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Rent of Casa Particular Cuba

Previously known throughout the world as Guest House or Bed and Breakfast. Among the preferred accommodation for tourists who traveled individually with little money. Is in 1997 that other Cuban terms accepted worldwide are added. Casa Particular Cuba or Hostal, Private house or hostel, or its plural extensions, Casas Particulares, private houses or hostels. It is in both cases the house, owned by a Cuban who initially provided accommodation + breakfast services.

In the case of Casas Particulares Cuba, they have gone further. Along with the services of BnB, you can request, Lunch, Dinner and Cocktails. Over time, these houses have been developed and modernized. It is not difficult to find, especially in areas of Havana, real luxury private houses. To the aforementioned services you can add parking, swimming pool and car service. This and much more you can book with a single click and 3 min in Easy Booking Cuba.

Selection of the Casa Particular Cuba.

private houses in trinidad. sandra y victor terrace
Private houses in Trinidad. Sandra y Victor Terrace

Easy Booking Cuba has followed a rigorous process of selection of private homes. To conform our database we have prioritized quality over quantity. There will surely be many other houses in cuba with high quality, even superior.

We have decided to work every year with a closed number of private homes. This policy will allow us to register and cancel according to the quality of the services provided. We can also work more directly with the hosts to customize the service. As well as the attention to complaints and suggestions from our clients.

Admission of a Casa Particular Cuba.

  1. Services and Amenities they provide.
  2. Geographic location.
  3. Positive opinions on Tripadvisor and other social networks.
  4. Prices and Payment Facilities.
  5. Beauty and comfort.
  6. Presence in the International Travel Guides.

You will find from 15 to 20 houses in the main destinations of Cuba. Reaching 30 or 35 in those truly relevant as Havana, Trinidad, Viñales. In other less important or more unique you will find from 5 to 10 houses.

Benefits of rent a casa particular Cuba.

  • Personalization of the service.
  • More flexible costs.
  • Greater socio-cultural exchange with Cubans.
  • You are not treated one more among so many customers. You are called by your name because you are the main guest.
  • Freshness and personalization of food.

At the beginning of this business in Cuba, the market fragmented very quickly. Was very categorical (in my opinion). Immediately the private houses were seen as enemies of the hotels in Cuba. It created the false image that hotels were for people with monetary capacity. The private house in Cuba was for backpackers and tourists with little purchasing power. Although it is true that there was a certain tendency to start working like this at the beginning.

Over the years, the Cuban who initially spoke Spanish was improving business. Acquiring empirical knowledge of commercial techniques. He published his business on the Web, many times better than hotels. Several websites specialized in private houses emerged that triggered their advertising in the market.

For many clients it became a curiosity to be able to share and live with the Cubans. Today private homes are part of the hotel capacity of a Country system. In our opinion, a great synergy and relationship between traditional hotels and a private house in Cuba is established. Helping the tourist development of Cuba. Making it a destination more and more requested.

Hotel or casa particular Cuba ?.

living-room-private houses munoz trinidad
Living room private houses munoz,  trinidad

It is clear that if you want to know the best Cuban beaches, or make a honeymoon. Easy Booking Cuba will recommend one of the many beautiful and large resort hotels Cuba has. Able to guarantee some elementary services and necessary for an already established market segment. The tourism of Sun and Beach, that wants to be all the day next to the water drinking a mojito. And at night enjoy a great artistic show.

If you are one of those customers who want contact with the people, their customs and their history. We are obliged to propose you a private house, in any of our tourist destinations. We must bear in mind that if there were no Private Houses in Cuba, the number of clients that visited it would be lower. Much of the average tourism that comes to the island is directed to that market.

Best combination of Hotel + House Accommodation in Cuba.

In the proposal of personalized tour package we do for you. We always propose a combination of accommodation between the best Hotels and Casa Particular de Cuba. This allows you to lower the total cost of your vacation in cuba. At the same time to be able to enjoy everything beautiful of our country. Our offers are not for customers with a specific budget. On the contrary, Easy Booking Cuba adapts to the availability of our customers.

  • We do not ask you, How much do you have?
  • We ask you what do you want to do and visit?

Categories and classification of casa particular cuba.

Our Agency have made a categorization of all the houses which we have contracts. It is only with the intention of helping you decide and establish a selection criteria. It may be that you do not contrast the same opinions as we do. You will consider that a 3 star house is superior to a four star. Remember that there are some subjective factors in which we can not influence.

For the classification of the private house we follow a fairly simple and basic checklist. Checking the existence of certain requirements.

  • Services and facilities.
  • Number of rooms.
  • Size and Quantity of common areas.
  • Comfort of the rooms. Windows, air conditioning, indoor bathroom, fans, TV, refrigerator.
  • Parking.
  • Accessibility and proximity to important excursions.
  • Price.
  • Gastronomy Service.

Prices of the casa particular Cuba.

private houses marta in vedado havana
Private houses marta in vedado, havana, Cuba

The prices of private homes are determined by their owners. Generally they go from a minimum of 15 CUC / Night / Room up to a maximum of 65 CUC / Night / Room. The price depends on the conditions of the house, the services and the destination where it is located. Generally in cities such as Havana, Trinidad and Varadero they cost more.

Our agency receives a commission for the intermediary service. The agency price does not affect the client. Easy Booking Cuba shows the same price as the house is rented. The difference is in the following.

Agency commission.

Let’s suppose that the price of the house is 30 CUC per night. If you book directly you will pay 30 CUC to the owner of the private house. If you book with agency, always pays 30 CUC. The agency keeps 5 and gives 25 to the owner of the private house in cuba.

The advantage of booking with the agency lies in being able to book several services with one click. Houses and hotels throughout the country with a single reference. Otherwise you must manage and make as many reservations as necessary to complete your trip.

Reservation System and Payment in a casa particular Cuba.

If the purpose of your reservation is only to rent a private house in cuba then you should know.

  • At the time of presenting to your reservation you must present the originals of your passport and visa. Copies of documents are not accepted.
  • According to government laws in each room can sleep up to 4 adults. Or 2 adults and their family members under 18 years of age.
  • We ask you to be serious about your reservations. In Cuba, fixed taxes are paid for each room, even when it is unoccupied.
  • Please note that our houses under contract are the family house. Sex tourism or prostitution is not allowed.
  • To smoke you must use the clearances (Terraces, Patio, etc.)

To make a reservation we advise you to first check the prices. Later you can send us your reservation from the website form. Specify your needs. Must mention in what transport you plan to reach your destination (by bus or taxi).

Information flow in the rent of a casa particular cuba.

private houses in vedado havana
Private houses in vedado, havana, Cuba

The agency will answer your reservation within 48 hours. We will explain how to make the initial deposit to securely guarantee your reservation. This deposit does not include charges for bank transactions. It covers the accommodation in the private houses only the first night (only accommodation). It is non-refundable.

  • How our US customers can not send money to Cuba. We use a bank account in Italy. To avoid errors in the transfer, please do not fill in the forms with our data from Cuba. Just use the information we give you from the bank coordinates.
  • Once you receive this email we will secure the room for 6 days. Until we receive confirmation that you have sent the deposit.
  • After 6 days we have not received confirmation we will give the room to other customers.
  • If you have a problem with bank transfers or need more time for a transfer. Please contact us.
  • If you do not want to continue with the reservation process. Please let us know so we can make the reservation to other customers.
  • When the deposit arrives in our account, we will send you the confirmation of your reservation.

Claims and Cancellation for rent of casa particular Cuba.

If a client had to renounce a reservation of accommodation already contracted, the amount paid will be returned minus the corresponding penalty. In the amount listed below:

  • 10% of the payment up to 45 days before the start of the reservation.
  • 25% of the payment up to 30 days before the start of the reservation.
  • 50% of the payment up to 15 days before the start of the reservation.
  • 75% of the payment up to 06 days before the start of the reservation.
  • There is no refund after that period.

Claims of reservations in casa particular Cuba.

Any complaint or claim must be made at the time of the incident. First of all personally before the owners of the houses. Subsequently to us as an agency to take our measurements. Remember that the agency Easy Booking Cuba can not influence the behavior of the owners in your home. Faced with poor quality service, we can only remove the private home from our website. Prior verification of the incident.

When did private houses arise in Cuba?

Until 1990 tourism in Cuba did not have a global character. The tourist exchange of the island was based mainly with the former socialist countries. It was not massive, it was limited to incentive trips to workers from one country and another. As a form of cultural exchange between similar political systems. Cuba was also visited by other international tourists, but very sporadically.

With the fall of the socialist camp begins the great Cuban economic crisis (Special Period). Cuba owned 85% of international trade with former socialists. The other 15% was distributed among very few countries, including Canada. Vietnam, among others.

Decriminalization of the Dollar and Opening to Tourism in Cuba.

It is then that Cuba decides to open up to tourism, decriminalizes the possession of the dollar and opens up foreign investment. This foreign investment in its beginnings was directed above all to the creation of hotel capacity. Tourism in Cuba should be the driving force that will save the country. Along with other economic lines, it should act as a locomotive for the national economy.

Visit of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II to Cuba.

private houses in santa clara. Luisa costa
Private houses in santa clara. Luisa costa

In the year 1997, on the eve of the visit of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II to Cuba. The Cuban Government believes that it does not have the necessary hotel capacity to face the momentous event. It is then that opens the possibility of renting private houses to tourists. In January 1998, tourists in Cuba slept in the parks due to lack of accommodation in some cities as a trinidad. Possibly this was the great turn that gave rise to the boom of the private sector in Cuba.

Reserve your complete Vacation Package and rental car with us now.

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