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Cayo largo Pacchetto Vacanze Cuba

Cayo Largo in Cuba Vacation Deals

We put at your disposal the Guide for Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo del Sur. Our purpose is that you make the most of your time and don’t miss out on these islands. By reading these pages all your travel needs will be covered. Easy Booking Cuba provides useful and updated information to guide you. If you need extra help to manage a service when you reviewing the guide, please contact us and we will make everything possible for you. We recommend traveling by via car rental cuba to better organize your time.

Geographic location.

Cayo Largo is made up of a group of islands at the eastern end of Los Canarreos Archipelago. It is marketed as a sun and beach tourist destination, preferred by naturists. The beaches open to the Caribbean Sea reach about 24 km with fine and very white sands.

Its distance from national territory limits its access points. Only Cayo Largo can be reached through its Vilo Acuña International Airport. You can also use the port called La Marina Cayo Largo del Sur.

Origins Cayo Largo.

trip to cayo largo. the sea stars.
Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo largo. The Sea Stars.

Cayo Largo was named by no one in particular. It´s name became due to his long training since the seventeenth century. It was populated by natives and visited in 1494 by  Christopher Columbus on his second expedition to the island. Its beaches were visited by almost all the corsairs and pirates who sailed in the Caribbean. Although centuries have passed, remains of boats can still be seen between the sand and its beautiful sea beds.

Cuba Vacation Deals. Tourist Interest in  Cayo Largo.

Cayo Largo has marketed as a natural tourist destination. The conservation of its environment has developed in total harmony between man and nature. Its main attraction is its virgin islands and natural beaches. This set is a whole gift for its visitors, ideal for nautical activities. Its beautiful sea beds range from multicolored fish, coral colonies to classic mollusks. Ideal for scuba diving, underwater photography and snorkeling, a whole show is immersed in these waters. Among the most visited beaches are Sirena and Paraíso. As well as its virgin Cayo Rico, Cayo Cantiles and Cayo Iguana.

Cuba Vacation Deals in Catamaran.

In Cayo Largo, the fundamental tourist modality is nautical. From the Marina Marlin you can access a wide range of activities. There is also an International Diving Center where accreditation courses are held. In its crystalline and warm waters, temperatures reach 23 ° C in winter and 30 ° C in summer. You can enjoy abundant vegetation, with 32 diving sites and a depth of 30 m. There is an incredible marine flora and fauna, considered one of the richest in the Caribbean. Underwater photography and fishing have been developed, where ecological tourism, in its different modalities, is what predominates.

In Cayo Largo, the average stay of clients ranges from 7 to 10 days. Generally, tourism is for stay, so your stay can increase in the months of high season. The behavior of the climate is tropical moderate. The average temperature reaches between 27 °C and 28 °C in the summer.

House Museum.

It offers its visitors an overview of the main aspects of the local, cultural and commercial history of Cayo Largo. You can visit it between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

Pirate Square, Cayo Largo. Cuba Vacation Deals.

trip to cayo largo. excursions
Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo. Excursions.

This square is located in the center of the Boulevard and was inaugurated in 2007. Here you will find comfortable colonial benches and hammocks for a short break while visiting the different facilities. It is the venue for the carnival celebrations of the island.

Sea Turtle Rescue Center on Cuba Vacation Deals.

In this center specialists in the subject, teach about the most important aspects of the Sea Turtles. There are species such as the green, loggerhead and hawksbill; that choose these beaches for their reproductive cycle, laying eggs on the beach. This center takes care of put them to guard and return their young at birth to their natural habitat.

Artisans Fair.

Inside the Pirate Square, on the small and cozy boulevard, you can find a sample of local crafts. Every day the artists assemble their small tables and exhibit a collection of leather and wood work. There are also ornamental pieces of shells, bones, coral, seeds, among other materials. Here you can find different representative souvenirs of the island that enjoy the preference of many.

Other Sites of Interest in Cayo Largo. Cuba Vacation Deals.

trip to cayo largo. the house habano.
Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo. The House Habano.

You can find other places to visit inside the key, such as Pelícano Hotel view point. In addition, the bowling alley and El Torreón restaurant are excellent options to consider. At Habano House, you can buy dissimilar brands of rum, cigars and jewelry.

Traditional Festivities on a trip to Largo Largo.

In Cayo Largo the carnivals are celebrated. It take place in the Pirate Square, in the center of the boulevard, in the tourist town.

Common services.

In the symbolic boulevard where the tourist town is located, you will find the most common services. Such as playground, restaurants, specialized stores, bank and telephone center.

Names of the Streets in Cayo Largo.

For its small extension, there are no specific names for the streets. Usually located the space by the near place named.

Information in Trip to Cayo Largo. Cuba Vacation Deals.


  • Name: Immigration Office.
  • Address: Tourist Town. Cayo Largo.
  • Telephone: 45248150.
  • Schedule. 8-16 from Monday to Saturday.

Internet and Telephone Access, ETECSA.

  • Name: ETECSA.
  • Telephone: 45248010.
  • Address: In front of the Isla del Sur hotel.
  • Schedule. 7-19 from Monday to Saturday and Sunday until 4:00 p.m.

Health Assistance in Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo.

  • Name: International Clinic.
  • Address: Tourist Town. Cayo Largo.
  • Telephone: 45248238.
  • Schedule. 24/24.

Banks on a trip to Largo Largo.

Bank of Credit and Commerce BANDEC.

  • Address: Tourist Town. Cayo Largo.
  • Telephone: 45248225.
  • Schedule. 8-17 from Monday to Friday.

CADECA Exchange Money.

  • Address: Vilo Acuña Airport.
  • Telephone: 45248254.
  • Schedule. 8-15 from Monday to Saturday.

Postal Services.

  • Name: Mail.
  • Address: Isla de Sur Hotel.
  • Telephone: 45248009.
  • Schedule. 8-19 from Monday to Friday.

What things to do in Cayo Largo. Cuba Vacation Deals.

trip to cayo alrgo. excursions
Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo. Excursions.

Turn your stay in this cayo into a unique experience, organize your time. Do not forget to enjoy the activities offert in the Hotel Desk and the Reservations bureau.

Hotels in Cayo Largo.

Being a cay practically unpopulated, everything is a function of tourism, there are no private houses for rent. But there are several lodging options that you can find in our corresponding link.

Restaurants in Cayo Largo.

Cayo Largo is a sparsely populated island, its inhabitants are local workers and the infrastructure is purely state. Here you can find hotels with varied gastronomic offerings from buffet to specialized restaurants. There are also extra hotel options on the boulevard where you can taste typical dishes, light food and cocktails.

El Torreón Restaurant. Cayo Largo.

Pirate Square. Boulevard Tourist Village.

“El Torreón” is a really cozy place, with a certain aura of privacy. The decoration will remind you of the time of corsairs and pirates very present in the history of our island. It works as a restaurant-bar, you can enjoy dishes accompanied by cocktails, wine or a beer enlivened with Cuban music.

Sirena Beach Ranchón. Cayo Largo.

Sirena Beach

Fresh Ranchón on the shores of the beach, where the specialty is the dishes made with seafood and fish. Some dishes are also combined with chicken. The main dish is the seafood rice, preferred by its most regulars.

The Bar Restaurant Cayo Largo.

trip to cayo largo. Dolphins.
Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo. Dolphins.

Pirate Square. Boulevard Tourist Village.

With a la carte service, a varied range of creole cuisine and Italian cuisine is offered. It works as a snack bar and among the most requested dishes are pizzas and lasagna. You can also choose various options of our national cocktail bar.

Where to do Shopping in Cayo Largo. Cuba Vacation Deals.

Cayo Largo has several mixed stores of the Caracol chain located in all hotels. A varied range of products are offered, including souvenirs, rum brands, cigars and coffee. You can find a wide range of beach products and textile brands I am Cuba. As well as jams and light foods.

The house of Habano, located at the Sol Club Cayo Largo hotel, sells items and collections for smokers. Among the most prestigious brands are the Cohíba, Montecristo, Partagas, Romeo and Julieta, Hupmann, Hoyo de Monterrey and Vegueros. Wide offer of cigars for the most dissimilar tastes.

Nightlife Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo.

There are spaces where you can interact with the workers of the island. In this places the tourist can enjoy so much listen to good music, dance and drink beverages.

The Move Recreational Center.

Located on the boulevard, it is the most welcoming place in the cay. You can enjoy Cuban music, exquisite rum brands and dance freely. Pure fun, where you will feel the Cuban salsa in your veins.

Iguana Recreative Center.

trip to cayo largo.pirate tavern.
Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo. Pirate Tavern.

It conjugates varied offers, from recorded mechanical music, karaoke, billiards to a bowling alley that complements the fun of the place. Ideal for dawn having fun. It starts at 10.00 pm and extends until 5.00 am. It’s a great option!!!

Pirate Tavern on trip to Cayo Largo.

It is located in that square, so it lives up to its name. Here you can enjoy a traditional music download and recorded music. It works 24 hours, so you will know when you arrive, but not when you will leave.

Book now your Cuba Vacation Deals to Cayo Largo.

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