Private or Collective Taxi Cuba

taxi cuba. Traslados en Cuba. Taxi Privati

We have a network of Taxi Cuba distributed throughout the country. With which you can book a shared or private trip. Good comfort, mechanics, air conditioning and professional drivers. The current conditions of Cuban roads impose a greater knowledge of them. Visit our transport company in the following link: cubacar share We also have a […]


Bus for Groups

pullman per gruppi cuba. bus for groups. omnibus para grupos

Bus for Groups to travel to Cuba with transfer Bus for Groups very comfortable with bathrooms, air conditioning and roadside assistance. Contact us and leave us the following information for each Transfer to organize: Number of people to transport. Date and Place of Departure. Departure time. Destination place. Program to carry out during the journey. […]


Cuba Cars Share

carpool carsharing in cuba. cuba cars share

If you are a traveler in Cuba and you need to hire a transport service we recommend Book Now with Cuba Cars Share. It is possibly the first company to develop carsharing in Cuba. They propose different options to move you in a shared car to reduce your transportation costs. It is a trend better […]


Bus Viazul

omnibus viazul for cuba. pullman viazul. viazul cuba

Our travel agency Easy Booking Cuba offers you a shuttle service with Viazul Cuba. Bus Viazul is the ideal means for those who want to save a little money. They are modern buses with good comfort and insurance. The only inconvenience for those who travel is the duration of the trips and the schedules that […]


Private Taxis

taxis privados cuba. private taxis. taxi privati

Private Taxis to Cuba The Private Taxis Generally they cost less than the official taxis. But they have the same good comfort with air conditioning and CD. Besides the drivers are also very professional. The lower cost is due to the age of the cars, although they are kept in perfect technical condition because it […]


Family Minivan

family minivan for transport to family. minivan famigliare. minivan familiar

Family Minivan to rent to Cuba. Family Minivan. We can have minivan availability up to 8/9 people if you need to travel as a family or with lots of luggage. The capacities are dependent on the time of year and availability. book your trip with our agency as a family aboard a family minivan