers of the Cuban tourist system.
  • Artisan who does his works to sell to tourists.
  • Tourism in Cuba directly or indirectly guarantees the welfare of millions of Cubans.

Take action to harm tourism in Cuba is to harm an entire country system. It can not be called struggle against your politicians or regime. Is simply a low and petty way of subjecting a whole people down the economic path. It is a modern technique of economic warfare, which we Cubans can not agree.

Book the Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

  1. High standards of Quality guaranteed by the experience in the management of the most prestigious international chains.
  2. Adapted facilities for traveling as a family, with children and physically disabled.
  3. Recreational and cultural options guaranteed by animation groups in different languages.
  4. Varied culinary options with restaurants specializing in international food.
  5. The location of the best resorts in Cuba guarantees the relationship with nature and the warm waters of the Caribbean.
  6. Possibility of combining Sun and Beach tourism with other excursions in historical and heritage cities.

Our best offer of Cheap Hotels in Cuba & Private House.

Is the most suitable tourist package proposal to travel to Cuba. We always customize a combination of accommodation with hotels in Cuba and Casa Particular. This allows us to offer you truly advantageous options and offer the best of each destination. Allows you to recommend the best hotels to enjoy the sea and the beach or to observe the city. On the other hand it gives us the possibility of integrating yourself into the life of Cubans. Our offers are not for customers with a specific budget. Easy Booking Cuba adapts to the availability of our customers.

  • We do not ask you, How much do you have?
  • We ask you what do you want to do and visit?

The prices of Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

The prices of hotels in Cuba are dynamic and determined by their chains. In the websites of the hotel companies you can notice that they change in continuation. They follow an algorithm according to the capacity and time of year. With the hotels you can not treat the price, while with the agencies yes.

Generally travel agencies can play or flex their profit margin. They can offer you a hotel at a lower price than your own company because you book a travel package. There is a public price of the hotel for all who access from the web. There is the same public price for the agencies but with a % discount. We can offer you a cheaper hotel if you request it.

Easy Booking Cuba receives a commission for the intermediary service. The agency price does not affect the client. Easy Booking Cuba usually shows the same public price at which the Hotel is sold with small variations.

Hotels Gaviota, best chain of Cheap Hotel in Cuba and Latin America.

hotels in cuba. hotel gaviota santa maría
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Hotel Gaviota Santa María

Hoteles Gaviota belongs to the GAESA business group. Actually, it means the Corporate Administrative Group and Anonymous Societies. Among other resources, it also owns the company Rent a Car Vía within Transgaviota,  Aerogaviota, for excursions and trips, Gaviotatours.

It also owns other items of national economic interest such as currency collecting stores, universal warehouses, military productive poles, mariel exclusive zone. It belongs to a large Military-Industrial complex that emerged in the 90s with the so-called business improvement in Cuba.

Best of Tourism in Cuba.

Is the greatest exponent of tourism in Cuba in terms of service and better quality standards. Recently selected in the first place of the hotel chains of the Caribbean and Latin America. Also included in the ranking of the 300 largest companies in the world in 2017. This distinction was prepared by the specialized publication Hotels 325 Special Report.

The list of 20 Latin American hotels, including Posadas, AMResorts, Atlantica, BHG, Cubanacán, Decameron, Rede Inn, Grupo Real Turismo, Allia, Islazul, Chieko Aoki, Mision Hotels, Tourism Venezuela, Santa Fe Hotel Group, Palace Resorts, Gran Caribe, Real, Transamerica and Sandals.

The Hotels ranking was based on the statistics of the world hotel industry at the end of 2016. Grupo Gaviota climbed from place 52 to position 48 among the 300 best in the world. Gaviota group has 83 hotels and 28 thousand 163 rooms.

Hotels chains in Cuba.

hotels in cuba. iberostar trinidad
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Iberostar Trinidad

Tropical Climate, the Nature and the culture of the Cuban continue to call foreign visitors. And with them also increase the interests of companies or international chains to invest in Cuba. Those already settled many years ago increase their investments creating new capabilities. New ones come to the island with interesting proposals and years of experiences.

There are several types of hotel management contracts in Cuba. Mixed, 100% foreign, 100% Cuban, among others. In total there are about 84 contracts, around 20 international channels operate in Cuba in more than 90 hotels. They have a total of 41,000 rooms, where 97% belong to category 4 and 5 stars.

The country that stands out the most for the participation of its companies is Spain. 11 are of Spanish origin, representing 57% of the total. The remaining companies are distributed in Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, France, Portugal, Singapore.

International Chains for Book the Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

Easy Booking Cuba offers you the name of the Hotel Chains with representation in Cuba.

  • Kempinski Hotels S.A, Suiza.
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Estados Unidos.
  • Warwick International Hotels and Resorts, Francia.
  • Muthu Hoteles, Portugalite Club Vacanze, Italia.
  • Accor Hotels.
  • Mercure Hotels.
  • Barceló Hotels & Resorts.
  • Be Live Hotels.
  • Blau Hotels & Resorts.
  • Blue Diamond Hotels & Resorts.
  • Memories Hotels & Resorts.
  • Royalton Resorts.
  • Complejo Las Terrazas.
  • Complejo Palco Habana.
  • Cubamar Viajes S.A.
  • Cubanacán Hoteles.
  • Gaviota Hoteles.
  • Gran Caribe Hotels.
  • BlueBay Hotels & Resorts.
  • BelleVue Hotels.
  • H10 Hotels.
  • Habaguanex Hoteles.
  • Hoteles C.
  • HUSA Hoteles.
  • Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.
  • Islazul Hoteles.
  • Meliá Hotels International.
  • Paradisus Resorts.
  • NH Hoteles.
  • Occidental Hotels & Resorts.
  • Allegro.
  • Occidental Hotels.
  • Royal Hideaway.
  • Pestana Hotels & Resorts.
  • RIU Hotels & Resorts.
  • ROC Hotels.
  • Sirenis Hotels & Resorts.
  • SuperClubs.
  • Breezes Resorts & Spas.

Reservation System and Payment for book a Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

hotels in cuba. hotel meliá santiago
Cheap Hotels in Cuba. Hotel Meliá Santiago
  • When you arrival at the Hotels en cuba you must present the originals of your passport and visa. Copies of documents are not accepted.
  • Payment can be made through a letter of credit, bank transfer or paypal. In the latter case you should not insert any data that refers to Cuba.
  • The authorization for payment will be informed once the availability of the room (s) has been verified.
  • On the website shown the price referred to the lowest price guaranteed in the low season. Prices are dynamic, so they are always verified at all times.

To make a reservation we advise you to first check the prices. Later you can book from the website form. Specify your needs and special requirements.

Information flow in the Book of Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

Easy Booking Cuba will answer your reservation within 48 hours.

  • Our US customers can not send money to Cuba. We use a bank account in Italy. To avoid errors in the transfer, please do not fill in the forms with our data from Cuba.
  • Once you receive this email we will secure your reservation for 6 days. If after 6 days we have not received confirmation we consider your order canceled. In case you have a problem with bank transfers or need more time, please contact us.
  • We will send you the confirmation of your reservation when the deposit arrives in our account.

Claims and cancellations for booking of Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

  • If a client had to renounce a reservation of accommodation already contracted, the amount paid will be returned minus the corresponding penalty.
  • Each Hotel has specific cancellation conditions. They will be sent to you in the detailed summary of your reservation. Keep in mind that you have the right to reserve rooms in Hotel. No cancellation fee, but paying a higher amount at the beginning.
  • Any complaint or claim must be made at the time of the incident. It must be presented in writing to the hotel’s public relations management. With a copy to our agency for knowledge and to follow the claim with you. Keep in mind that it is you who selects your hotel. We can assist you in case of poor quality service,at all times and represent your interests. But we do not consider ourselves responsible for the damage caused.
  • The compensation, if applicable, must be for the Hotel in question. We can only remove said hotel from our website.

Book now your full Vacation Package in a Cheap Hotels in Cuba.

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