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Restaurants in Trinidad: Muñoz Tapas

The gastronomic map has restaurants in Trinidad as roads lead to Rome. This old town in the Cuban south center after 2012 has markedly increased its seats for diners. It is true that the opening of new forms of work gave a strong boost to restaurants. We invite you to visit our trademark Best Cuban Restaurants to see the best restaurants in Cuba.

Best Cuban Restaurants
Best Cuban Restaurants

Many Trinitarians made their investments in services and gastronomy. One of the new trends in world tourist travel.

muñoz tapas
Muñoz Tapas.

You have arrived in a city of few inhabitants, few km of urban development and much less of heritage area. That concentrates most of its activities in the historic center, declared a World Heritage by Unesco. That is why many of the establishments private have an added value: history.

Also in the Best restaurants in Trinidad you can find part of the trinitarian patrimony as part of the ambience of the place. Including typical recipes of this gastronomic region that is so particular in the way of cooking and ingredients. For greater benefits many of these restaurants buy their supplies directly from a farmer or the family farm. This ensures that the products presented to you are fresh and grown with as few chemicals as possible.

Restaurants have also focused on the new trends of presentation and marketing of their product. Because in a tourist city like Trinidad, each of the services has to be linked to the history and culture of the people. Otherwise, we would lose the charm of the different.

The Cuban taste in the city.

It is true that, from one region to another in Cuba, food has its variations. Of course, depending on the crops, the seasons of the year and personal motivation will be the dish. The restaurants of Trinidad are distinguished by sweet and sour sauces, the use of rosemary, parsley, cilantro. The fruits in creams, champagnes, natural juices, smoothies or as accompanying sauces of the meats. The colorful party that unfolds before your eyes invites you to rekindle your palate every day of your stay here.

Muñox Tapas daiquiri
Muñoz Tapas, Daiquiri.

For more complacency you have the possibility to discover part of the story through the menu. In several restaurants the names of the dishes are related to the family, to the place or Trinidad.

But despite the apparent differences there is a common denominator: rice congrí. A frank representation of the Cuban culinary identity regardless of the region of the country and the best invitation you will receive. In family invitations, it is also someone’s pride: I do the best congrí, you can listen. Both rice and beans are Cuba’s traditional staple foods, even in their restaurants. Together or separately, with meats or vegetables cannot be missing from the Cuban table.

But the congrí in the restaurants of Trinidad is the accompaniment par excellence. Although in the rest of the country the congrí is prepared with red beans, here it is made with black beans.

Best Restaurants in Trinidad Cuba.

To mention restaurants in this city we would be hours and hours. Each and every one of them are good, with different prices, but good food on the plate. However, there are some that stand out. The Restaurant San José is one of them. It has a story almost like that of the butterfly. After the sale of the first owner, the current one completely changed its aesthetics and gastronomic projection.

Muñoz Tapas Wine exhibitor
Muñoz Tapas,Wine Exhibitor.

Now they stand out for the efficiency in the service, the quality of the food and the comfort of the restaurant. In a colonial house you have two living room options: one at room temperature, in the living room of the house. And the other in a heated area. Drinks, cocktails, natural juices, wines, sweets and more will complement your stay.

Another one at the top of the list of Trinidad restaurants is Vista Gourmet. A lookout restaurant that on cool nights allows you to admire all the night of the city and its back of La Vigía. From there they bring the lamb that identifies the best dishes of the house: Cordero Vigía. A silky and well seasoned meat that will surprise your palate. The professionalism of its dependents and the taste of its chefs has made the place win in repeating customers.

Special mention for the Muñoz Tapas.

It is one of the last inaugurated in the city. Their owners are already famous for owning a beautiful Casa Particular Munoz. In addition, Julio Munoz’s grandfather organized the trinity carnival many years ago, being a family that has always defended the roots and the trinitarian culture.

terrace muñoz tapas restaurant
Terrace Muñoz Tapas Restaurant.

The position is privileged, it makes corner in the streets Gutierrez (Antonio Maceo) and Desengaño (Simón Bólivar). It is located on the first floor and from the terrace of the restaurant you can see the city and the sea. Minimalist style but very cozy and with wooden colors that let you feel the warmth and the atmosphere helpful and welcoming. Its offer is based on the tradition of Cuban and Trinitarian cuisine. Also offer delicious Cuban cocktails. Staff very prepared and helpful.

Other Good restaurants in the city.

If you prefer music as leiv motiv for your dinners, go to Guitarra Mia. On its walls and as part of the presentation of its dishes, you will find musical keys and instruments. It also coincides that the owners have a long musical history in Trinidad. Pepe López is one of those important musicians born in these lands. At the bar, where you will enjoy refreshing cocktails, admire some members of Buena Vista Social Club in photographs.

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