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Insurances to Cuba

Medical insurances to cuba for the trip. seguros en cuba. assicurazione per cuba

Insurances to Cuba, medical assistance The insurances to Cuba are composed according to the Type of Insurance and the Requested Coverages. In Cuba there is only one National Company that provides this service to Travel Agencies. Types of Insurance. High risk. Travel-Special Assistances. Travel-Super Assistance. Special trips. Economic Trips Types of Coverages Other expenses. Document […]


Cuba Packages All Inclusive and Cheap

Cuba Packages All Inclusive

Travel to Cuba Packages 12N/13D at only 3278,00. A Cuba Packages All Inclusive is built to enjoy the happiest days of Cubans. December 31 is very important because is the year ends. In addition, January 1 is the date that the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution is celebrated. For this reason there are holidays from […]


The Best Restaurants of Trinidad Cuba

Migliori ristoranti di Trinidad. Los Mejores Restaurantes de Trinidad. best restaurants of Trinidad

Every one The best restaurants of Trinidad offer a full service of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Restaurants of this list are specialized in any kind of foods. Cuban, Caribbean, Latin or European (Spanish, Mediteranean and Italian) food. They have also vegetarian and vegan opcions and a long menu of cocktails and drinks. Differential factor between […]


Cuba Cars Share

carpool carsharing in cuba. cuba cars share

If you are a traveler in Cuba and you need to hire a transport service we recommend Book Now with Cuba Cars Share. It is possibly the first company to develop carsharing in Cuba. They propose different options to move you in a shared car to reduce your transportation costs. It is a trend better […]