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Affiliate program

Our Affiliate program. The website is managed and operated by the Business Group Tourism Investments. One of the leaders in the field of online reservations for trips to Cuba On-Line. We offer a wide range of tourist services able to meet the most varied needs including 24-hour customer support and multi-language guides. We currently commercialize more than 250 hotels, 700 lodging houses, 3 car rental companies, an insurance company, domestic and international flight reservations, cruises, various tourist packages and many other offers, all with the guarantee of the best rate market.


Has an Affiliate Program that has proven economically effective for its affiliates. As established in the international trade laws and the European Community, our program does not have nor allows structures with pyramidal system. Without the use of intermediaries, each affiliate performs their dealings directly with the central group and receives income proportional to the value of the effort made by the sale of services.

In addition, professional growth within the organization is guaranteed through incentives and rewards. The contracts offered to affiliates are based on commissions on sales made, according to the program to which they belong. It guarantees a long-term business relationship based on loyalty and professionalism at work and the possibility of investing in our group after having obtained outstanding results in the work.

The different levels of affiliation are:

  • Junior Promoter.
  • Senior Promoter.
  • VIP Promoter

Characteristics of our management

Wide Variety and Availability.

We have a wide range of services for all possible tourism options, distributed in cities, beaches, mountains according to their categories. We guarantee a wide availability in all our services. So our customers can book during the weekends and even some services on the same day.

Affiliate program. Unique and multi-language.

Affiliate program.We have contracts and forms of own and direct management with the operators. The information in different languages ​​allows each customer to select their services based on their requirements.

Exclusive Content.

Our Affiliates have access to an extensive database created in these years of work. The design and layout of our on-line booking application can be integrated with the Look & Feel of the affiliates site without altering the identity of the affiliates if necessary.

Affiliate program. Commissions

Our Affiliates enjoy the highest profit potential of the sector from the form of Affiliation to which they belong. By adding our offers, competitive prices and availability of services to the management of affiliate sites, these can certainly increase the number of reservations and consequently the profits of their respective businesses.

Flexible Implementation

EASY BOOKING CUBA uses WWW management systems based on the latest web technologies. In its integration through the network, the group offers partial or complete solutions for its affiliates. It is possible to use the site and its management platform with the brand EASY BOOKING CUBA or opt for the option White label / co-branded. Our organization, with a staff of programmers with extensive experience in the use of web technologies, facilitates to our strategic affiliates the possibility of complete implementation of their WWW sites or the link of existing sites with our platform through web services.

Affiliate program. Responsible and Reliable

Commissions are paid to our Affiliates every month. A bank transfer or other means selected by the affiliate. Provided that the minimum amount is at least 100 Euros. We guarantee a constructive and prosperous relationship.

Finally, here are some reasons to join EASY BOOKING CUBA. You decide!!.

  • Wide availability and competitive prices guaranteed.
  • Direct relationship with all suppliers of tourist services in Cuba.
  • Multi-language Content.
  • Online payment with a Credit Card.
  • High flexibility in Label implementation and co-branded.
  • Technical support and assistance from a team of professionals in web applications.
  • Assistance to customers through our Call Center.
  • Real-time reservation process with confirmation via e-mail.
  • System of opinions of the clients for the services received that will allow the loyalty of new clients.
  • Interesting proposals and offers aimed at gaining market share for the ultimate customer satisfaction.